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  1. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

  2. Sports

    I was in Amsterdam Arena about a month and a half ago for an Ajax game. Therefore, I take all credit for the US win over the Dutch and let's just tack on the Germany one as well. This past week has been really good for not just the US Men but so far the Women and U-23/U-20 teams.
  3. Silicon Valley

    I think having watched a full season of that relatively awful Betas show from Amazon right beforehand, my expectations were lowered to a point that Silicon Valley seemed like a masterpiece. Looking forward to checking out season 2. This season of Veep has been really great too.
  4. Sports

    thefncrow, I had heard the same thing about his fear of even coming to the US for that reason. Weirdly though in the last few days there were multiple reports about him coming to the US or Canada for the Women's World Cup or Gold Cup. Maybe those were just outright lies or hubris but between the rapid about face and how recent those articles are from I wonder if he just got some confirmation recently that it was his turn very soon. Really hope he isn't able to escape extradition though I doubt it. But at least we'll get to see John Oliver drink Bud Light and McDonald's out of this whole fiasco. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11095/9872677/under-fire-fifa-chief-sepp-blatter-plans-us-trip http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/32969143
  5. Sports

    Holy hell Blatter is resigning. I won't expect this will cure the mountain of ailments that plague FIFA but that is a wonderful step. Now if he winds up in handcuffs at some point in the near future too, that would be wonderful.
  6. I'm a big fan of Dan but that Twitter exchange was wonderful from Austin. Hope they can do some verbal sparring on E3 content. One slightly surprising thing to me is that Giant Bomb seems like it has practically ceased written articles and you'll maybe get a written review here and there. I wonder with Austin's ability if that production will ramp up or how they'll avoid letting his skill go to waste. Jeff mentioned he was taking over news so maybe we'll get a more constant stream akin to what Patrick used to do on a weekly basis.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Speaking of giving blood, I saw Fury Road on Memorial Day and it was as good as everyone says.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm undoubtedly oversimplifying things here but when the show runners don't even discuss that final scene in the behind the scenes it felt like a confession they had made a misstep.
  9. Job Hunting

    Finally found out today that a position I interviewed for was not going to be offered to me. It is dramatically different from my current position and education but not to a degree that I felt unqualified to apply or interview. I got a similar response to what has happened when I've tried to change departments in the past. Basically, great interview and we like you but have candidates with experience more applicable to the role. At a bit of a loss what to do in those situations but one of the managers I interviewed with wants to meet in the next few weeks to talk so I guess that is better than nothing. Ah well, not in a position where I need to have another job but I am no longer challenged or interested in what I'm currently doing. But I also feel like I've gone down a road with a dead end in terms of my current job title and how it applies to openings elsewhere. Afraid I may have to seek out entry-level positions but since I've got about 5 years of business experience I'm not particularly enthused to get back to square one. Anyone go through similar situations or have any advice? A big problem is I don't have a specific job title I desire but rather evaluate if I'm loosely qualified for something and if I'd find it interesting.
  10. The comment section on that Black Mesa video is...interesting. Did not expect that joke to go over the head of so many GB members and was also surprised at how Dan and Drew stayed committed to it the whole video.
  11. Next week's podcast he'll open with a loud "Tonight"
  12. I really like Dan but I think the only way to get some of this stuff through to him is in the format of a montage or put it into some Guns N' Roses lyrics. Which is fine but maybe don't throw yourself headlong into potential arguments if you refuse to see another side or put much thought into any type of actual defense of your point.
  13. Sports

    Steelers got a good value player but their secondary is still a black hole. Slightly disconcerting. Also, adding this because it fits well in the "don't help up opposing players" theme. Two former Penn State guys on the Vikings, Hodges wants to help up Jackson but Mauti is all "no prisoners." And then DeSean is sad.
  14. That last Bombcast was refreshing. I don't think the Jeff/Brad/Dan/Drew lineup is bad but its nice to mix it up every once in a while and man I'm 100% with you on missing Vinny on Bombcasts.
  15. Sports

    I had only watched as a kid but won tickets to the Royal Rumble from work last year and haven't looked back since. I don't have cable so I never see any of the (often times bad) weekly Raws and just watch the pay-per-views and what is essentially the company's minor league weekly show (NXT) for $9.99 a month. Solid deal and it isn't an overwhelming amount of content.
  16. Sports

    This is vaguely sports but man, Wrestlemania had an incredible ending this year. Nice to see the company not completely make a mess of things for once.
  17. Sports

    On one hand being a Kentucky basketball fan would be great since they are more or less perennial contenders. But on the other hand having all of your good players more or less be one and done has to sap a lot of the enjoyment I would think.
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    I want it to be good, am afraid it will not be. My wife and I started watching Veep a week or two ago and are halfway through season 2. Like almost everyone else that already discussed it on this thread I enjoy it a whole bunch.
  19. Finally got around to purchasing Wolf Hall in paperback after having the seed planted in my brain by many of Chris' compliments. Haven't started reading yet but is it worth simply going the audio route? I've got a long flight coming up in a few weeks so I'm hoping I'll have ample time for either method.
  20. I've done this before but always wanted to do a few timed laps sober, then repeat the same after 2 beers, 4 beers, and 6 just to see how dramatically the times are altered. But I mostly don't because it seems silly and I don't even like the idea of subconsciously making it seem okay somewhere in my brain.
  21. Life

    I live in the same city so if it is a device of mass destruction I won't even have to worry, I'll just be vaporized.
  22. I was just glad to see the tone become more serious after the last Danswers that felt more like an awkward comedy hour masquerading as advice.