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  1. Episode 244: Best of eSports 2013

    Really good episode. I've never been much into e-sports, but I've recently watched several Hearthstone lets-plays and a few of TotalBisquit's StarCraft II matches, and I'm beginning to see the charm... I loved how newbie-friendly and informative this episode was, as you addressed several of the things I've thought about myself: why e-sports is relevant, how to make it more popular, and what it is people want to see anyway. I hope to have a chance to watch some CS matches soon — it sounds a lot easier to understand than LoL and DOTA 2. I don't think you mentioned it, but I think turn-based strategy games would work too — like Civilization 5 or Alpha Centauri etc.; Sure, the games would take forever and/or need to be cut up into several sessions, but I think it would be fun to watch. Anyway, good episode! Not exactly what I expected.