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  1. Dota 2 vs Heroes of the Storm

    I was listening to one of your podcast where you referred to Blizzard ripping off dota 2 in regards to heroes of the storm. I was just shocked that you would accuse Blizzard of ripping of valve. Having control over a hero from a top down perspective, inventory items, and hotbar abilities have been in blizzard games since Diablo 1. They were the originators of that whole thing. You also mentioned that blizzard stole the pudge hook. I am just shocked and appalled, I could make a list a mile long of abilities Valve stole directly from blizzard, one example is lich’s frost shield (ironically enough dota also called “their” hero lich). To top it all off, you can almost go down the list of dota 2 heroes and blatantly see who they are watered down Blizzard rip offs of. All that being said, I do enjoy dota 2 very much and I am skeptical about Blizzards no items/last hit style of lord’s game. I realize you’re massive fans of dota 2, but be honest with yourself… who is ripping off who here? Hope I didn’t offend, just how I feel. Take care, sorry I didn’t proof read this much, I want to go play dota lol.