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  1. anime

    I have to confess, I did not know anything about the show when I started watching it, so took it at face value instead of comparing it to his previous works. It's not as good as Kids on the Slope. I felt the ending (of KotS) was weird too. I felt the resolution of it all was very frank, and a change in narrative. Also it was pretty rushed in like the last 5 mins.
  2. Cartoons!

    Season 1 is finally out on DVD for us though! only took a number of years for it to happen! the merch came out before the DVD. wtf. I guess me n my missus can stop watching anime for a while to catch up then. This season is pretty lame apart from space dandy, which everyone seems to hate T_T
  3. Cartoons!

    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1836563008/wakfu-the-animated-series?ref=search A Kickstarter for Wakfu's English Dub. This series is apparantly awesome, but confusing to me as to whether I should post it in Cartoons or Anime, as it's based off a French MMO, and is originally voiced in French, but animated by a Japanese anime studio. Anyone else watched it? I stopped when it got to the boring football thing, but been told that it's excellent should you choose to push past it. Also why is the first stretch goal to get the French subbed? I'd have assumed that was there by default. :/
  4. La-Mulana 2

    I think the closest and best description of what La Mulana is is a 2D Archaeology-based Dark Souls.
  5. anime

    Isn't that Just a seasonal budget thing though? I mean, for all long running series there are always dips in the quality of animation. Certainly shows like Kuroko have eps which are stupidly well animated, followed by eps which are barely animated at all. I wouldn't know in the case of DBZ though. I haven't watched it. I started watching Kai, but didn't get that far into it.
  6. Obligatory Comical YouTube Thread II: The Fall of YouTube

    Ahh man, I remember when Shooting Stars came back after like a 5 year hiatus. To me you could tell that Vic and Bob didn't want to do it but had to. The shine had gone from their eyes. They are just Drones for the Big British Castle.
  7. Nintendo 3DS

    Yeah, I've played something in every generation of the game. Not proud of it, just have. XD I too loved the anime and was hooked on red/blue. X/Y are great in that there is a lot of new stuff they should have done years ago, like 360 degrees of movement and 3D battles, but there are only like 70-odd new pokemon and the whole 'mega-evolution' thing is interesting. The addition of the fairy class is good, as it nerfs dragon-types. Also like I said, the story is utter poo. I'd suggest to pick up Black/White if you are interested in a pokemon game because until you defeat the elite four, you don't meet a single old pokemon, which makes it a real pleasure to play as it made every area more exciting and interesting as you knew you were guaranteed to wander into some new unseen pokemon. Also the story is heaps better, and messes about with the standard world progression, and continues past the elite four. The Team Rocket of Black/White are also more complex and are battling for a cause you could believe in, and not just an 'we're evil coz we're evil' like in previous games. The most retarded team rocket variations must have been in Ruby/Sapphire where they wanted to either erupt a volcano to reclaim land (but also simultaneously destroying everybody's homes and lives) or causing a huge flood and flooding the world. wtf Team Rocket.
  8. Nintendo 3DS

    I completed MH3U without the circlepad pro, and I didn't mind using the touch-screen D-Pad at all. Also I forgot a game suggestion - Pokemon X/Y no? It's not as good as Black/White story wise (actually the story sucks balls) but the Pokemonz are in 3D and uhhhh pokemon. Yup.
  9. The Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary Committee

    I second the notion that we should get a big, gaudy golden frame for Jake. The bigger and gaudier the better.
  10. anime

    Fair enough, each to his own. I'll still love it.
  11. anime

    There is one good show this season, after watching a fair few: SPACE DANDY - It's really, really, really good. Enjoyably hectic and funny. It's a highlight of my week. this, Kill la Kill and Kuroko, but space dandy is so enjoyable. I love it. The rest: My Sister is being unusual - starts of with the main protagonist getting (not sure if that's the right word) a new sister due to his father re-marrying "Well at least they're legally allowed to fuck" I said jokingly to my missus. Only for the best friend of the protagonist to basically say the same thing, and then for it to be the actual plot of the show. She gets possessed by some ghost in the form of a chastity belt, and then there's a highly awkward scene where she masturbates with her possessed ghost lady. With convenient beams of dark and big heart-shaped locks covering up anything explicit. Then we turned it off - 7/10. Aside: correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought chastity belts were meant to stop you masturbating. I guess that's where the ghost lady comes in useful? Nobuguna - This started off quite nice about a day-dreaming lady. Then it goes sci-fi and shit. She has the DNA (or "E-GENE") of Oda Nobugana (famous Japanese Feudal lord), and when these bunch of people touch these shitty balls their "E-GENE" is activated and they get super powers. She discovers her power and then shoots a bunch of alien bugs. Other people with the "E-GENE" is Jack the Ripper, Newton and Ghandi. Although what fucking weapon Ghandi will use to fight with I'll never know or care about. Dropped after the first episode. Noragami - homeless god who nobody remembers does stuff. Completely unforgettable and generic. Fights monsters which are manifestations of emotions. Not heard that one before. There was something about a cat. Pretty crap. Dropped. Sitting next to Seki-kun - Short about a guy who sits in the back of the class and procrastinates, narrated by the lass next to him, and tries not to get involved, even as his exploits gets more and more ridiculous. This is pretty funny actually, I like this show. Also the ending song is cool. Sekai Seifuku - Not really sure what this one was about. Some lass who took over the world and get followers or something? I enjoyed the first episode, which was more than what I can say for a large majority of the others. Will probably watch another episode before deciding whether or not to drop it. Chuu 2 Koi 2 - More moe-blob stuff. I predict this season will be bad as there is no second book to base it off (the first was loosely based on the first book of a light novel series), so it'll just be moe filler, I'm guessing. It'd be nice to see their relationship advance. I don't really care for anything else or the what looks like a new character from the OP. Witch Barristers - This started and it looked ok, then had to go to bed. Saw an article about it on Sankaku Complex though, so I am weary. It's also one of the few shows this season that's on crunchyroll for us brits, so I'm even more weary.
  12. anime

    I have to say that I liked both Kanokon and HSOTD. For reasons. Probably if I re-watched Kanokon I wouldn't enjoy it at all, as it was one of the first animes I watched. Tsuritama is an awesome show! I loved it a lot! Even went to Enoshima when I visited Japan coz of it! XD My friend said that it was famous for otakus as Tari Tari is also located there, but I haven't watched that. Recently re-watched the excellent FLCL. That show is amazing. The story is great, the animation is great, but the real stand-out for me on that show is the music. All done by The Pillows (bar a few) and it's fucking phenomenal. The three OST albums that came from that are some of my favourite albums.
  13. goty.cx - It's that time of last year again

    In no order: Dark Souls - a game that is so perfect that it's going to be hard to ever match. DaS2 is a game I am both unbelievably excited for and simultaneously dreading in fear of it ruining this beloved series of mine. Goodbye Deponia - a great ending to a great trilogy of games. I want more Deponia games, the world is fantastic. Papers, Please - OKOK1234 Bioshock Infinite - I played this when I was ill and enjoyed it. The Stanley Parable - Funny stuff all the time. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - My first MonHun game. Playing this with the missus was so much fun, and the grind is addictive. JoJo's Bizzare Adventure All Star Battle - I bought a PS3 for this game and it was worth every penny. Excellent fighting game with a doting care over it's source material. Animal Crossing: New Leaf - I have spent too long caring for villagers that don't exist. Nintendoland - Best local multi fun I've had in ages. I challenge anyone to not enjoy the hell out of Sweet Days. Super Mario 3D Land - Platforming Bliss Rayman Legends - More Platforming Bliss
  14. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Only those branded with the mark of the undead come back to life. The NPC's you meet do not have this mark, and therefore die, and as we all know: On a separate topic, playing through DeS, and damn - fall damage is nothing in this game. Fell down like half a castle tower to lose barely any health
  15. Nintendo 3DS

    Tbh that would be good for me as i'm left handed. My left-handedness made dillon's rolling western an awkward game to play. guess i'm getting one XD
  16. Nintendo 3DS

    The single player in Mon Hun 3 U is completely separate from the MP, and is kinda 'training' for the MP. The story is pretty thin tbh but it's enough to keep you playing . As for the circle pad pro, i know MH3U uses it as well as Kid icarus.I can't vouch for any other games though.
  17. Nintendo 3DS

    You can still play all the port levels by your lonesome Edit: All the port levels being the Multiplayer levels/missions. The only gating that's in the game is hunter level and your own skill and weapon stats.
  18. Idle Bibles - An Idle Thumbs Bible Game

    Could It be based on the silent film faith?
  19. Nintendo 3DS

    On MH3U, the online part (which I'm guessing is the port, as I haven't played tri) is all accessible SP content, but is strange as it's seperate from the single player story line quests and missions, which are in a way preperation for the 'port', which is local play only on the 3DS, but you can link the 3DS to the WiiU's Mon Hun 3U for multi. The monsters scale up appropriately the more players you have.
  20. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    I really hope you can. The fact that you could kill everyone in that game was a particular highlight for me.
  21. Nintendo 3DS

    Another great game is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Much better than the previous games, as it's less tutorial heavy, and you get into slaying big monsters pretty quickly. The game plays completely differently from anything else I've ever played, and even though the controls seem awkward at first, but once you've gotten used to it, you realise that it's perfectly suited for the game. I think it's a must-buy for the system, even if you've never played a monhun game before, as like Persona, they are not related at all story wise. I also liked the change from Feyline warrior followers to Cha-Cha and Kayamba, as they felt more personal and permanent (in previous games Feylines could leave you). And once you get into crafting weapons and armour, you'd spend ages killing monsters for that rare gem stone.
  22. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Huh that's weird. It says it's delayed on the japanese website too, yet in all the EU sites it has a confirmed release date. Namco EU need to clearly get their shit together.
  23. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Yes, exactly. I've had the Collector's Edition for the PC pre-ordered on shopto.net for months now. Going back to an earlier topic in this thread, the release date for the PC is the same as the 360 & PS3 now. Or at least it is on the various retailer websites.
  24. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    Yeah, I'm playing DeS right now. You do get a ring fairly early on in the game that meant you only lost a 1/4 of your health in hollow form. Makes it a bit more bearable. I'm more worried about how far the degradation will go. I fear that people might quit if they have only a tiny sliver of health because they died 1000 times and didn't have any humanity.
  25. Dark Souls(Demon's Souls successor)

    New Dark Souls II Trailer. I am excited for this game. EDIT: This month's EDGE magazine has an article on DaS2. One new feature they've revealed is that when you die as a hollow, you lose a slither of max health, which restores when you turn human. I don't know how I feel about this.