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  1. New opening is great. Good job! Free to play seems interesting. I guess ill have to watch it even though i don't play DoTA2
  2. Titanfall is amazing, Once you realize how freaking agile pilots are and wall running and mantling become second nature the maps become so much more dynamic. I think the only thing id like to see the game add at some point is a horde mode against the native creatures. After learning that the Titans were originally made to combat hostile wildlife I was sad they hold such a minor role in the game and it would fit thematically to the game instead of just throwing zombies in everything.
  3. Tabletop Game Development

    You aren't alone. Having zero coding skills ive always turned my creative focus towards tabletop games. Ive made a small handful of game systems to play with my friends, and a friend of mine showed me how to hack cortex plus (smallville and leverage base system) so I can make those work for just about any genre, as well as one project im working on with the end goal of being published. Advise from a published game designer I was once told. All you really need to start with is this is a game about X (for example at its core DnD is a game about killing monsters and taking their stuff) then figure out in what ways conflicts will come about when trying to accomplish X and what skill sets your players will need to resolve said conflicts. Most of my game drafting ends up looking like spider webs as I try to piece together how systems will interact with one another.
  4. Ive pretty much forgotten at this point that im playing at 4x and see that as the default speed of the game. In a game like this with a metric crapton of customization through level based systems im glad that there is a way to speed up and streamline combat so the thought of leveling one job for main another for sub and 4 more for passive abilities doesn't seem as much as a chore as it could be in a more classic setting. As my life progresses and my free time dwindles I enjoy when games find ways to speed up the classic experience without destorying the core of what attracted me to the RPG genre in the first place.
  5. For people interested in following this working out while gaming trend but don't have (or dont want to spend the money for) a treadmill or stationary bike try looking into under the desk portable pedals. Its basically a weighted stand with pedals/footstraps on them. They range from $50 on the cheap end to 150+ for a model with variable resistance. I got one from Sears years ago to help deal with the restless feeling I would get during long nights of raiding in wow and it worked like a charm. While the physical benefit isn't nearly as good it does work (my legs would sometimes feel sore the next day after a lengthy session) and helps if you have financial/space constraints that would keep you from exploring some of the other mentioned methods. P.S Bravely Default is a great game if you like JRPGs even a little bit and the ability to modify encounter rate (as well as if you get exp, money or job xp that wasn't mentioned) is going to ruin other games if it doesn't become a more frequent feature in other games of this style
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi everyone, Im Threndsa (or David if you want to use booooring RL names) Im an avid KoL player so when Jick/Zack came on the show I listened in and decided to join the community since im slowing running out of VG hotdog episodes to listen too and I love forums! Im an MMO/action/RPG gamer digitally and play table top board and cardgames whenever I get the chance.