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  1. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    ...it starts Im watching on twitch at work, anyone else watching (today or the rest of the week) and place for IT only commentary - the twitch chat is a series of heads and racist comments **in twitch ive got an Idle Thumbs group chat - idk if worth sending invites
  2. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    youtube stream did end up being a very smooth stream. it only had <10k people - so perhaps the lag was on twitch's end, not my chrome-cast wifi ty fo the suggestion!
  3. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    i will try it tonight and report back!
  4. The International 5 (TI5) - Dota 2

    RE: Wild Cards
  5. the original knife-drone
  6. Life

    thanks for the recommendation! its in the mail on the way RE: Months - now im super self-conscious of my counting ability and after using calendar and counting out a few times i think i did put my foot deep into my own mouth. +38 weeks from jan1 puts us at sept 30 and oct 6 could be in that realm of New years conception. Perhaps I am projecting my discomfort thinking that on New Years Eve people make unprotected decisions, whereas we've been talking and planning for a while, just happens to have been a January hit too much info? its weird, and yes getting lots of unsolicited unhelpful commentary and advice. Classic "oh sleep now!" and the like, but very little constructive thoughts; perhaps how to communicate with your partner while in the thrall of midnight feedings, and self-doubt about handling your child, or even worse if the kid doesnt seem to respond positively to a parent's touch or comfort.
  7. Life

    thank you everyone for well wishes. As mentioned dozens of time, this board is full of great people that support one another, and im glad to be involved - I am pretty sure it'll be an outlet for me one day soon for the overwhelming panic or pride of being a new parent if conceived on New Years have to count the full month of January so kid ends up being born Sept 1 by conventional month count - Mid September by gestational full term. Or i could be putting my foot deeper into my mouth - lets go with that Either way, I don't like talking about myself and this is creating more anxiety the more my wife shows. She is similar in personality - and now strangers on the street/in stores are creepily approaching asking details (due date, gender, names, etc). She's got it even worse with people's weird desire to touch her stomach (not the in-store strangers, but someone at a BBQ or other event where we have some association) It is all very weird to me, if I came up to someone to touch their stomach I'd be missing teeth
  8. Life

    on the topic of birth my future spawn (now known to be a son) is rapidly approaching and due Oct 6. A lot of people keep saying "OH! new years baby..." and then i need to count off the months on my hand to prove how to count months and how the passage of time works. I am very excited about our upcoming child...just not excited to talk to others about it. in turn, i come across unexcited and disinterested which is setting the stage for future "helpful hints" and parenting judgment Also, its got my ass into gear to finally finish doing stuff around the house. finally painted the last bedroom, changed all the light fixtures, built some furniture, and epoxy'd the garage floor. Its amazing how much stuff gets done on the weekends when i skip dota in the morning & splatoon in the afternoon. There is one last light fixture that i am excited/nervous about changing. i need to figure out how to steady my ladder and it'll be pretty easy. what im afraid of is if i need a second ladder in an A config on the extension with boards back to the stairs (on another ladder). then i'll be pretty high - Ref: this excellent configuration
  9. What's your stable of staples?

    dota and issac rebirth Diablo3 when a new patch shows..but doesnt hold my interest long after
  10. we had a little stronger machines when i was going through HS, there were different computer labs designated to different departments/sections of the school - general library, mixed math/english, business/consumer, foreign language and a science lab. each had their own proficiency (general...had nice printers?) but language could do voice recording (to tape) - the science lab though was manned by a young guy (who didnt seem to care) and some of the better machines...also some reason you could install pretty much whatever you wanted to the machine, like a loose admin right anyways, Starcraft was still fairly new and you could install the spawn copies and play across the lan with others. There were several machines with these installed and just had to know where to sit. It made hall passes out of a study hall to the science lab much more coveted. On top of SC i think pretty much all machines had A.R.C. installed, mini lan party every lunch period. Then the guy who ran the lab got canned mid-semester and everything re-imaged and locked down. oh well
  11. Dota 2 Survey

    in a pub being the door mat support is sometimes really tough on morale - especially when the 1 - 3 spots cant seem to find themselves out of a paper bag With the 10hero challenge i've had to leave my comfortable 2-3 spot and/or offlane position and play more doormats. Sometimes it works...usually not, i went on a 1-4 bottom spot pugna run before being able to close that one up. I am a strong believer that even the 5 spot player needs to get some money and levels - i'm not playing with pro level carries...if the insta-lock PA im safe laning with cant last hit, im going to start taking it - no sense both of us being broke. The worst is the first CS taken at 4.5 minutes in and the flaming starts "WTF PUGNA, IM CARRY". Usually means time to rotate to a more active lane and make moves - if can even afford the town portal. On the WD topic - my brother plays WD mid core2-3 in our 5team. So i've seen the awesome power of a rapid Aggs and 4.0.4 build - so a rushed aggs or shadow blade on that hero doesnt bother me as much
  12. Summer Games Done Quick 2015

    ikaruga has always fascinated me, theres a GCN disk somewhere in this house (or my brothers more likely) and dont think ever got very far on anything but easy very exciting, ty for update
  13. Keiji Inafune's Mighty No.9

    i got mine a week or two back. They sent a follow up saying having some technical difficulties with the survey process...which sounds suspect Its halfway through July, if dont hear anything in the next week i think cause to escalate email/follow up frequency
  14. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    You could get another controller...and just throw a ghost partner at the goal post. Turns out, it counts
  15. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    the alternating blocks are the hardest section for me. After that is pretty simple stuff until the boost zone bring a racoon suit with if you're having problems, a cat too for later im getting close to having to do this f'ing level again with the rest of the team, im up to flower level re-doing with all characters after taking a hiatus from first champion road win
  16. DOTA 2

    Holy smokes, they're sending Aegises (aegii?) to people with over 1k compendiums Quick maths - buying only lvl50 compendium and 24lvl boosters thats $426 plus taxes. It would be quicker/less expensive if got a lot of those collectors cache boosts (lookin for that void rex) and any good at picking teams in the qualifiers or grand finals (100 levels if you get them in order, 40 more get them right) Still pretty wild and certainly going to snag a few whales, i was in a game yesterday with someone at ~Lvl-625
  17. Job Hunting

    I think that thinking part of the problem. CorelDraw has been around since early 90's, but in a poor effort they didnt capture the market share like Adobe did; maybe because "photoshop" is a better verb than "CorelPaint", didnt partner with art schools for reduced educational software, or whatever the case might have been. However, it gets a full version update every other year. They are currently at the end of the X7 life cycle, 8 coming out in the spring. You can still purchase the full software suites rather than forced monthly installments (ideal for small businesses like here that dont need constant updates, once every 3-5 years is plenty). Features are comparable to modern Illustrator, and all my designers I've converted eventually admit it makes more sense for the work we do. It is not an "art" program though, which is why I believe it has been left to second place. It is possible, but not nearly as native to do wild designing, I do, but I'm a 9yr convert - I think it shines more in layout and manufacturing related work
  18. Job Hunting

    In the graphics world is CorelDraw really such an anomaly? Every serious sign shop i've worked at or with at least has it, if not uses as their primary graphics program - there are major advantages to the Adobe suites including interface with other software, built-in scaling, multi-page functionality, price We are in a serious crunch this month and are looking for contract sign designers to take work on at an hourly/per site basis for a few weeks - but everyone seems to use Adobe which is counter productive when i bring it back into my system for future revisions/production/reference. Also, this is a casting call for anyone who works in CorelDraw and can free lance - drop me a PM and we can check details. Its not really design as much as interpretation of field conditions & application of a set of rules - or custom work. Any sign experience is a major advantage. *i'll edit this portion if we find another solution or if position is filled* have four independent contractors setup, see how this goes now
  19. I also pulled the trigger early opting for the current gen i7-4970 than waiting for Skylake. Also we're due for a child end of this year and i'm sure a new computer expense would get immediately veto'd from the budget. this is the problem i was having, i went in with a low-end mobo and a decent processor and was hamstrung to upgrading & maximizing my video cards as well. And make sure you have your OS disks handy, it certainly does not like trying to boot without a fresh install. back on my build from a few pages ago - everything is working great and will be tuning up my RAM speed soon. Cooling is a problem in the summer, so will be doing it slowly. I was also hoping to use Batman as a metric for my video cards...but ya know - see in a month!
  20. I Had A Random Thought...

    mm, gotta get in on those sweet exclusive days. Last time at 6-flags Chicago was "3M Day" and had to have gotten tickets through 3M staff (big vendor of mine and knew a gal who worked there). It was pre-summer season and place was at roughly half capacity, not all carnival or food stands were open, but rides were going and waits were <5 minutes with the quick half-way turn around gates all opened up. Of course its usually massive corporations that have enough people buying in to subsidize something like this, but occasionally a local radio station will get it promo organized as well. to the root question, I have a limited concern of heights (heights arent the problem, weird fear of jumping is). My joy comes from the anticipation at the top of the hill and the weird feeling in your gut when going over the drops - yet in a controlled safe environment (whereas airplane turbulence is not enjoyable).
  21. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Clive Barker's Undying is a jam (at least as i remember it) but know i'd never play again if i got it on GoG Also AVP is great, it recently came up on another thread and folks were less enthusiastic with the controls and darkness of the world. Makes for great MP if so inclined i'll try and keep up here, i haven't played system shock 2 since it came out and i trapped my save slot between radioactive area and monkeys with low health...oops
  22. Intoxicated:

    Great Lakes Brewery (Cleveland OH) changed art styles for all their beers recently. This is my first 6pack i've seen of Edmund since the change, it tastes the same but feels different. My once favorite freighter battered by a Lake Erie storm now looks like a tug boat splashing in a bubble bath at night.
  23. I Had A Random Thought...

    There is enough terro powder in there to snuff out a small animal, at the very least we'll force them to relocate.. unfortunately we're in a town house so relocating may be easy as walking down the wall some. I also spied a wasp go into a corner where the mortar crumbled some, they'll get theirs this weekend
  24. I Had A Random Thought...

    We hit critical infestation this afternoon, wife called in a near panic saying get home and bring the strongest pesticides could find. They were climbing up the walls, couch, and windows. Ended up caulking window gaps, poured powder between wall and baseboards, and going to spray the perimeter when rain clears. Generally sucks, I used to wake up in the middle of the night as a kid panicked that ants were climbing on me. These little climbers better stay out of the bedroom or imma be in fits