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  1. A little late to the conversation at this point, but I'm pretty sure SNSD has a fairly large Japanese following as well--at least large enough that they record a lot of their songs in Japanese. I'm definitely no expert in telling the difference between Korean and Japanese, but it did sound like that version was in Japanese. I could 100% be wrong though. I'm glad Chris talked about the Smash Documentary. I feel like an idiot though because I emailed that request for them to watch it intending for Chris to not read it on air. Oh well, I guess I'm glad it lead to discussion. I did feel that the later episodes lacked the same story telling that the earlier episodes achieved. Once the episodes started focusing on Mango they lost a lot of their direction and turned out to be a lot more of just interviews about Smash with no real connection. Overall I thought it was really good though. I thought Wife's segments were great--he made the entire documentary much more entertaining to watch.