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  1. 10 hours ago, cakedotavi said:

    Yeah the lack of supported games day 1 is a real shame. I saw one reviewer put it along the lines of "it's like if a car company had reviewers test a new race car, but the track wasn't ready so everyone was stuck doing laps around the parking lot."


    I think it really doesn't make sense for most people to upgrade right now, given the very costly increase in performance compared to the Pascal lineup ($/FPS gain is very high going from 1xxx to 2xxx compared to almost any earlier generation). However, if you simply want to hit 1440/144 or 4k/60 it seems like you really don't have much of an option... you just have to pay a (pretty ridiculous and frankly unfair) premium to do so. 


    Unfortunately for my wallet, I think I am in the latter camp as I have both a 1440/144 and 4k/60 display that my current 970 weeps trying to power. 

    My 1080 does 1440/144 perfectly fine i think 1080Tis can do 4k at 60

  2. The lack of games that support ray tracing right now is sort of hilarious to me, not sure why NVIDIA didn't wait since they are already so far ahead of the competition. I am interested what the frame rate and resolution numbers are going to be with ray tracing on. I get the feeling that they will be pretty low by today's high end graphics standards, but maybe NVIDIA will surprise me. I got a 1080 a few months ago so I'm not really looking to upgrade anyway, if ray tracing gets widespread adoption and seems worth it perhaps I will get the next generation of cards the 2010s or 3000s depending on how the new naming convention goes.



  3. 5 minutes ago, eot said:

    Isn't that every game with gunplay or combat though? Nathan Drake is a mass murderer.

    You don't make choices in a lot of those games though, you are in a level with a bunch of enemies you need to kill or get past, there is no alternate way to do it. I am specifically annoyed by things like Nico from GTA4 lamenting his life of crime in cut scenes and then allowing you to murder a whole city in game play. The discussion of the scavengers in the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer reminded me of those kinds of moments. Hitman Blood Money and Mercenaries Playground of Destruction actually had decent systems for dealing with this, killing civilians cost you money, its a good way to encourage players to not be complete psychopaths.

    Despite my issues with Dues Ex it also did a good job of not having a visible morality slider but adjusting NPC reactions to you based on how many people you killed.

  4. 2 hours ago, Henke said:

    Would you actually want a morality system? Personally I don't like those. I like that the in-game factions will react differently to you depending on past interactions, but I don't want a morality slider telling me if I'm a good boy or a bad boy. I know what kind of boy I am, TYVM!

    I dislike morality systems, especially ones that are explicitly laid out in sliders, But in games like GTA I get grossed out by the total ignoring of horrific player actions. I just get the feeling this game will let me murder everyone all the time and no one in the game will bat an eye. That dissonance was already on display a bit when the main character and her partner were talking about how fucked up the scavengers were without really thinking about how many people they had killed that day alone.

  5. Gameplay Demo:

    My thoughts:

    Gameplay, at least in the demo looks like what the new Deus Ex games should have been. Although the lack of any sort of morality system probably means the game can get super fucked up.

    The damage numbers remind me a lot of Borderlands. Hope you can toggle them off.

    The swearing and nudity fell like some #EDGY #GRITTY #CONTENT like GoT or WestWorld. A bit disappointing but not surprising considering the Witcher 1 sex cards.

    The narrator was super weird and a bit of a creep.

    Overall I am excited, but a bit wary as I didn't enjoy Witcher 3 very much and have been burned by my enthusiasm for cyberpunk games before.

  6. Dragon Age Inquisition I was worried going into it, DA2 and ME3 had really soured me on Bioware games but I had a great time, its pretty astounding how much writing goes into games like DAI and how much of it is decent. Dragon Age Origins is still my favorite game to play as a spell caster but DAI is a close second. More RPGs need an agro system that allows your companions to tank while you dish out damage as a caster. Also having spells level with your stats instead of having fireball 1,2,3,4 etc. is so much better. Only thing I really missed from DAO was spell combos. Overall I enjoyed the game a lot, not sure that the DLC would be worth it at full price, but I got the whole package on deep discount.

  7. 18 hours ago, clyde said:

    It is a bit of a missed opportunity that she doesn't have many obstacles. It would be nice if they did something like have all the established characters constantly explaining to her that she can NOT have jedi capabilities because she ain't got the midis; to the point where she is trying to convince herself that they must be right because they know more about it (while levitating shit or whatever). And then Kylo is like "You have the most amazing abilities." But he is just trying to get her to do labor for his problematic agendas. That would be cool imo.

    They are far too busy rushing to the next CGI heavy action scene to really give the characters much development. There are also so many characters that all need screen time so the film is spread thin between them

  8. Last Jedi is on US netflix ATM so I decided to finally watch it:

    Oof. The dialog was quite repetitive and generally weak. They talked about they pin the hacker wears, then got the the casino minutes later and talked about the pin they were looking for, then talked about it again as they saw it. It speaks to a lack of respect for the audience that they think you have the memory of a goldfish. Finn continues to be an idiot bumbling his way to victory. I did like that Poe's plan totally backfired and almost got everyone killed, nice subversion of expectations there. Also sorta liked the Luke and Rey storyline.

    Was there really this much slapstick in 4,5 and 6? I remember it being more of a prequel thing, either way it feels very out of place.

    My only hope about Episode 9 is that since this film was Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi combined maybe the next film will tread new ground. This one felt like more of a fan film than 7 did.


  9. On 6/28/2018 at 1:20 AM, Brannigan said:

    binged the new season of Luke Cage...some iffy parts but was stoked that there wasn't the traditional villain switch up.  

    I totally agree, the villain is pretty good and him not being switched out was a welcome change. Just finished the season today, its possibly a better season than 1 because it lacks the villain switch and the ending was really interesting. Excited for Season 3.

    Overall its either the 2nd or 3rd best season of a Marvel Netflix show. Cant quite decide how to rank the two Luke Cage seasons, #1 is still JJ S1.

  10. 1 hour ago, Henke said:

    I tried playing the demo of a X-Com game(or perhaps it was UFO) back in the mid-90's, but couldn't make heads or tails of it. I think the streamlined design of the newer games is much more my bag, but also not so much my bag, as my raging against XCOM2 in the opening post shows.

    Have you checked out Xenonauts? Its a good compromise between the Original Xcom and the new ones.

  11. Haven't finished the game yet, but I found my enjoyment of the open world constantly being ruined by the way story missions are forced on you. Pulling you out of the open world like they do is really annoying and made me try and rush to complete the regions as fast as possible to get them out of the way. Now that I have defeated the 3 sub-bosses I am having more fun going around and doing side missions. Also not really sure why they added so many items, paint jobs etc. Why can't I buy a scope and have it available across all guns? Overall its still a solid open world shooter, I just wish they had let me do the story on my own time.

  12. 1.  Surviving Mars:  Fixes a lot of the issues I have with city builders, there is a constant pressure to keep resources balanced, and to keep expanding before mines run out, a really fun game that I should get back to some day.


    2. BATTLETECH Great game I liked how much more in depth the systems are than an XCOM. Enjoyed the campaign a lot, wish there was more mission variety for the randomly generated missions tho.


    3. Into The Breach Great little strategy game, I hope someone iterates on this and makes a bigger deeper game


    I have mostly been playing older games this year I guess.

  13. 11 minutes ago, Saltimbanco said:

    Can someone explain to me why there's people jizzing their pants over Assassin's Creed Odyssey?


    How is it not going to be the exact same thing we've had before?


    That's what they always do. The same game, with maybe one new feature that varies from "changes very little" to "changes nothing".

    Origins was a good game that changed quite a bit from previous ones, it also had a very pretty world to explore. The combat system was miles better than the last AC game I played.

    Not sure if I will buy at launch but I will totally pick it up. I am down for more of the same.

  14. I really hope this game goes for a Just Cause or Far Cry for an open world where you don't just drive between linear levels. RAGE and Mad Max both had that and it sucked.

  15. 5 hours ago, Roderick said:

    B-B-Bethesda just teased Elder Scrolls VI last night (it was night in Europe). Location-wise, the landscape looks like a Hammerfell-y, Highrock-y scene, so back to the days of Daggerfall. But they could be messing with us and turn the camera and BOOM, there are the forests of Valenwood or the swamps of Blackmarsh. Anyway, ES6 won't see the light of day until way into 2020, probably, so this is just the first of years of waiting.

    Best thing about ES6 not coming out for a while is that maybe Skywind will actually finish instead of moving to the new engine in perpetuity

  16. Pumped for Just Cause 4

    I am still not sure about cyberpunk, I am interested but Witcher 2 & 3 both failed to grab me. We know so little that I can't form a real opinion.


  17. Is there a term for when a director/writer inserts a monologue or dialog that has a distinct feeling of the director/writer just wanting to spout some of their personal philosophy at the audience? Might not be the best example but Tarantino seems very guilty of this, the feet conversation in Pulp Fiction and the tipping conversation in Reservoir Dogs come to mind. (Its possible I am just misinterpreting ham handed character building)