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  1. Quitter's Club: Don't be afraid to quit the book

    I also tried Naked Lunch on audio and had no friggin' clue what was going on. Except that I didn't like it!
  2. PlayStation+

    Just for yucks, I looked through my "download list" and it is overwhelming. It's great that PS+ gives you so much in the package, but for those of us that already feel guilty at the size of our backlog, it can be overwhelming. I know there's no requirement to download every game that PS+ makes available for free, but psychology we are tuned to hoard free stuff--at least when it's digital it doesn't lead to a crazy clutter-filled house. I may have to delegate the playing of these games to my family at some point!
  3. It's all part of Google's master plan. Once we're all rollicking (or dismally) drunk, we won't even notice that robot cars are taking us to the Soylent Green factory before our time.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Life has recently forced me to play way fewer games than I'd like to. Life now is Wife, baby, puppy, enjoyable job, and new house, so I'm not complaining about that, mind you. My gaming is pretty sporadic, sometimes (rarely) I sink tons of time into a game because I become obsessed and make time. More often, it takes me forever to get through a game, assuming there's an end (I've been playing Wind Waker redux since it came out, and will probably need another few months to finish it). Most often, I play something long enough to recognize I enjoy it, but don't have time to play it. Though my time allotment for playing games is sinusoidal, listening to Idle thumbs has been a DC offset (i.e. - I listen to it all the time). I've listened Before Horsebag (B.H.?). I bemoaned the sporadically updated death of the 'cast that eventually followed. I reveled in the promise brought about by the Kickstarter campaign, and have been overjoyed that the 'cast has since been more or less weekly. I love the banter, often I could care less about the topic, but I appreciate that it is sometimes video games. Good games. Which are sometimes mainstream, but more often obscure. Either way, Idle Thumbs has proven a great platform for discovery. For instance, I never would have heard of Papers, Please, and I never would have played the Space Asshole game. Either way, I win in the end. And though I don't play games very often anymore, I still like winning.