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  1. Amateur Game Making Night

    Finally read to the end of this thread! I'm a newer member to these here forums, but don't hold it against me. I've been dabbling around in Unity and Twine, trying to learn things. I'd love to join in in the Hangouts on Sunday and check out this thread everyday. I'm a Truck Driver, so won't be able to hang in IRC, except for most weekends, but would love to contribute what I can and learn more along the way! I'm still poking away at the Unity 3D platformer tutorial while formulating ideas in Twine and on the side, per Famous Vanaman's suggestions. I'd love to work on code or throw out some of my ideas in the Hangouts or here sometime wicha all!
  2. Tone Control 7: Brendon Chung!

    A great episode, as per the ushze! Like others have said around here, Tone Contril has been a huge inspiration and a catalyst for looking into creating my own games. Digging in and getting deeper into games via tinkering or actually learning to code/use a game engine had given me greater appreciation for a lot of games and definitely all the Devs you've talked to, Steve! And especially you, Mr. Gaynor! Thanks soooo much for the sweet, sweet casts!
  3. Thanks for reading my email on the show! Was super cool to hear what Sean had to say about prototyping in Twine. Getting the narrative into a pretty easy system would probably really help form and refine the idea and whole of the game. About using the Unity 3D platformer tutorial, it was more for getting a handle on the tools and finding out how the workflow would come together for my personal use. I'm grateful for the advice of all you fine folk. I come away even more inspired. Thanks!