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  1. Hmmm, maybe I read it wrong. I'm not sure. I hope its a setup, because I'm interested in the corrupt government angle, and not in the alternative. I liked the fight. I liked that it was different from the big stedicam showpiece of last season. Maybe I'm just a simpleton, but I found it really exciting. It definitely hinges on what they do with it in the coming weeks, though. One detail I loved about the firefight was Ani and Frank were almost sick at the end of it, and Paul just calmly put his gun away. Guy's been in wars, you know.
  2. I'm surprised more people don't think that the firefight at the end was an obvious set up. The cops even talk at the beginning about how "are you sure you want to go in" and Ani says something like "Brass doesn't wanna lose him, we have to go now." I feel like the plan was to either kill our heroes or pin this incredibly messy firefight on them. I'm interested to see how this conspiracy goes (assuming I'm right and there is one).
  3. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    It'll probably be on PC a few months after, judge from what Schafer tweeted.
  4. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    double fine + third parties is what they said at the press conference.
  5. The Big LucasArts Playthrough

    Here's Tim playing through an hour and a half of Grim Fandango. Pretty much my dream. I believe the double fine youtube channel has Day Of The Tentacle and Full Throttle, too.
  6. The Wolf Among Us

    Final episode option:
  7. Transistor

    I can't get enough of this song.
  8. Transistor

    It's more a turn based strategy game than real time action combo game. You should be fine for the most part.
  9. It's insane to me that they basically took my least favorite area from Dark Souls 1, even without the framerate problems, and made it my favorite area of Dark Souls 2. I think the torch mechanic pretty much made the entire difference. I like Black Gulch, if only because it's pretty. It's also short, and you don't have to kill any of the statues, really. Hardly any of them hit you.
  10. Transistor

    I bought the soundtrack version, and am glad to support the Supergiant people, but it IS on Spotify right now. : - ( I got the same on PC. When I closed the game for the first time, a fairly sizable patch downloaded. Not sure if that fixed anything.
  11. Transistor

    This game seems pretty sweet. Combat is taking me a while to get used to, but the combinations of different skills you can use seem really interesting. I like how they incentivize you to switch things up to get story tidbits. In a related stupid note, does anyone know how to get the sountrack off of Steam? I thought I preordered it with one, but I ain't seeing any gad-blang options to download it. Wait, I found it. Had to navigate to the DLC page to see the location: Steam\steamapps\common\Transistor\Soundtrack
  12. The Big LucasArts Playthrough

    Definitely play The Walking Dead series and The Wolf Among Us.
  13. I really like the new degredation system. The vasty majority of times, it is way less intrusive than most other systems. As long as you don't completely destroy your weapon, you'll never notice it and never have to mess with it. But then, when your weapon IS destroyed, you really have to think about how you want to approach filling your need for a new weapon. It makes you tactically think about having more weapons equipped, and being weighed down by more equipment slots, etc. And then sometimes your weapon breaks midfight and you're frantically trying to bow someone and it's great. It's also much better than the Dark Souls system, which basically just made you toss 10 souls at your equipment every other bonfire you sat at. A pretty non-system, and purely there to give you a chore to do. Also, as other people have said, I think it balances strong but weak durability weapons nicely.
  14. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Thank you.
  15. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    I will say one thing I really like about Dark Souls 1 that you guys are reminding me of is that the environment kind of feels like it isn't meant for players to be in it. By that I mean that it seems like you are finding your own way, and sometimes it feels like you are forging your own path to get to the next area, and where you are wasn't intended. I think the feeling that you aren't in a designed place for you is actually brilliant design, if any of what I said makes sense.
  16. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    There are probably 4 areas in Dark Souls 2 I could name specifically that I think blow anything in Dark Souls 1 out of the water. I think the world is put together in a less clever way, but it is still very cool and the individual environments themselves are intricate and amazing looking. It's just that the entire thing doesn't lock together quite as much (though Dark Souls 1 kind of spokes off too. I just hear people talking about how cool it is too see the Undead Burg when you ring the first bell, which is one of the few areas of the game where you can directly look at some place you've been). I don't find any of the main bosses cheap or difficult to solo. In fact I think the game might overall be easier than Dark Souls 1 (though I found the beginning way harder). That might just be me knowing more about what I need to do, though.
  17. I'm going to say, first time through, 95% pulled it.
  18. The Big LucasArts Playthrough

    Glad you liked it! I agree with you, the world and lore and atmosphere of the game are all incredible. There are so many little touches, and I love the vast backstory (Manny's past, the land of the dead, the nine underworlds, etc). When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and work in Manny's office in Year One. What a naive young lad I was. The story and characters can't be beaten, either. I cried when I finished the game for the first time. It's such a bittersweet, hopeful, beatiful ending. And the end music still gives me chills. It's gonna be a hard turn to Escape From Monkey Island, though. Not that it's a completely godawful game, but it's definitely no Grim Fandango.
  19. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    That's so awesome. I fucked around in the Tanker level of MGS2 for so long, just holding up guards and knocking on walls and doing pull ups and shooting bottles and stuff. This reminds me a ton of that, only you can do way more things. One day I will play this game.
  20. Right before So yeah, maybe I'm at that point in the game where they show missing bonfires. I have a ring that gives me +2 attunenment slots, and I don't recall unequipping it, but I guess it's possible that happened. Luckily I was able to beat the boss anyway, but it freaked me out!
  21. Did the game get patched or something? I stopped this morning right in front of a boss door, then loaded up the game tonight and fought the boss. In the middle of the fight I realized two of my spells came unattuned somehow. Now I'm looking at the travel screen and there are a bunch of ??? bonfires listen on it. So strange.
  22. I've heard multiple directors and people making movies that casting is almost everything when it comes to making a good movie. I remember a PT Anderson quote from one of this commentaries that his directing style is to cast great actors and then just support them while they act. So obviously, I don't expect people that don't really give a shit about the new Star Wars movie to care about casting news. I didn't give a shit about the new Star Wars movies either - like Sean, I've cooled way way off on Star Wars. But this cast is so absolutely stacked its insane. It's like they grabbed every actor I had seen in a movie recently thinking "huh, that guy is pretty cool" and then gave them a lightsaber. This casting news has gotten me excited for the new movie in a way that worries me. I don't want to be excited about Star Wars again and be disappointed again. And this cast is full of up-and-coming actors, which is cool. Anyway, didn't mean to freak out on the forums about this. Just wanted to hopefully point out why this news might be exciting.
  23. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Yep. Never upgraded a shield either. And it's not like I'm crazy good at the game, either. I get hit all the time. I just never found it necessary.
  24. My guess is that everyone is doing the Bell covenant stuff instead of invading, because it is faster, easier, and the rewards are better.