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  1. For sure! That would be genius (and utterly fiendish) of them if it worked like that. At the same time, it might not be in the spirit of the series. Maybe if it was time based like the bridge in the Dragon Aerie in Dark Souls 2 it would work better?
  2. The Weekly X Files Rewatch Thread

    I had forgotten about that episode. It's quite likely the worst way they could have handled that.
  3. That's the impression I got from how Danielle was talking about the game, as well as a few people on other podcasts. Rather than accepting (or possibly even realizing) they don't have the toolset necessary to progress, they'd bash their heads against a puzzle for hours and end up hating the game.
  4. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    Re-read the OP! Any podcast in the network is fair game!
  5. Some friends and I made our way into the Smoldering Lake area. The opening section is pretty great! We progressed further in, and damn, I want to know the lore implications for all this.
  6. I really wish people would stop focusing on the difficulty/brutality/etc of the Souls games. It's very apparent it puts people off the games, and makes them go in with often incorrect preconceptions. You shouldn't be afraid to explore systems. That YouTuber who went through without having played them before put it very well:
  7. The Weekly X Files Rewatch Thread

    Season 9 has the Millenium tie-in/wrap-up episode. It's pretty bad. Sorry, was thinking of the Lone Gunmen tie-in/wrap-up episode. Also not good.
  8. What I'm interested in doing for the jam: Making a game! The best way to contact me: PM, Slack, Twitter (@coffeentacos) ​Time Zone: PST or PDT or whatever it's on right now. What I want to work on: Looking at doing a top-down shooter Experience: Played around with RPG Maker back in high school. That's it. I know absolute basic coding, having done some Java what feels like forever ago. What I need: sfx, music, art The game will probably be pretty rough as this is my first go, but I want to make it work. Any help on making it (looking more for guidance than anything), art, and music would be awesome! Got some suggestions on genre to start with in Slack, so I'm leaning heavily towards a top-down shooter, like 1942 and the like. Got a pretty good idea on theme as well. Just gotta figure out how to implement my ideas and get some assets!
  9. iOS Gaming

    I've played the first couple missions. It's really quite good, and pulls very heavily from Advance Wars.
  10. It's really cool, but like I said earlier in the thread (I think), it's barebones. I'd recommend taking the time to write some flavor for it, or at least some base stuff to give you a jumping point for adlibbing your own.Also neat is that it was meant to be in the published version but isn't for some reason. To me it feels like it would lead to a potentially better experience, while making it a bit less gamey while adding more gamey elements?
  11. Here's the post regarding the Sultan's Quest variant rules if anyone's interested. http://fortressat.com/up-your-game-toc/3045-tales-of-the-arabian-nights-the-sultans-quest-variant
  12. The Weekly X Files Rewatch Thread

    My partner and I have been rewatching the series (and movies) over the last several months. We're on the home stretch now for the original series, a good way through the final season. One of the episodes we just watched was 'Improbable', which features I'm not sure if it was good or bad, but it was kind of delightfully weird.
  13. Oh man, Arabian Nights is a blast. There's an extra ruleset you can use that gives the game more of a real goal, titled something like The Sultan's Quest. Unfortunately it's only the barest rules, so it has no flavor text of its own, so you'd have to make up your own, but it gives you more direction when playing. Another similar game, but with more of a Bond feel is Agents of S.M.E.R.S.H. It's got Bond type villains, capers all over the world, secret bases, spy gadgets, etc. It isn't quite as varied as Arabian Nights, but in my plays of both games, SMERSH was always a bigger hit, having more of its own flavor, and being a more focused experience.
  14. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    I've been meaning to jump in on one of these jams and learn how to make a game, I'll see if I can make that happen this year.
  15. Phones

    I thought the same, but it's yet to be an issue. Managing memory between built-in and removable storage was a pain in the ass when I was on Android. Some stuff wouldn't update (or even work) right unless it was on one or the other, or system updates wouldn't work unless there was x amount of space. Now? It literally just works. If you don't want to spend a bunch on a brand new one, refurbs and used ones can be gotten at rather good prices, and Apple refurbished units are fantastic, often less likely to fail than brand new ones.
  16. TInker Tailor Soldier Spy

    Haven't read any Le Carré yet, but considering how much I loved TTSS, I feel I should dive in. Is TTSS the place to start? Or are earlier novels worth going to?
  17. Phones

    They don't have removable storage, no.
  18. Phones

    For some reason, the base model iPhone still comes with 16GB memory, which is nowhere near enough for anything, unless all you do is text and call people. My last phone was 16GB and I was constantly juggling music/apps/photos, so it's well worth getting at least the.. 64? now. Pretty sure it's 16, 64, 128 now. And yeah, the size premium doesn't make much sense.
  19. Phones

    Neither of which I've ever had to do. Obviously use cases will vary, but it's entirely possible to go without using it.
  20. Phones

    I've been on iOS for a few years now and I've yet to use iTunes. You don't need to use it for anything.
  21. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    That's basically how I stream. Think the last I streamed anything was Salt & Sanctuary when I picked it up. I doubt it helps anything I'm not a big talker unless there are people I know or are interacting with me. Talking into the void is no fun (and can make your partner think you're crazy).
  22. Idle Streaming Community: Twitchy, Tasty

    I stream occasionally at twitch.tv/letstacoboutthis, exclusively from my PS4 so far.
  23. Empires of EVE came out this week! Possibly even on the day you guys recorded this. I've been wanting to read it since the Polygon Backstory episode about it. Hearing about this crazy shit is great.
  24. Hitman talk has convinced me to buy it sooner rather than later. Just curious if anyone knows: if you buy the intro pack, does price of it with the upgrade pack work out to being the same as just buying the full game to begin with?