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  1. Episode 350: Aging Gracefully

    yeah, i have found Rob's comment about Steel Panthers strange too. Maybe he just doesnt know about winspmbt/winsppww?
  2. Episode 303: Heroes of the Storm

    Compare it to Hearthstone: Hearthstone viewership has been growing steadily from day one (which is even more impressing, given how bad was public opinion at first),while HotS is more or less stagnating.
  3. Episode 303: Heroes of the Storm

    One thing which should be noted in the discussion about HotS future popularity, is the fact what the game is really bad as a spectator sport. Its viewership on twitch is by far lowest of all recent Blizzard games, on par with games like Smite or Path of Exile.
  4. Defenitely one of weaker episodes.To give you analogy, imagine guy, who played through Brood War Terran Campaign and several scirmishes against AI by turtling every mission behind wall of bunkers and siege tanks, and dropped game complaining it was boring and devoid of strategic depth. He maybe understands game basics, but he completely clueless how its actually played, meta, size of multiplayer community etc etc. Same here, whole show Rob and Troy were talking about series of nice little fantasy strategy games with okeish strategical part and passable tactical combat which gone into obscurity in mid-00`s, while its actually closest anologue of Starcraft in TBS. I mean, only game in this genre which comes close in the terms of size and activity of multiplayer community is Civilization. 2014 alone had like 15 tournaments, right now, as i writing this, more than 1000 viewers watch tournament semi-finals on twitch. Hope it doesnt sound too harsh, love your podcast!
  5. My two cents. Im long-time listener of 3MA and registered here then they moved in from Flash of Steel. Never really was a big fan of Idle Thumbs podcast. Didnt hated it either, this one is probable 2nd or 3rd episod i heard. Really didnt liked way hosts of show talked about people with opposing opinions, discussion in comments and admin behavior wasnt great either for my taste. I hope Rob and Troy will change their mind because i feell bad about giving clicks to this site.
  6. Episode 236: Q & A

    Just registered to say, what Troy`s remark about armored warfare violating fidelity of setting in CMSF is quite strange. Both Iraq wars had lots of armor engagments. That is not to say what every CMSF mission is about tanks, in vanilla campaign probably more than half of missions is infanty-centered.