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  1. I've been replaying this via Dolphin with a 360 controller, and it's just as great as I remember it being. I think this might be my most favorite game of all time.
  2. Photos of things

    Thanks, y'all. Few more.
  3. Photos of things

    Finally went mad and bought a drone.
  4. Photos of things

    Thanks. The lighting on his face in the first one is so perfect to me; someone opened the door to his left and the light just brightened him up and added some contrast to the conex. My coworker also did an editing pass on those photos and her take was much different than my own. Here are some other recent ones:
  5. Photos of things

    The company I work for recently hired a new marketing person to generate both internal and external media & marketing content. She's been nice enough to invite me out on several outings as our company's drone pilot. I want one of these dang things so bad.
  6. Photos of things

    Hi, folks. Testing the Tamron 15-30 f/2.8 on a Canon 5D MkIV:
  7. Eurogamer makes it sound more likely than it has in a decade: I have never crowd-funded anything, but I probably would put money toward this game.
  8. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Not pictured: my strategy towel. It's covering the seat of my desk chair.
  9. Photos of things

    These are from Sunday. Shot with my favorite lens, the Pentax DA 15mm Limited.
  10. Photos of things

    Thanks, that's probably the most flattering compliment anyone's ever paid my photos. I was gonna write something here that was pretty wanky and decided against it, but I do appreciate you saying that greatly. Erkki, I like the textures and tones in those photos you posted. If I were in gamedev, I would be a texture artist.
  11. Photos of things

    That set is masterful, dude.
  12. ketchup on pizza

    I mean, I used to put ranch dressing on frozen pizza, which is horrendous But googling "salad cream" was enough to make me physically convulse a touch
  13. Photos of things

  14. Photos of things

    Some more stuff from Spain
  15. ketchup on pizza

    What in the fucking fuck is happening inside of this thread?
  16. I just don't see Dan leaving GB completely, however. He'll never have a better job than the one he's got. Austin and Patrick left because while great additions to the family, they undoubtedly felt like they belonged elsewhere.
  17. My first thought was he was moving cross-country so his fiancé could be closer to her family and that he'd just join GBEAST, but now I'm wondering if maybe he's just taking an extended vacation before Games Season to get married and have a honeymoon. I would imagine they'd be married in NJ as she's from Jersey and I doubt Dan cares where he gets married, but who knows.
  18. UK Thumbs

    I have felt on the verge of vomiting for almost 24 hours now. I have never been this anxious about the future before, and I didn't even vote to devalue my own currency and tank my economy yesterday. Cameron stepping down within 12 hours of the results is maybe the craziest part.
  19. Life

    I'm sitting here watching the EU referendum results roll in and it's tying my stomach in knots and making me feel ill. I can't even imagine what it's like if you're British.
  20. Photos of things

    Super cool. Where is that?
  21. What's for Breakfast?

    It's lookin' like a coffee & Clif bar kind of morning.
  22. What's for Breakfast?

    My take on the classic Spanish bocadillo con jamón--prosciutto di San Danielle, goatsmilk cheese, spring greens, brined red peppers and olive oil on toasted rustic loaf. Plus coffee. Lots of coffee.
  23. Post your face!

    Thanks for recording this, mom.
  24. Photos of things

    I went to Spain and took 1675 photos. Here are a few of them: