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  1. Called The Beginner's Guide First of all I didn't even know Wreden was working on a new game. Second, this looks bloody fabulous
  2. The Next President

    I feel like I've been living in Trumps presidency longer than a month. It feels like a fucking lifetime, and what a cluster fuck of a month it's been. The impromptu press conference was something out of bizzaro world.
  3. Universal Harvester

    I'm enjoying the book. The time and perspective jumping can really fuck with you. It'll be perfectly fine for a few paragraphs and in the next one jump in time or character abruptly and go back. It makes it hard to keep it. Also, the change in from 3rd to it being written like a police report or an omniscient narrator whose reminiscing or contemplating the many moves a character could make in a certain scene send you for a loop.
  4. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    I've read bits and pieces from the new Flintstones. I was caught off guard by its commentary on war veterans, PTSD, and loss of ethnic identity.
  5. The Next President

    Who knows indeed. I'm still a Mexican citizen and a permanent resident here. My wife and I are worried that if something shit goes down with Mexico and the wall, that there might be a ban or more lock downs on immigration from Mexico. I also wonder how it's going affect the Mexican economy and my family who still lives there. This has been a cluster fuck of a week.
  6. UK Thumbs

    Thought some of y'all might like this
  7. Jotun, Viking of the Colossus

    Oh man, this looks bloody beautiful. That animation and art style has a Ralph Bakshi vibe to it.
  8. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Been on a Tangerine Dream kick
  9. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Jazz: Chet Baker - Sings John Coltrane - Coltrane/Prestige 7105 Miles Davis & John Coltrane ‎– Live In Stockholm 1960 Duke Ellington - Money Jungle Dizzy Gillespie - Manteca Charles Mingus - Blues & Roots and The Black Saint & the Sinner Lady Moondog - Moondog Sun Ra - Supersonic Jazz Ornette Coleman - The Shape of Jazz to Come Cannonball Adderley - Know What I Mean? Horace Silver Trio and Art Blakey - Sabu Can't go wrong these
  10. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Aye Aye Used to see those dudes at this coffee shop I used to go to. Ha
  11. The Next President

    Yeah, but this level of populism and racism has been seen before in American Politics. It's just more exuberant and open. EDIT: one of my favorite articles on Trump
  12. The Next President

    It's amazing what's happened these last couple days: Cruz dropping, Trump saying Cruz's father was part of the JFK assassination and now Kasich suspending his campaign making Trump the presumptive nominee. I feel like Bizzaro world has invaded the GOP and US.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Speaking of Wheatley, he's remaking Wages of Fear. I didn't know how to feel about it at first, but now, I'm really excited to see it.
  14. Life

    Man, yesterday had some high highs and low fucking lows. I went to a place called the Merc (a gay bar in Sacramento) with my friend to have a few drinks and relax. Now, I'm not gay and I go there with my friends (some who are) because it has great drinks and atmosphere. So I went there and we met and talked to two guys next to us. They were old gents and they were funny dudes. One of them keeps hitting on me hard and hinting at sex. Fair enough, I turn him down and tell him I'm straight and why I come here. He has no problem with it. As the night progresses, he keeps touching my knee and thigh. Not in a sexual way, but touchy messy way. Whatever, some people are touchy-feely and he knows where I stand. At one point he moves up my thigh and starts touching my dick and I just freeze. I am completely uncomfortable and violated. And he does it once again. I'm completely fucking violated. I'm frozen and can't talk. So after the second time, I say it's time to go and get food with my friend. I felt skeevy and uncomfortable the entire night. I could still feel his hands on my dick and it's been on the back of my head ever since. I felt like I should have told him to stop touching me when he touched my knee. Maybe it's my fault for being at a gay bar (though it's become a mixture of orientations). I don't know how to feel and I felt like crying a bit this morning. Maybe I should have been more forceful? I don't know. Am I crazy? I set up boundaries and I'm okay with touchy-feely people (one of my good friends is one). I thought that was he was at first, but fuck. I can't get this incident out of my head.
  15. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    OOOOOOHHHHH SHIT! Rome came out with a new album I'm such a fanboy If anyone is interested, I highly recommend Flowers From Exile, Passage to Rhodesia and Nos Chants Perdus
  16. Don't see the appeal of Snapchat. I just don't get it. Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky.
  17. Movie/TV recommendations

    Have you seen Sorcerer? It's an brilliant remake of Wages It also has a killer Tangerine Dream soundtrack.
  18. Books, books, books...

    Definitely. Empire of Cotton is jammed packed with information, but the way it's written, fact after fact after fact, makes it a tedious read. I love my non-fiction to be told through characters. The characters used to ground the reader while using them to parse out information. Roger Crowely's Conquers did a great job of giving the reader larger than life characters while using them to tell how the Portuguese started the first global economy and took over the Indian Ocean trade. I have The Half Had Never Been Told on pre-order and I'm excited to read it. There's been a lot of great books on slavery and its repercussions.
  19. Post your face!

    "grant us eyes, grant us eyes. Plant eyes on our brains, to cleanse our beastly idiocy."
  20. Books, books, books...

    Reading a few books right now and it's hard trying to balance them. Future Crimes talks about bout how easily exploited and hacked our technology is and there's barely any safeguard. Dreamland is such a painful read. Talk ks about the opiated addiction around the rust belt. it's painful because I got to see it first hand growing up. Many of friends got hooked and destroyed their lives. Empire of Cotton explores the evolution of capitalism through cotton.
  21. Life

    I did! And thank you for answering them. I was in a weird position back then and couldn't go back to school. Now things have changed and I'm good to go. I just wish Sac State was too. Grumble grumble. Hahah
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  24. Life

    Its happened to me a handful of times. It's shitty, but you drop 'em motherfuckers and move on. For me, with every cycle of friends I've gone through, they've gotten better because I've gotten to know myself and what I want out of a friendship. The friends I've made in California are way better than my friends in Cincinnati. Don't get me wrong, I love my old crew in Cincinnati, but I devolve to my younger self--I think my crew does too, not just me--when I see them. It's nice for nostalgia reasons but all the hard work I've down to better myself goes down the tubes. I hope all that rambling makes sense. In other news... I'm fighting terrible allergies and a cold and hoping my appeal for Sac State goes through. I've decided to go back to school to finish my bachelor's degree in outdoor parks and recreation with a minor in history. I'm really excited.