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  1. I wonder what the decision making process was waiting two weeks for the follow up. My hunch is that it allowed people to go out and buy the game and play it themselves while also letting word spread about how great the content was so people could pick up premium subscriptions and get fully caught up. Regardless, I'm glad it is finally back and second the hope that it doesn't take another two weeks before we get the next installment.
  2. They really should just do an endurance run of that game. It could probably get knocked out in 3 or 4 more videos and is probably the perfect way to experience that game.
  3. That game also had plenty of ridiculous fashion
  4. I wonder if Alex wasn't expecting any response or general indifference once he threw out his distaste for gaming mice. He did sort of seem to get into conversational quicksand once he took his stance but as someone who has never purchased a gaming mouse I liked hearing the other three talk about why they are beneficial. The Dan stuff is increasingly baffling to me. I was somewhat surprised he was as financially literate as he was. His habit of purchasing individual stocks and pretty much basing those choices on various hunches is a bit alarming but for the most part it was not knowledge I expected him to have. The whole hard line stance on never sharing finances and people should just pick themselves up by the bootstraps was rough though. He even mentions that when he found himself wanting to sleep with someone else he would break off a relationship though. I'm sure there is some considerable analysis to be done regarding his apparent revulsion to commitment but I guess we'll see how this current relationship goes. And as not the world's biggest Brad fan I was hoping he would open up a bit more and offer some additional insight even if he didn't share his life story. That didn't happen but at least he summed it up well at the end when he punted on answering the personal question.
  5. Sports

    That is both wonderful and very stupid, I love it.
  6. The combination of an incredible UPF, that heavily produced Austin rap on the Eastcast, and the MGS4 Drew teaser feels like a Giant Bomb Triple Crown. I hope they can keep the quality in that realm, it was really fun to experience all that stuff over the weekend. I'm hoping that a friendly rivalry will ontinue to form between the two offices that will benefit overall quality.
  7. Sports

    That was a really fun game to watch. Japan is great but I would have really loved to see that US team also play the French and English at some point.
  8. He did drink a full bottle of E-40 Slurricane Red Blend himself though so he hasn't fully turned to the dark side.
  9. Her Story

  10. Her Story

    And I totally agree about the pairs bit. My wife was great about pulling terms out of the air and I was a little more focused on pulling bits from the interviews, definitely improved the experience. Now to play that two player tile game in the recycle bin.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    I have a Nathan Petrelli campaign mug and that is probably one of the few cool things I can remember about Heroes, I prefer to forget any seasons happened after 1.
  12. Other podcasts

    I have 14 podcasts of various update frequency in the hopper. I'm getting close to dropping This American Life since this year has been pretty lean from them. It feels like 1 new cast and then multiple weeks of repeats. Between Gimlet taking a lot of talent and some of their staff splintering off to do Serial or other shows I seriously wonder if the talent pool is getting a bit thin.
  13. Job Hunting

    At some point I think you have to let it be someone else's problem. Maybe you can lengthen the notice to 3 or 4 weeks depending on the role and how understanding your new employer is but like you said, there never is a good time. I know my current position will require a few written FAQ's or here's how to handle what I was doing and didn't have a backup for when I leave. Depending on the type of work you do that may not be possible but at the end of the day the succession should be up to the people there and if you can be as accommodating as possible while not straining the relationship with your new employer that would be ideal.
  14. Job Hunting

    I have worked at two companies, both with more than 50k employees. I can't say I've ever heard the "real company" line but in companies as large as those it is more along the lines of, I wonder if the problems we face are confined to this department. So similar idea but with a slightly different vocabulary. Regardless of company size I'm sure the problems you are seeing and discussing with your fellow employees aren't isolated to the company you work for. And definitely give notice. I've always worked under the 2 weeks minimum guideline and your mileage may vary but at least that should be ample time for your peers to get the wheels in motion for taking over your responsibility.
  15. For anyone that wants more Giant Bomb content here's your 9 hours of Jeff driving to E3 with Dan and Danny. I'm 2 hours in and as usual these drives are a weird and fun listen. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1062297
  16. Movie/TV recommendations

    I wouldn't say he's bad on the mic but guys like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are still on the NXT roster and have incredible mic skills. By comparison they make his deficiencies much more obvious. But I don't know how much time he's had cutting WWE style promos in New Japan. He'll get better or if they need to promote him to the main roster extremely soon they can give him a solid manager for a little while or keep him off the mic. Theoretically he could just play a relatively straight forward good guy but it would be nice for him to expand a bit on the whole "demon" aspect of his character. No matter what, he's got the entrance, look, and moves of a guy who should be wrestling in next year's Wrestlemania so I wouldn't be too concerned. The show was really great. It sold out within the first few days of tickets being available and the crowd was pretty hot for the whole night. Pretty much 3 hours of what my ideal wrestling show would be. Maestros on the mic Big Cass and Enzo talked for a bit, you get some solid lower card matches, there were two great women's matches, and the main event was an insane indie-style spot fest. I would heartily recommend it if you have a chance. The venue wasn't perfect for a wrestling event but we paid for great seats so it wound up being alright. I'm sure they'll expand their touring but it seems like they are still in the process of figuring out how popular NXT is.
  17. Movie/TV recommendations

    I don't have cable so the only WWE I get is NXT and monthly pay-per-views. Probably a slightly weird way to consume the "sport" but NXT is extremely well put together and at one hour a week is just the right size. They had a show here locally the day Dusty Rhodes passed away and it was really great. A tribute in every match. And man Finn is great but I hope they do more to develop his character or put him into a stable like the Bullet Club if they don't want to put him on the mic much.
  18. Does anyone know how the surname is chosen? My first game it seemed to be at random but the second time it has always been the father. I know you can change the name at birth and I think after but I wonder if it relies on charisma as well? There's been a large disparity in charisma between the parents so I wonder if that's the case. I could see that naming issue being a pain when the number of vault dweller jumps up, almost would make me want to sacrifice a few family members to the wasteland just for simplicity.
  19. This game just got me to a weird place. I used the same maxed charisma male character to impregnate three separate women. Those pregnancies bore 2 boys and a girl. By the time I checked in again they had grown up and I still didn't have any new dwellers at the door. I instinctively threw the father into the living quarters and the grown up girl in with him since she wasn't assigned a job yet. After a few minutes and "Its nice to hang out with family" conversation blurbs I realized what had happened and quickly changed up the pairing. I don't even know if its possible in the game but it seems like in game incest isn't a possibility or at least I hope. I don't plan on trying to couple her with her half-brothers to find out. Just crazy that after duplicating Chris' strategy I now have 4 Jones' who are seemingly no longer compatible out of 19 dwellers.
  20. Jaffe seems to me like a guy who has been doing his schtick so long he became that guy. And wow Drawn to Death looked like a bad Half-Life mod or just something created for a demographic that may no longer exist.
  21. I honestly don't know what to believe anymore. I think the Bombcast was one of my first podcasts so either those early ones nostalgia has made me enjoy them to the point where I don't know they were bad or I just flat out disagree like natellite. I generally think of the guys as cool people who I could listen talk about almost anything so I never interpreted that stuff as bro-ing it up or whatever.
  22. They would be pleased but it turns out he has also fathered 6 children by other women so things may be a little bumpy in their relationship.
  23. Working my way through Day 2 of their E3 stuff. Jeff is a great host and I've enjoyed all of their talk so far but the segments with the guests almost feel too professional compared to prior years. I know you still get the staff during the impressions portion but part of me wishes they would have just recorded everything being discussed in the green room during intermissions because those interactions seem like they'd be really interesting. For example, I really want to know what Sean was saying after his segment and what Austin, Sean, and Jake were all talking about. And Steve Gaynor with the whiskey? Good times. Also, figure out a way to inject more Vinny whenever possible.
  24. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Huh, I saw it in the comments of one of the sports blogs I frequent in response to some not great team news so I didn't even know it was part of a bigger piece. Appreciate that bit of info, just the two panels alone kills me.
  25. Sports

    Heading to a US Open Cup game in a few hours. USL Pro Pittsburgh vs. MLS DC United, should be fun.