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  1. E3 2017

    The original BG&E is definitely a 7/10 game. I honestly don't know why people are so excited for the new one, especially after just a cg trailer. Didn't they put out one of those a few years ago anyway?
  2. E3 2017

    I will play Wolfenstein 2.
  3. anyone else excited about Resident Evil 7?

    I'm definitely interested in it. Was impressed by the demo and just how much of a departure it is from previous RE games. I'll probably pick it up at some point this year, just nowt right at launch.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Holy moly I don't think I could disagree more with the "classic movies shouldn't be given leeway" stance. Yowza. Anyway, I'm trying to catch up on horror flicks this month and we watched Maniac Cop which is a pretty standard, boring slasher except it has Bruce Campbell in it and oh MAN they could put this movie out today and it would be relevant as fuck. Also caught that Evil Dead remake which I was avoiding on principle but it turns out it's really good! Lots of gnarly gore and a completely rad ending. A bunch of nods to the original but with fun/smart twists (Demonic possession as a metaphor for heroin withdrawal is a small touch that went a long way). We rented House of the Devil a few weeks ago and it was great at building tension, which I guess was the whole point. I wish I had caught it when it came out, before the trend of good horror throwbacks was a thing.
  5. Managed to snag this for $20 when Target messed up their pricing and holy shit I'm glad I did. It's maybe my favorite game of the year so far. I haven't played any of these before, the last racing game I loved was Burnout 3 and man this is scratching those same itches in a slightly different way. All the online stuff (and most of the other features really) are totally baffling to me since I basically missed out on the last two generations of AAA games. Is there a way to join a thumbs group or populate my friends list with friendly thumbs? Xbox live tag is MaikaMonroe
  6. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I think this is a new thing? They adjust bundle prices if you already own things in them. I remember being really frustrated that it was cheaper to buy the GOTY edition instead of just picking up the expansions I didn't have. Cool to see they did something about that.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    I caught Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping last weekend and can confirm that it is good and funny.I don't usually go see comedies in theaters but I have a soft spot for the Lonely Island people. I didn't like their previous movies (Hot Rod and MacGruber) but this one was great.
  8. I'd imagine if they're ragequitting it's because it's a stomp. Sometimes you just get terrible randoms in that. That's part of the fun though.
  9. This is really close to hire I feel about the game. It's definitely not as sharp as tf2 in terms of writing, and you really need to have a somewhat competent team to have a good time, or have both teams be equally incompetent. They still solved the "no one ever wNts to play support" thing either so when I'm not playing with friends that's usually what I have to play in hopes that the team will follow my lead and stick with the tank. It's very frustrating to play solo most of the time. It's fun with a decent team but the matchmaking seems iffy. About 25% of the time it's just a huge stomp one way or the other.
  10. Return of the Steam Box!

    I still use my 360 controller more, especially for games that rely on the right stick for camera controls. Mostly third person games like Dark Souls or GTA. It's great for xcom on the TV though!
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    Huh. I guess I can see this but it really pulled me in. I loved it and thought it was fascinating.
  12. I have a feeling that most people are playing on PC, but that might just be because that's where my friends play. It's also $20 cheaper there than on consoles.
  13. Other podcasts

    Crate & Crowbar is indeed very good. I think there's a lot of crossover appeal between them and the Thumbs too. They do a great job of really getting into what they like/don't like about a game and their enthusiasm is really infectious.
  14. Other podcasts

    Ugh yes, one of those McElroy's has the most grating voice and I hate that I can't get past it.
  15. Other podcasts

    I really like having an episode or two of Watch Out For Fireballs on my phone for throwing on when I run out of my weeklies and still want to listen to people talk about games. They have a big backlog so every once in a while I'll go through and download one for a game I like or have played recently. I'll probably switch over to Bonfireside Chat for a bit since I'm trying Dark Souls again.
  16. Exactly this. Not signing e-petitions about lack of server support but it was a cool thing about those games. I was able to find a consistent group of people who played on a server with rules about conduct so I was guaranteed to not have to deal with people raging out, or they'd just get kicked. It's a good way to moderate a community, by allowing smaller communities to have their own space with their own rules as they are fit.
  17. I know it's a pipe dream but I wish they would add custom game/server support. I had loads of fun with wacky TF2 servers and game modes. And then the game wouldn't be subject to blizzard supporting it, thought I have no doubt they'll keep patching it at the very least.
  18. I played with friends last night and solo tonight. All day I was thinking about how fun it was and couldn't wait to play when I got home, then I got home and played some solo games and felt a tad underwhelmed. You really need to have some sense of teamwork to feel like you're making progress, you can't really do little things on your own to help take objectives. Lots of times the fights end up happening away from capture points because one team or the other will chase someone across the map. Playing with buddies really alleviates that though, and you can even pull off some fun combos with just one person if you're on the same page. It's fun in a way I've not really had with a blizzard game recently though. I'll probably end up buying it on release.
  19. Movie/TV recommendations

    I saw Green Room over the weekend! It was brutal. Really good at just being tense as fuck and making the kills and injuries really hurt. Super good. Super grueling. I'm kind of jaded in terms of movie violence but oh man this thing really hits hard.
  20. Rainbow Six: Siege

    Turns out I'm an idiot and forgot I reformatted my computer last week so my driver's were out of date. Works great now.
  21. Rainbow Six: Siege

    Yeah it flickers like crazy. Someone else said it looked like RAM corruption but I haven't had any trouble with other games.
  22. Rainbow Six: Siege

    I was excited to try it out but this game has crazy issues for me. Must be my graphics card? http://imgur.com/a/htPTh Dang.
  23. Feminism

    This whole thing is a big gross mess with a lot of nuance. I do think it's shitty to get people fired for stuff they post on-line, even though that has sort of been a tactic used by progressive to attack people who post racist things. It feels like the next logical step for these reactionaries to do the same, similar to how they've been corrupting social justice language for a while. "Triggered" is a meme now, for example. I'm not happy with Nintendo, but they were in a lose-lose situation here. They should have absolutely done something publically about her harassment though. Not sure if they did anything internally to help but god what a terrible thing for a person to go through. :(
  24. Satisfying Party Games

    Yeah those games listed are not exactly what I'd call party games. Have yet to listen to the episode, but I take it no one brings up Dixit?
  25. What happened to Sean on Idle Thumbs?

    Make Sean do more Dota today. Lazy devs. Ez mid. Etc etc.