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  1. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    Mobius is not a PvE server, it is a private group. The important difference is that PVP is possible, rather than having friendly fire turned off. Even then, PvP between players in conflict zones is OK if they are fighting for different factions. Mostly, I play in solo myself, though I might be tempted into Open for the 2.3 beta at least. There was a livestream showing how Multicrew works, and it looks like FD addressed my issues with the idea, namely: -- what do extra players do when nothing is going on? -- how is a multi-crewed ship more capable than a solo ship? The stream alos highlighted changes in the message UI (which groups messages by sender, and supplies a face if available), and the fact that ship names will be coming (the guys were on a Fed Corvette called the "Rancourous Bison") -- In Multicrew, the empty seats are filled by telepresence,by commanders who can be located anywhere in the galaxy; it is drop in / drop out, and a person beams in as a so-called Holo-Me. Seeing them beam in is pretty cool -- You can either host a session an look for crew, or look for a ship to join -- The host selects an activity that they want to do, e.g. bounty hunting, piracy, exploration, or mentoring a new player -- The joining players also select activities they are looking for, and so players are matched by activity preferences. -- You can invite friends, but you still have to say what activity you want to do, so they can accepty if they want the same thing too. -- If you have selected a law-abiding activity, but start doing crimes, then you will be booted, so the host is not too badly affected -- Each additional person has an extra pip to put into the power distribution; while you can never have more than 4 in engines, systems or weapons, you can give more juice to the stuff you are not prioritising -- At the moment, extra players can choose to be gunners or fighter pilots; if there are 2 player figher pilots, or 1 human and 1 ai, then you can have 2 fighters out at once -- The host player controls almost all functions of the sihip, and all interactions with stations, as well as fixed and gimballed weapons -- A gunner can control turrets, as well as missiles, chaff, shield boosters etc. -- Gunners can designate 2 extra buttons per firegroup, affecting one item each (e.g. chaff and shield boosters) -- Gunners see an external view of the ship, and are able to view the entire sky -- Gunners can scan ships or fire missiles in any direction; wanted statuses etc are shared with all crew -- Rather than controlling individual turrets, the various weapons go online or offline depending on whether they can see the target.. I think this is a very clever approach -- The pilot. gunner, and two fighters can each target different ships if they want -- Rather than splitting bounties, each player in multicrew will get the full bounty; this will also apply to wings from 2.3. Here's my attempt to attach a GIF of the gunner's view from Reddit https://fat.gfycat.com/FantasticHugeBrontosaurus.webm
  2. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    I think that walking on stations is still a long way off. This creation seems more targeted towards mulitcrew and the vanity camera. The devs said that the new camera was like what they use when making their trailers, and I've seen a fair bit of interest in people filming stories using such a system. Also, it looks like some of the flashier suit designs will be cash purchases rather than in-game. There's another live stream tomorrow, then beta starts some time next week
  3. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    I was thinking the same thing... that could be pretty incredible! One possible downer is that I didn't notice any body shape customisation. It might be coming later, though. I'm going to try and make myself in game, and that means giant and gangly!
  4. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    I just watched tonight's pre 2.3 beta livestream, and was very impressed. I'm sure there will be a glut of information to follow, but here are the briefest of highlights -- An incredibly detailed avatar creator, which starts from a single head shape, and uses a mountain of sliders (or presets) to make changes. There are undo and redo functions, and you can randomise little bits (e.g. just the eyes or just the nose) if you want to make tweaks without dropping the general appearance -- A vastly improved camera system, with free camera movement inside the cockpit and outside the ship, controlling zoom, blur, focus etc. -- Can control ship, fire guns etc. in camera mode -- Dolphin is revealed (and really pretty) -- Megaships are revealed, not playable, but huge, possibly dockable, multifunctional.
  5. Darkest Dungeon successfully hit its Kickstarter back in March 2014: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1460250988/darkest-dungeon-by-red-hook-studios However, I had no idea about it at the time. It is a gorgeous 2D party side-scrolling adventure where too much exposure to the bloody, weird, or bloody weird, stresses your party out, making them paranoid, likely to turn to drink, masochistic or depressed (for example). I seem to remember seeing something about it a few months ago, but the first time I decided I needed it in my life was after seeing Jim Sterling's let's play: Luckily, it entered early access today (Feb 3rd) on Steam for $20. Apparently it will be available on Vita and PS4(?) too. I've snatched it up, and am really enjoying it so far. It's hard to describe, so here's a dev video to help out a bit --- You play as a guy who is trying to reclaim his estate from evil forces; you use various types of heirlooms found during adventures to upgrade bits of the estate --- You can attract new heroes each game week, a good thing since death is permanent --- Stress is at least as important as health... if stress is too high, characters usually gain an affliction (but can get a positive trait if they re very very lucky). --- Characters can get stressed in battle or just by being creeped out... awesome victories help relieve stress. --- Characters can relieve stress by taking a week off adventuring and going to the church to pray / meditate/ flagelate, or to a bar to drink/gamble/sexy time. Various character traits mean that they might get extra relief from some types, or they cannot use others --- There are several ways to manage how light or dark the dungeons are. Darker dungeons are harder and more stressful, but yield bigger rewards --- There seem to be 10 different classes so far, with combat abilities and campfire abilities. Combat abilities depend on where you are in your group, as well as where the enemy is, so in the example below the skill can only be used if you're in the first 3 rows, and can only target monsters in the first 3 rows.
  6. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    Heh, I just got an email saying that my signed ship chart was ready for delivery, a mere 4 years (and a month or so) after the Kickstarter campaign ended! I suppose that the ships came out pretty gradually, but even so! I'm going to try to copy the image they sent in my email, it looks pretty cool from what I can see Game wise, I am less than 2000 lightyears away from my starting system, with just over a week left to go on my 3 stop tour. I think I might give ED a rest when I get back, at least until the 2.3 beta starts. Dewar, have you tried wearing glasses or contacts with the rift? Those lenses are making your eyes focus on something really close as if it's far away, and if you have significantly different focal distances for your eyes, then you might have difficulties. I feel lucky because even though I have an astigmatism (eyes different shapes), and most 3d glasses, magic eye puzzles etc don't work, the rift works well for me unless I'm really tired.
  7. The Big VR Thread

    I'm still loving Thumper, and seem to have got over the eel-in-face nope-factor. I've not played for a huge amount of time in total, because it gets a bit much after half an hour or so. I'm up to level 6 now, having beaten the level 5 guy perfectly; this a surprise because I found the Level 4 boss really challenging. I'm not sure what the new mechanic for level 6 is yet, but the checkpoints are getting really far apart now! I can see that simply finishing the game is only the begining, since there's so much more finesse involved in fitting every blue beat :). I am also very tempted to try Play+, where you get one chance and a snazzy gold beetle.
  8. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    What are you using now? I upgraded from a 970, and am glad I did... for one thing, I've finally been able to play Arkham knight :p! One thing I can say is that I can read all text without any issue, so long as I have the Rift on properly; apparently this is quite a new thing, so I'm glad I got onboard VR now.
  9. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    Waay back in the alpha days I borrowed a DK1 from work just to see what it was like. I had a GTX 660 at the time, which REALLY could not handle a space station in VR! The frame rate plummeted, and I suddenly felt absolutely wretched. I definitely understand your caution! I also have no intention of going back to flat ED; the sense of scale and immersion in VR is well worth the loss of detail to me. I think my black levels and jaggies are fine, but that might be because my eyes are old and rubbish, though I'm sure playing in VR Ultra on my new 1080 helps; I still don't get 90 FPS on planets or in stations though :eek:! Right now I'm about 10 days into a possibly 4 week mission, carrying 3 lots of explorer types to 3 different destinations; I've completed two of them, but the last one is around 7500 light years from Sol, on a different spiral arm. I'm about half way there in my Orca, and keep turning up completely undiscovered systems... it's a full blown exploration mission now :)! I've been playing for about an hour or so each night after coming back from work, and it's been incredibly relaxing. Having said that, I don't think I'll do such a long trip for a while!
  10. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    If I recall correctly, player groups can petition Frontier for an in-game equivalent, but this is still NPC driven. For example, the newest power is based on a player group that won a series of contests, but the figure head (Yuri Grom), home world etc are controlled by Frontier. I think the general idea is that player groups can take over out of the way systems they feel like home, and maybe expand. However. I think I remember people talking about commnunity goals made by frontier for specific player factions. By the way, have you messed around much with the VR settings? There's an interesting effect due to HMD scaling being substantially better than raw supersampling, where both control the number of pixels used to create the image. Setting supersampling to 0.65 and HMD scaling to 2 can give a slightly sharper image AND higher framerate than leaving both at 1.0. If you're going to be messing around with settings, then I recommend the ED profiler, by Dr Kaii, one of the more prominent members of the community. The link is here: http://www.drkaii.com/tools/edprofiler/ In addition to being able to set up several profiles for messing around with, switching between VR and 2D etc, it also provides an easy way to change your HUD colours; there are many presets that were submitted by the community, and those labelled NO2O play nicely with the avatars in the station menus.
  11. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    Woohoo! The beta for 2.3 (The Commanders) has been confirmed for the week ending 26th Feb, i.e. in 4 weeks' time! I had a feeling that it was going to happen around now. There will be streams showing how it works before then; the headline features are Multicrew and the Commander Creator.
  12. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    The PS4 version is due for Q2 2017, after 2.3 is released, but before 2.4. I speculate that we might see what's coming in Season 3 around Gamescom, with the release of 3.0 near the end of the year; however, as with 2.0, Season 3 will likely be better value towards the end than at the beginning.
  13. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    I was going to suggest doing missions anyway, choosing an area to settle down in, building up rep to get the top tier stuff. Missions had a big overhaul in 1.6 / 2.1 (one of many, I hope). Salvage missions now have set locations; you can find the nearest celestial body by discovery scan or by scanning the local nav beacon (if any). There are some pretty high paying salvage missions with loads of nasty ships coming to get you, but "blockade runner" style ships can leave them all behind. A courier with enhanced 3A thrusters (immediately available from outfitting at the Farseer engineer base, if you get Horizons) can get hit over 600 m/s without further improvement. If you have the patience for long journeys, then tourist style passanger missions can pay big bucks with little risk. If the journey is more than 1000 light years, then the time limit is 3 weeks (maybe 4 weeks after the latest update); however, they don't need anything like that amount of in game time. In a recent run, I had an Orca with two separate passenger missions going a total of maybe 3000 ly in total. I was in no particular rush, and was scanning interesting systems along the way; I made about 10 million from the missions, and 2 million from my scans, great for working towards my pioneer elite. Earlier, I did at maybe 2500 ly round trip in my Asp, banking several million in a couple of hours. Since the NPC overhaul, the big ships seem more of a liability in combat unless you wing up with other players, or spend an absolute fortune on them. If you have Horizons then ship launched fighters will help divide the attention. I sold my Anaconda several months ago, since I was hardly using it, and that was before the update. The Python used to be my go to all-rounder ship, but that's now gone to my Asp because it has fairly decent defensive capabilities and can out run ships it can't out fight. I have a number of specialised ships in stead of a jack of all trades now, a play style that greatly benefits from the new facilty for ship transfers. I have my luxury tour limo Orca, a blockade running courier, and a fighty vulture that I've been trying out (mostly to fullfil an engineer's requirements). I also have a bunch of ships just for messing around in.
  14. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    The combat rating of enemies is now more important than the ship they are in; dangerous + eagles are often more of a threat than a competent vulture. Nowadays I like to make my ships *fast*, so I can get the hell out of most situations. Engineers helps a lot. 4 million credits does not sound like the insurance co-pay for a combat python, to be honest (unless you have alpha discount); it costs >200 million to combat spec a python, judging by Coriolis.io. In that case, going back to smaller ships sounds like a good idea if you really want to focus on combat; less co-pay for when you die, and they tend to be fast as well.
  15. The Big VR Thread

    There's plenty of good stuff that isn't room-scale, even with the Touch controllers (that I don't have yet). As might be expected, cockpit games translate really well, but I think third person games where you are the camera work surprisingly well too. I am still absolutely loving Thumper, although there's a certain type of obstacle I really can't handle well in VR... horrible little eels coming straight at my face! I had to beat the boss of that level in 2D, where the eels were far less gross.
  16. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    Everything that is Horizons only huh? - Planetary landings / SRVs (i.e. buggies)/ Surface missions / Alien ruins and artefacts, some of which have become active in the last week or so, leading to a mission of discovery gained by going to any space station in the Meene system. - Engineers (for now)... there's nothing to stop Engineers being opened up for the base game later on by having space bases - Ship-launched fighters and npc combat pilots for hire - The Beluga Liner - The Cobra Mk IV (Horizons pre-order only) - Multi-crew to come in 2.3 - Avatars to come in 2.3 (at least I think that's Horizons only) - Whatever comes in 2.4 - Special equipment that is only available from certain engineers. E.g. he Class 2 and Class 3 enhanced thrusters are a fabulous addition that make small ships desirable again. I am by no means a combast expert, butI think a Python would be fine for combat, so long as you fitted it out correctly, rather than as a multi-purpose ship. Remember that we have module storage now, as well as module transfer from station to station (for a price). So it is entirely possible to have multiple load outs for one ship (rather than several ships). Module transfers (and ship transfers) take time and money, scaled on distance and value. By the way, anyone can sell off ships from a distance now, and if you go to a low security system, then you can find some sort of insterstellar contact that allows you to pay off fines in other systems, or collect bounties, for a consideration.
  17. The Big VR Thread

    From what I've heard, having the special controllers adds far more to the experience than roomscale. I have no first hand experience with a Vive, but apparently two front facing lighthouses work well. I have to say that the Rift is super easy to set up and use. I don't have the Touch though. Also, 5' x 8' very different from my idea of tiny :)!
  18. Batmazement: Knightly Man Bruce

    I picked this up in the latest Steam sale, after getting a new pc to replace my dying one. I have a 1080 for VR Elite, so was pretty confident of brute forcing my way through the infamous performance issues. I have to say, it looks great, with benchmarks averaging 59 fps with everything on max :). I'm a couple of hours in, and it definitely feels like another Rocksteady Batman game, which is a good thing, if familiar. The batmobile has added the hands-down worst elements of play, but also some interesting new solutions to various problems. I didn't enjoy the very first bit at all, especially since I wasn't entirely clear on what the button prompt was asking... tapping? Pressing Once? Holding? As a result it was dragged out and probably even more grisly than intended.
  19. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    Great to hear, I've been meaning to download this again for the commentary (new computer, new Steam install :p)
  20. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    WOW! First contact has been made! CMDR DP Sayre on XBox was the first report it, with XboX DVR recordings . Apparently Scott Manley has the best footage so far, in his youtube video. which I won't post in case people don't want to be spoiled. But people in a certain region of space (probably easy to guess if you've been following along) should keep alert! Also wow, I had to replace my PC, and got an Oculus Rift at the same time... absolutely stunning!
  21. The Big VR Thread

    Yep those are still freeand seem pretty cool from what I've seen of them... I'll explore them more later. I'm pretty bummed that my new pc is having issues playing external VR games. I'm fairly sure I know why though- both my monitor and CV1 need to be plugged into my GPU, otherwise my computer uses the integrated graphics for some strange reason. My old pc doesn't have this problem. I have ordered a Displayport to HDMI covnerter which should do the trick, but until then I have to play Elite Dangerous and Thumper on my old pc. I am absolutely loving Thumper, but ED is a bit too much for my old 970, and makes me feel a bit queasy. For some reason Subnautica works fine on my new pc, and is cool, but triggers the fish in ocean phobia I forgot I had... I might have to refund it, or use it as aversion therapy :p. I really enjoyed the FOO show with Sean and Jake, particularly looking around the Firewatch tower, examining the objects, and having a near heart attack when Sean started waving an ax around right by my face :D. Is it really the only episode?
  22. The Big VR Thread

    I picked up my CV1 yesterday, and am very impressed so far, even on my old system (my newer one should arrive today). Darknet and Thumper are very cool , and Elite is mind-blowing! I also had some fun with various VR shorts, and am looking forward to watching the FOO show.
  23. The Big VR Thread

    Having just ordered a beefy replacement pc, I now have a CV1 on the way :)! Not touch yet, that comes later, but I think I'll be happy with it as my Elite Dangerous hat for now :p. I've had my eye on Thumper too. ETA: I just bought Thumper and Subnautica in the Steam sale, and Darknet in the Oculus store sale... I remember really liking what I saw of Darknet on the Giant Bomb launch stream. I've had a bit of a go on Thumper in 2D, but stopped to save the rest. I'm already hyped by what I played though
  24. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    I'm not sure which is least likely, ED squeezing onto PSVR, or PC gamers getting full DualShock4 support :p! Both would be super cool though. Using the DS4 touchpad as extra buttons, as well as pinch and zoom in the Galactic map sounds cool, as does using the six-axis for headlook. When Horizons first came out, the minimum spec for VR was a GTX 980 or equivalent. It's true that the planet genaration algorithm is improved and more efficient (allowing Horizons on Xbox One); also, PSVR targets 60 FPS rather than 90 FPS (I think). I think that the probability for PSVR is non-zero, but fairly small. From what I've read, it looks like the PS4 release will come after 2.3 (multicrew and player avatars), but before 2.4 (theme not yet revealed). David Braben said at the launch of 2.2 that many people are now working on Season 3 content, but that might not release for another year going on this year's pacing. It's not something I'm worried about, since speculation says that Season 3 includes walking around ships and stations, and that has to be interesting to be worthwhile (I'm looking at Star Citizen, No Man's Sky, X, Mass Effect here)
  25. Planet Coaster is out now, and has generally got a very positive reception. It's currently at the top of the Steam charts, with reviews ranked Very Positive for 2567 reviews; it was Overwhelmingly Positive at one point. The main criticisms that I've seen levelled against the game are that its management aspects don't go far enough, and that it's not challenging enough. I am a complete noob to coaster games, and am having fun. Are there any old hands out there who have an idea what kind of depths these people talk about? I'm sure it's not in the nitty gritty details, as we can already manage stores etc. to a seemingly ludicrous degree. Maybe it's missing more strategic elements?