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  1. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    That is a great example of why I'm leaving. Final post, good bye.
  2. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I'm leaving because I've grown to associate this place with anxiety, aggression and depression, I don't have a concrete answer to why, but it's clear I don't belong here and it's the fault of no single person here. I've deleted my posts to make it more difficult for malicious parties to doxx me, since I've posted some rather personal information in places. I'm leaving you all to your regular programming, but before I go I would like to ask you all a very important favour. Please don't discuss any of my personal life that I've revealed to you, or at the very least, please keep all the information about my friends family and town in your heads and your heads alone. I've had people scower my posts before to attack and humiliate me, so I appreciate it if none of you aid them by trying to uncover anything I've attempted to hide, even though there's still plenty remnants available. Sorry for the disruption. I was looking for "yes you are racist because beebity boop", not "yes you are that fucking thing you said fuck" and "fucking that". I'm willing to accept that I have flaws, but whenever I speak up in this thread it feels like I'm being talked down to, and even when I'm willing to drop my own guard and see things from the opposing viewpoint, I don't feel I get that returned, I feel like no matter what I say, I will be dismissed as stupid or a gamergater demon baby or something. Whether I feel that way for a reasonable reason is up to you, maybe I am just terrible and everything I say is garbage, I'm going to choose not to believe that, but you can if you like. Namman isn't the reason I'm leaving, I'm leaving because I don't feel welcome and it I don't think it benefits me or any of you for me to stay here. I've attempted to hide the content I've posted here as best I can to prevent external groups from harrassing me in the future, and I'd appreciate if no one here helps them unintentionally by trying to recover any of that information.
  3. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Just to clarify, this doesn't mean I disagree with any of you, epecially you namman, I just don't think this is the best place for my own personal growth, and I don't think any of you really enjoy my presence so I'm leaving you all to your own devices.
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