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  1. Welcome to WIZARD JAM

    I just found out about this, but it seems too late to join. Will there be others?
  2. Terminal7 6: We are the Homunculus

    Thanks for the great episode! I loled at "It's like giving your scouting team bazookas".
  3. Terminal7 5: The Actual Best Thing

    Hello! Love the podcast and Shut Up and Sit Down, it was amazing hearing you guys together talking about Netrunner. From the podcast, it sounds like you had the same desire as I did to be able to teach new players with better starter decks than the recommended core decks. I'll be publishing an article this week with decklists specifically designed for teaching new players Netrunner. I've already written the first part here: http://stimhack.com/teaching-netrunner-part-1/ Let me know if you find it helpful and thanks for the podcast! P.S.: It was pretty cool to hear that one of you worked on Mark of the Ninja at Clay; it's a small world!