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  1. Winter Wizard Jam Team Building Thread

    Looking to join a team Stuff I do: 3D Art, mostly environments and props, but also familiar with visual effects and stuff in Unreal. My Work here. Email is the best way to get in touch and I'm on the east coast (EST -5).
  2. Hey all, figured I'd poke my head in here, I played a lot of HoTS over the past year, probably close to a few hundred hours, and really like it. I started out in the lords management games with Dota 2, but had to take a break just for my own mental health haha. After watching the international I was drawn back into Dota. After a few weeks of really being the best damn support I could be, I'm back to HoTS. I kept getting into games with "those guys" discussed above, feed 10 kills, and the game is basically over after minute 15. I find HoTS is a lot more forgiving with these kind of players. They can still tank a team, but it never feels as completely over as Dota does, one good team fight and your back in it. And man all these new heroes and maps are great, even minor tweaks to heros abilities is pretty cool to see. Anyway, if you wanna add me I'm SnakeOiler #1940.
  3. If you just imagine jake is sitting right outside the room playing rocket league and chimming in once in a while its way better Edit: Oh man now I need Chris and Nick announcer pack. Dear god please. A podcast special of them trying to record it would be hilarious.
  4. Liquidpedia is great to keep up for referencing during tourneys, knowing a players histroy etc.
  5. I was a bit suprised by ppd's felxibility with his draft, kind of juxtaposed to what Sean had said about his draft being what it is, and the team mates would take what they get. Obviously he needs to be flexible with his team and what they are good at, but I also had this impression ppd was a bit more strict with sticking to a plan that he had before the draft.
  6. What can we do to get Chris to do more German impressions? Made me laugh in the middle of the office this morning haha
  7. Yeah I used one already as well, got to the first boss but didn't beat him yet, will do after work today.
  8. Sorry to hear it, everything's running buttery smooth on high on my hd 7970. Enjoying it very much so far!
  9. All you people beaten the game and I'm just sittin' here waitin'. Pre-loaded it onto steam yesterday. Friday...come to me.
  10. I mean if we all matched it would be pretty stellar. Also for some reason sound pretty good. Do they have images for them in game? Visual aids are always good when picking out your deity.
  11. Maybe when it drops on PC we can get a vote on who we feel best fits as our Lord Remo
  12. @Bjorn: read that earlier, very good news. @coax: will we all be praising the sun together? And is there a deity y'all have decided to be the official thumbs god?
  13. Hmmm, I'll have to stay alert. Is there a guild everyone is a part of? I heard that plays a role in pvp and teaming up for jolly good co-op.