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  1. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    I didn't have time to send them out last night! Sorry guys! I'll do it tonight fo sho!
  2. This forum is weird (Look a new topic!)

    I look forward to this thread becoming the thing he hates. How many pages before this is a megathread?
  3. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    Last day to register your interest gaiz! we have a fair few now, 9 including me! expect some sweet deets tomorrow Y'all!
  4. Criminey, It's Christmas (2015-)!

    Guys! Last day to register for Secret Santa! Come on get givin' whilst the givin' gud!
  5. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    welcome all! Less than a week to go to register!
  6. hot damn when did this come out? Guess I'll get my hunt on tonight! It was fun playing you Fallout 4. Hopefully one day I'll find your son.
  7. Webcomics

    What are your favourite web comics? Boxerhockey (When it updates) and Sister Claire are pretty ace, in my opinion.
  8. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is finally out! The main improvement, amoungst a lot of things, is that there's supported online multiplayer on the 3DS this time, instead of the WiiU exclusivity of 3. Some people mentioned that we should get some MP going for this forum, we totally should! I still need to do some single player before I delve into the MP though. Why should you play MonHun? Because it's an experience like nothing else, I think. Hunting monsters is a thrill, and observing the monsters to know their tells as to when they are weakened and close to defeat is satisfying, as there is no monster health bar to tell you otherwise. For those of you who are interested in MonHun, 4 is probably the best starting point. Much like FF and Persona, the numbered titles are in no ways connected to each other, so you can jump in now and not feel lost. There's a demo on the Nintendo eStore that's a really good indication of whether this game is for you or not. The tutorial is better in the full game, but I feel the demo does a nice job of getting you out there and doing the most satisfying thing, namely hunting interesting monsters. So who's got this game? And who wants to take down some Duranboros together?
  9. Life

    That's because they've already stalked your facebook and already know about you. Fun employment story in my neck of the woods, we got a new tester last Monday. He got fired on Friday. Fucking weird. For another potential applicant we googled his name and the first article that came up is about a paedophile caught at his address. Although the pedo was unnamed, just the association with it meant he didn't get the interview. The internet is a fucking scary place.
  10. Nintendo 3DS

    SMT4 is excellent. If you've never played a SMT game before, you'd do yourself a disservice not picking it up! Also if you're a persona fan, PQ: Shadow of the Labyrinth is a blast. Gunman Clive is super cheap and a fun shooter. rune factory 4 was a game people were raving about for ages in this thread. I never played it though Finally there's this little game called Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Seriously, what are you doing right now? If it's not playing MH4U, going on amazon to order MH4U, or looking on the Monhun thread for hot tips, you need to get on it and get some monsters in your life. It's the best thing on the 3DS, and it'll last you for hours. (I'm coming up to 200) Get it and then come join the hunt with us! Get it Get it Get it Get monster hunter 4 now.
  11. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    I don't have much to say about this game, but the sarcasm button is the best fucking button. Why isn't this in games more?
  12. Idle Santa 2015 - Giftees sent out! Get gifting!

    People have messaged me! I've got 6 entrants so far! Sorry for being inactive, I'm a major butt! Thanks for the pin tabacco! I'm excited for santaing!
  13. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    late to the party, I know, but Ace Attourney is a good shout in this event.
  14. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    This is a reference to how the rebirth was 'hacked' in 109 hours after release - a particular sore-point for Edmund. Die-hard fans have been going mad over finding where some of the supposed new content is. 109 hours later (earlier this morning for me), some more dlc dropped which has the rest of the content. Well played Edmund.
  15. anime

    Fair enough! I'm not well versed in mech tropes, so maybe I'm just not used to it? I did notice just how similar some of the beats were to Dallos though, amusingly. Also on a different matter, Leeds hosts an international film festival every year, and they also have a fanime day, where they have a screening of 4-5 anime films. This year's is particularly exceptional because they're all shit I've never heard of. If anyone reading this lives near/in Yorkshire, you should totally make the trip to check it out. It's an awesome day, Here's what's on this year More details see this link: http://www.leedsfilm.com/films/anime-day-2015/
  16. anime

    Oh. I'm really enjoying this series. ._. What didn't you like?
  17. No Man's Sky

    Yeah that rumor got shot down pretty quickly by one of the lead devs. Here's hoping that release date gets announced though!
  18. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Likewise I'm busy tonight. Sorry dude!
  19. anime

    Yep one punch man is the best. You might also get a kick out of Osomatsu-san. It's been a quiet favourite of mine so far this season. EDIT: Welcome Back Blambo!
  20. anime

    Perfect insider? More like Pretentious insider. I kid, I think this show will be good, but nothing happened in the first episode that was at all interesting. It's based off a novel that's won awards, and it's in the NoitaminA slot, so my hopes are high! I also checked out Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, and it's pretty good. Hilariously it reminded me a lot of Dallos. Crappy mechs and a colony of poor people on mars, with the hoity-toity princess coming to see what it's like for the little poor 'uns. Good stuff! I want to actually watch this Gundam series. I don't think I've gotten to that point yet, and yeah, Vause and Piper's relationship is part of the cause. It wasn't? I don't know much about this, tbh. I don't think the sleaze has doubled down. There's certainly more, but it's just that the type of preferred sleaze has changed taste over the years? Gone are the days of crazy explicit monster girl things like WitchBlade and other Gonzo titles. Also art production has gone up too. Idk. It's certainly hard to defend it when I've just had a conversation with my colleague about The Testament of the Little Sister Devil. Ugh. ;
  21. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    you wanna skype too?
  22. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Cool. I'm on skype and waiting.
  23. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    So who's played MGO? I had a good crack at it yesterday and it seems like fun. The best/worse bit is the plushie DD that paralyses you if you look at it. it's hilarious.
  24. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    Likewise I also don't get home until just after 6.
  25. anime

    from Madoka Magica?