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  1. anime

    My missus is super into Haikyuu. I'm looking forward to watching it in the spring. And it's done by I.G. Production, so will hopefully be super good. And right off the back of Kuroko too. They must have a thing right now for sports anime. There are a couple of people who annoy me greatly in Yowa. Mainly the fucking arrogant jerk who thinks he's hot shit but he's not. I know that's the whole point of the character, but it's done so well and he rears his fucking head at the most irritating times, like when they win a race or something, and his whiny fucking voice pierces my eardrums and I want him to die. Especially annoying because he doesn't get any comeuppance that affects him or changes his personality. Kuroko spoils: I remember the art getting bad at around the end of Greed Island. I think that must have been when he was sick. I want the same thing too. I'd hate for the re-boot to have like 12 OVA's like the original run did.
  2. I've been looking forward to this episode like i don't know what. This was worth staying up for. Gunna sleep listening to this. And the picture of Jazzpunk excites me coz that game is ballin' yo.
  3. anime

    After some actual research instead of mere hearsay, his first hiatus (which I believe is around Greed Island ending) was due to an illness. Then his wife got pregnant, but most importantly now, is that he's an insanely busy person. Having to manage other mangakas as well as his own work (he produced Kuroko's Basketball - another excellent series (sorry to sound like a broken record. I've mentioned it numerous times in this thread)) as well as the HxH film that was released this year he apparantly produced. As well as being busy he also makes a ton of money, with HxH volumes constantly being in the top 10 manga, even when no volumes have been produced for a while. So I guess Shueisha are happy with him releasing what he can when he can. He also has a special contract due to the stress caused when writing YuYu Hakasho. There's no solid reason why he's on hiatus now (apart from everything above), but he has stated that he does not want the current anime to catch up to the manga. After the Chimera Ant arc there are apparantly a 21 chapter arc and a 1 chapter start of a new arc left. And that was in November. Source.
  4. anime

    Agreed. I really like how they've strayed away from the tropey anime thing of having a conversation mid-attack, and instead letting the narrator narrate everything that's happened. And it's narrated in a bizarre way too. Like it's some kinda post-mortem or history documentary. Which makes sense I guess as it's kinda making history? (that sounds super lame, I know) What was so dumb about Yorknew City? I liked that arc a lot. The spiders are really cool. I also didn't know that he broke his arm. I thought it was because he had some crippling illness. That and he's also married to the mangaka of Sailor Moon, so has no need for writing stuff for money or fame. I like Yowapeda too. The latest episode was a bit silly though. The best bits are after the Ending credits when they chat inane shit. Always makes me laugh. You should probably check out Kuroko's Basketball, as it's similarly ace, if not better.
  5. The Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary Committee

    Awesome thing to wake up to. Even if it did make me late for work. XD Exuberant.
  6. anime

    About ep 5:
  7. The Idle Thumbs 10th Anniversary Committee

    Holy moley, that's incredible subbes. Everything on this thread is incredible. I love this place.
  8. anime

    Yes. This show is great. I'd also like to chip in Durarara! And Baccano! as being both excellent series.
  9. anime

    I find manga (and books in general) to be a less creepy format than any animation/live action stuff. So saying that it's a stronger visual style would be hard to argue without a Flowers of evil anime adaption with the original artwork and not rotorscoped. I do think that anime does have some very good creepy shows/scenes though, like in Paranoia Agent, Monster, Paprika and Akira.
  10. anime

    of the older ones, you can get DVDs of them. Failing that, torrents do exist of all these shows. Yeah, it was the rotoscope animation, which is pretty awful, making for a choppy and disgusting visual style and animation. On top of which the acting is pretty awful too. But I also wonder about the process that the show was made, and whether the mangaka had any say in the rotoscoping or not. If she did - fair enough, but given the track record of mangakas being repeatedly fucked over by their respective publishing company to get their manga turned into an anime mean that they just sign the paper without any real realisation of what they're signing into, as they are already under a lot of stress and pressure to release a chapter every week/month. A great example would be the mangaka of Thermae Romae who got paid $1000 for her manga to become a live action film, which grossed over $1 billion - and didn't receive a dime of the profit. She didn't even know how well it did until she heard there was a sequel, which she only discovered when the ad came up on TV! Also the mangaka has such a lovely and unique tyle that it baffles me as to how they could fuck over her style in favour for their own rotoscoped bullshit. For comparison: I guess at the end of the day, the sales figures win, as the first volume has been delayed due to "unforseen sales". Apparantly the preorders were only in the double-digit range.
  11. anime

    you're in luck, because JoJo: Stardust Crusaders is next season. April can't come round quick enough. Also Mushishi and Ping-pong. an anime about ping pong. And other tropey shit. There will always be tropey shit in anime, it's just sorting the wheat from the chaff. http://anichart.net/spring Also fuck yes season 2 of free. Swimming guys.
  12. anime

    read the manga of flowers of evil. Don't watch the anime. It's awful. As for more slice of life stuff, check out Clannad, then Clannad After story. Bring tissues. Also Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Appolon) is very good. I also really liked Natsuyuki Rendezvous for a more adult slice of life with drama plot. It's about a budding romance between a flower shop owner and a guy who can see the ghost of her dead husband. Sound contrived and rubbish, but it's pretty touching and sweet. Also check out Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime). It's about a house of neets who are into different otaku subcultures who are all girls, called the 'amars'. One lass is really into Jellyfish, tries to save a jellyfish that has been incorrectly treated in a pet shop and runs into a cross dresser and love triangles ensue. It's really good. Oh and Also Space Brothers is neato, but long running. It's about brothers trying to be astronauts. It's funded by JAXA and everything, which is pretty cool. I kinda stopped watching it, but it's really good. Very slice of life, but it's about a really interesting career path. Idk if any of them appeal to you.
  13. anime

    Hunter x Hunter is brill. I'm loving it. I've heard a lot of things about the Chimera Ant Arc being lame, but I'm really enjoying it. Although I'm feeling that it's slowed down a lot recently? This arc is certainly a lot longer than any of the previous ones. Maybe they're worried they'll catch up to the manga? Given the authors track record of writing no chapters for months at a time, it seems plausible. Greed Island was an awkward arc. I remember it being awesome when I watched it years ago. Now I've watched more shows, the concept feels less and less original. Fuck you SAO. I'd say it's streaks ahead of Soul Eater in terms of quality. It's different from Dangan Ronpa though. I really enjoyed that show.
  14. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Crunchyroll has a manga section, but it's early days and no yotsuba (but there is Attack on Titan and Seven Sins, which is excellent. I also have a soft spot for Mystery Girlfriend X). There are apparantly big things in the works from various publishers, but nothing in english. I also know Viz-media have most jump stuff online, but it's US only. Grrrrrr... Yotsuba is not an anime, and will (hopefully) never be an anime either. The mangaka was really dissapointed about his previous work's (Azumanga Daioh) anime adaption, and has apparently turned down numerous offers to make yotsuba into an anime. Which I hope above all hope is true, because I could never imagine it in anime form ever being good. Putting a voice to yotsuba would be hard. I feel like it's one of those shows which is so revered that no matter what the studio, the anime adaption would never sit right with the fans. Also this:
  15. Anyone Remember?

    Around the time this was a thing?
  16. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Damn this series looks amazing. Is this the first volume? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Blacksad-Juanjo-Guarnido/dp/159582393X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391626865&sr=8-1&keywords=blacksad Does it matter?
  17. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    I'd have thought that there was enough posts and users who comment from the Anime thread to have a manga thread here too? idk. It's pretty much all I read too. That and my monthly Adventure Time/Bravest Warriors comics that come through the post. I guess there's no harm in it? If it bombs we can just rant on here. I'd say out of the "Big Three" shonen titles, One Piece is the best, and Is well worth the investment if you ever decide to read it. That it was so long for me made me go 'oh sweet, i still have loads more to read of this' rather than fear it's length. As long-running series goes, it's consistently good, funny and really interesting. Also as far as world-building and lore it's solid and believable, unlike Naruto where stuff gets conveniently forgotten all the time. It's a story about a journey, and every location is just as enjoyable as the next. I'm also keeping up to date with Naruto, but it's more of a chore than any actual enjoyment. I've gone this far, I might as well see it through. Hopefully it'll end soon. And the less about bleach the better. I'd also reccomend Yotsuba to all of you who haven't read it. It's lovely.
  18. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    As a brit, I have never grown up or experienced Archie. What is it? Is it like the Beano/Dandy? As for comics, I recently finished the Deadpool Killogy, which was good in that it was nice to see a serious and dark Deadpool story for once. I've also started Dead Body Road which is awesome and drawn spectacularly. Can we discuss manga on this thread too? I'm big into One Piece. One Punch Man is also excellent and the new volume of Kuragehime has been scanlated and it's brilliant.
  19. Anyone Remember?

    Somebody said 'bespoke'.
  20. anime

    KLK stuff: Inferno Cop is brill, but I'm pretty sure it came before LWA. Not that it matters. I can't wait for LWA2. I wish they could have promised more considering the amount of money they got from the kickstarter. I'd love like a FLCL-esq series of OVA's.
  21. anime

    I noticed that too about the mother. My theory is:
  22. anime

    Either way, I'm sure it means that they can get extra sales when the 'uncensored' DVD edition comes out. Which I don't think they'll do as I feel Trigger are not a company who operate like that. I loved the 'flashback episode' at the beginning. Excellent. We laughed at the end.
  23. Nintendo 3DS

    I'm guessing the staggered release is because there would be too much strain on the servers if it was a global release all at once. As for why Europe first, I can't say. Maybe coz NOE has their shit together? Or they prioritised Pokebank over Chibi robo? Either way it's not that important. It's not a game changer in the world of pokemon, that's for sure (or at least for me) - I just get my Munna back. Either way, as a Brit, I am not complaining!
  24. Cuphead!

    The graphics do look amazing. I felt the same way after seeing this press release for the new Guilty Gear game a while back too. I have no interest in the series, but oh my does it look amazing. Especially 1.10 in.
  25. Video Game mechanics to retire