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  1. Glad to see the Thumbs didn't forget Poland. Also hopefully Avaren is correct and the announcement is forthcoming, would love to know more about mystery game.
  2. Idle Thumbs 146: Osama's Dog

    Gritfish or anyone that's tried gaming on a treadmill, have any tips? I've played while on a stair climber but my feet were relatively locked in place so I was never concerned or had any trouble. I'm a bit more worried after having recently acquired a treadmill though. I don't want to lean into a corner in Forza Horizon and tear an ACL or something silly. Do you throw it on a lower speed or just generally try to stick to certain games or genres that are a bit more menu based or less action oriented?
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi Everyone, Been a Thumbs listener since 2010. (literally the first cast I listened to was the PAX "final episode." I went and listened to all the previous episodes and was a little crushed I found it as it was ending.) I didn't hear about the Kickstarter until after it had passed but as someone who listens to around 4 or 5 hours of podcasts a day at work the guys have really vaulted into the one I look forward to the most each week. The Tenth Anniversary thing convinced me to join the Forums and I look forward to sustained success for the guys, Campo Santo, and all things Thumbs related.
  4. The Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary Committee

    Everyone involved with this did an incredible job and it couldn't happen to a better podcast.
  5. Tone Control 8: TOM FRANCIS

    Looking forward to this one. I also want to mention that I appreciate the release schedule for Tone Control. The episodes are longer than a typical podcast but it also provides for ample time to anticipate the next one. So even if it was done since 4-5 developers a month would be quite tough it seems like a perfect schedule.
  6. Anyone Remember?

    Thanks a bunch Hypocee, now to listen to Chris' indignation on repeat for the next half hour. So good.
  7. Anyone Remember?

    This has been bugging me for a few weeks so I finally had to register and ask the experts. Anyone remember the episode (within the last 6 months I believe) where in the opening one of the guys, Sean(?), does the "It's!" and the date doesn't get stated? Jake (I think) follows up with something along the lines of "are you gonna waste that it's? That's a good it's." I could be horribly mangling the actual conversation but that is my memory of it and I need to hear it a few dozen more times. Appreciate any help in tracking this one down.