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  1. I hate Far Cry 2, what am I doing wrong?

    Fallout 3 is much more RPG than straight shooter, its also not very difficult. STALKER SOC is IMO the best open world shooter to date
  2. Oculus rift

    Looks like Samsung is getting into the VR market as well I do worry that Sony, Samsung Etc will only get in for a short time then ditch it like 3D tv. On the other hand the more companies in the VR space the greater the chance movies and games get made for it. Please.
  3. I hate Far Cry 2, what am I doing wrong?

    The rapid enemy respawn, weapons breaking only applying to the player not the AI, the malaria (How does a experienced mercenary go to a malaria zone without meds?), your missions always being "secret" so all the AI attack you all the time, the map being limited in terms of its openness (lots of cliffs). The game had a lot of cool mechanics and ideas, I just think it was very poorly implemented.
  4. I just hope they do more with making the endgame interesting. I often stop playing my Civ 5 games because the endgame is so dull. This is partially my fault as the only compelling win condition IMO is conquest and there is always a point where you are far more powerful than all other Civs and it becomes a grind to win.
  5. Pausable Real time games

    Pause us an important element in Paradox games. I mostly play Crusader Kings 2 and often the game involves speeding time up then pausing to twwek stuff or deal with new situations. If the game had only one speed it would be terrible.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello, I've always loved the idea of forums, but am always annoyed either by too much activity I can't track or to few posts. Love the podcast so I figured I would check the forums out as they seem to have a good pace. I mostly play Paradox strategy games, open world games (mainly shooters and RPGs) and Kerbal Space Program. I think I have become obsessed with being able to do what I want in games and as a result many game types don't really appeal to me anymore.
  7. I hate Far Cry 2, what am I doing wrong?

    Not all games are for all people. I love challenging immerse games and despised Far Cry 2. If gameplay mechanics that are central to the game annoy you, maybe don't force yourself to try and like it. Games are supposed to be fun/entertaining, if a game isn't don't feel bad about moving on.
  8. The discussion of games that had extreme makeovers reminded me of Dark sector. The initial videos they released showed a sci-fi stealth action game set in space where you are in a crazy suit sneaking around and killing enemies in interesting environments. (Dark Sector Original) Then they changed every aspect of the game and turned it into a mediocre 3rd person shooter set on Earth. (Dark Sector Release) I was so disappointed with this. I was so interested in the original game design. I did try a demo and was unimpressed. I remember being concerned about the changes to Borderlands, but in that case they didn't change the core game as much, mostly just the art style. (Borderlands old art style)