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  1. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2500 Tracks

    Hey Eric! I was able to use "Techno Celebration" in my latest trailer, and it gave the whole thing the EXACT tone I was looking for. Thanks again for all of your awesome work!
  2. Free Music / SFX Resource - Over 2500 Tracks

    These are all fantastic! I fell in love with “THUMBING ACROSS ALASKA” and had to work it into a trailer I was putting together. I am still making some last minute tweaks, but I had to share what was finished so far, thanks to you. Thanks so much!
  3. Unity: What I needed to know.

    I am ridiculously disappointed in myself that I didn't learn about this sooner. I was just making variables Public so I could spy on them, and 112% of the time I forgot to go back and clean them up.
  4. The Hypothetical Adventure Game

    Fantastic painted vibe. I would love to see small layered animations where brushstrokes paint over the trees in real time and give it a "wind rustle" / "being painted" look. GAH very rad.
  5. Indie Marketing

    I just watched the Steam Dev Days session on marketing and really enjoyed it The problem with my dev style is that I iterate, but I do a HUGE horizontal pass. I get in the zone for animation, then I get better at animation, then I want to keep doing animation for 30+ enemies. And I completely lose out on a vertical slice. Just curious what you guys thought, when is the right time to start chatting it up and putting it in front of people? Do you need a scene that is completely playable? Do you show off a partial scene and keep apologizing or trying to verbally fill in the gaps? Screenshots are great and grand, but after watching the video, it made me realize how much feedback I'm missing out on.