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  1. This is probably not gonna help Chris' Spelunky edition but I wonder if any of you guys read Polygon's Eggplant run article.
  2. General Video Game Deals Thread

    ^I only see the Vita version for sale. The PS3 version is still showing up as full price. :/
  3. Alright. Thanks for checking guys.
  4. Weird. Tried two browsers. Maybe need to try off a different PC then. Edit FWIW Just to confirm, you mean you can download the full podcast and then hear it end to end right? Cause I havent tried using the web player, was gonna put it on the phone.
  5. This might be a bump from the grave but can anyone else download this episode from the main page - It seems to download a few minutes worth of it and stops. Is it just at my end??
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Um.... Hello.