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  1. [Release] The Classic Alien Form

    Yeah, sorry about that. Stupidly, I've only tested it on a mac (where Ctrl+S is not bound to save) and feel tremendously stupid for not thinking about this earlier. You can use the cursor keys instead of WASD for selecting the direction when moving/looking/shooting, which should (hopefully) be a workaround. The post-jam version will have some smarter defaults.. Thanks, can't take credit for those though, they're by Oryx. I'll iterate on scaling level sizes/enemy count for the post-jam version, further the upcoming doors/keycards should give players a bit more to do. Sadly, I ran out of time due to real-life issues but I've got some plans for some more structure of the game (as mentioned earlier keycards and doors are definitively coming to the post-jam version as well as some additional collectibles). Especially audio is a further todo and is something that has been lacking in all of my games so far Thanks for the feedback, happy to hear you liked the last-known-position feature, seems it worked as intended
  2. [Dev Log] The Classic Alien Form

    Thanks for the feedback, i've added a note about it being turn-based to the description on I'll try how the flow changes if I only move the player on key-downs instead of each frame (and turn), if it feels good, I'll add it to the post-jam version.
  3. Obviously forgot to make a release post Anyway, the The Classic Alien Form has been released to the game jam here. I'll add some more stuff here in a few hours..
  4. [Dev Log] The Classic Alien Form

    I've submitted a finished version to the, it can be found here. I ran into some time issues, and will post a post mortem later. Now: Sleep
  5. [Dev Log] The Classic Alien Form

    I've got character movement and field of vision working before the weekend, here's a first preview:
  6. [Dev Log] The Classic Alien Form

    Thanks, can't take credit for the tileset though, that's by Oryx. Beats my crappy coder's art by a mile
  7. [Dev Log] The Classic Alien Form

    After fighting some (and hopefully all) edge cases, I've got the tileset included, and am now generating and rendering maps. Now, on to some actual gameplay.
  8. I've finally found time to get started today, and got some first stuff to show off. The Classic Alien Form will be a SciFi Roguelike (in the classic form, i.e. not a Roguelikelike). Currently, I'm working on a first draft for procedural level generation using some mock tiles from a Unity example project. Adding some better art (I'm considering using the Oryx SciFi tiles) is one of the next items on my list. Anyway, here's a screenshot: As a short note: I personally find it really difficult to post WIP pics, as there that should be changed Anyone else also has this problem?
  9. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    I'll try to participate as well. I've got two ideas: Alt-F4 Delete Local Content: A Monkey-Island-Insult-Sword-Fighting inspired game, set in a LOMA The Classic Alien Form: A classic roguelike in an Alien inspired setting I personally like the first idea a bit better, but but the second one probably suits my personal skill set better.
  10. DOTA 2

    I'm just watching the Cloud9 vs MYM game and hope so much that no one in our league has unicorn. He currently has 830 last hits, and there is no end in sight...
  11. Anyone here own a fancy keyboard?

    I use a Das Keyboard for work (mostly scientific writing/coding) and I'm very happy with it (my co-worker who's sharing the office with me, less so). For gaming I'm using a really cheap no-name keyboard, but I've been planing to change that for a while now.
  12. DOTA 2

    I have s4, however it's not my turn to play this week (as we're an uneven number of players). I hope he'll play carry next week again..
  13. DOTA 2

    Well, at least on of your players did not decide to not play. Thank you, FATA Team Goldblum is definitly not off to a good start.
  14. DOTA 2

    Invite sent, I go by blairone on steam. I already bought the ticket the day before yesterday. Jumped on it immediately after the great kick-off season.
  15. DOTA 2

    Yeah, I'd be up for that.