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  1. This episode was fascinating to listen to, but I can't help but long for the alternate universe where the episode begins normally while Chris and Jake's announcement happens at the end, as a grand reveal of what we actually listened to in the episode. Especially since the first actual part of the episode is referencing Nick using the same mic. But damn, enormous props to Nick on salvaging the podcast!
  2. [Release] Downchimney Simulator 20X7

    Had so much fun working on this game. Psyched with how it came out, also looking forward to expanding on the idea a bit post-jam. Totally, and thanks for the feedback!
  3. Hey guys! I'm like to join a team. I make music & create sound effects. and I can also help implement sounds through FMOD. I'm a classically trained musician/composer but my compositions range from orchestral to ambient electronic to metal. I've worked on games in the past, including one Ludum Dare game jam. I currently work on a few long term game projects. No preference on game type, I've done a lot of sci-fi stuff but I'm open to anything. Mostly just want to get involved with the community and make some cool stuff! Contact: jmviolin@gmail.com or PM here Timezone: EST Can check out my music here: https://soundcloud.com/jaimemarcelo
  4. I agree to an extent. In the TI3 game it was pretty clearly abused. But it sure was fun to watch! Fountain hooking had been in Dota for a very long time. Definitely in WC3 Dota. It's a pretty clear example of how much the pro scene impacts the patching of the game.
  5. Yay, new Dota Today! Great to have the show back. Also, imagine the horror of being hooked into a patch of trees only to cuddle up against a single Pudge with no way to escape. The blink dagger limitations were in place in regards to balance, not engine limitations as far as I've always known. WC3 Dota was patched as well, and usually is at the same time or pretty close to it. The emergent gameplay from bugs and such has always been a huge part of Dota's history and balance. At this point, a great deal of balance changes occur due to the play pro level as well. The lane and neutral creep changes in 6.79 were largely (if not entirely) in response to the passive meta game within the pro circuit, an extreme focus on support farming through stack/pulling, as well as an extremely unsafe "offlane". By swapping the small and medium camps and forcing the lane's creeps to meet further up, it made a lot more heroes viable and resulted in more action and less passivity. Hearing the conversation about bugs also reminded me of one interesting example of "bug vs intended gameplay" in Game 3 of the International 3 match between Na'Vi and TongFu. WIth the series tied and Na'Vi on their backfoot against the momentum of Tongfu, they began a with Chen and Pudge. Pudge would hook a target (for example, Tongfu's carry, Gyro), and by timing it properly with Chen's sendback, the target would follow Pudge all the way to the fountain where the target would be blown up. Na'Vi effectively used this strategy/bug to actually win what looked like an impossible game for them, and eventually advance to the Grand Finals as a result. This was a pretty controversial game, due to the reliance on what seemed to be one hell of a bug. The arguments in favor of Na'Vi were that even if it was a bug, it was extremely difficult to pull off effectively, so while it was a pretty cheesy way to win the game, it still took a great deal of coordination. On the other hand, the idea that these heroes should follow Pudge's hook all the way back to the fountain doesn't seem like an intended mechanic at all, even if it's in the game. Surely enough, after the International fountain hooking was patched out of the game.PS: RIP, Nick Breckon PSS: Congrats Nick Breckon