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  1. DOTA 2

    I have made some poor decisions in my life but my fantasy team is by far the worst. I am now last in the wizard league. Who picks Meepo against a team with Lich, SF and Sladar. Nevertheless a impressive showing with the support Meepo.
  2. Who are Your Favorite Video Game Reviewers/Critics?

    I like Jim but I agree that he can be a click baiter, as for good reviewers I like Ray Barnholt and Jeremy Parish.
  3. DOTA 2

    I want to join if you have room for me, my id is
  4. Show me your desk/gaming space

    Warm and cosy with CM
  5. JazzPunk - A Retro Spyberpunk Comedy Adventure

    The Hotel level was for sure a low point but it was by no means boring, I don’t think I have ever laughed as much as when I discovered Wedding Qake.
  6. Nintendo 3DS

    I know this in nothing new but it makes me crazy how bad Nintendo is handling the 3DS eShop especially in Europe. Is there a problem to put DS and Advance on the eShop? They have some Advance games for the ambassador program. Don't you want my money Nintendo?
  7. Titanfall

    Most Japanese mecha have swords and guns that isn't attached to the body of the robot/mech.