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  1. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I got Expeditions as well. I've wanted it for awhile, but not at $15. I also got I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream for $1.93, which I am super stoked about. That's one of my favorite sci-fi short stories of all time, and I've always wanted to try the creepy game version of it. I got those two within the first 15 minutes, and then promptly quit watching, as I realized I was just going to keep spending money.
  2. PL4YST4TION 4

    10.5, but on what scale? HOW CAN WE COMPARE IF WE DON"T KONW WHAT IT"S OUT OF!??!
  3. Spelunky!

    It's hard for me to fathom being good enough at Spelunky to reliably be able to Ghost the mines.
  4. Licenses That Demand A Game

    I own the DFRPG source books, but haven't delved super deep into them. What I have read has been worth buying them though, just for entertainment. Bob the Skull provides commentary and side notes on the explanation of the game. I would totally play that! On the subject of Dune games, I remember quite enjoying the very first Dune. It was more of a sim than RTS, with managing your growing influence on the planet while keeping the Emperor appeased and undermining the Harkonnen. But it's been 20 years since I've played it.
  5. Terminal 7 1: Tiny, Tiny Meta

    Okay, you guys sold me on the game when you said it's great because it's just fun whether you are winning or losing. I find that both Dominion and Small World are two of my favorite games to play because of that. The mechanics and choices always feel relevant and engaging to me, even if I don't ultimately win (or aren't even particularly competitive). Until I get around to playing it, I don't know that I'll listen to many more episodes. I enjoyed this one for the newness of it, but felt too lost most of the time to want to listen to more.
  6. Spelunky!

    The internet must make this happen!
  7. There are multiple podcasts devoted to the Souls series? The internet is a strange and wonderful place.
  8. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    That's funny. As I've gotten older, I actually have favored shorter and shorter games (or games with a very long metagame like Dark Souls). I love games that you can play through start-to-finish in a single evening.
  9. And I'm bookmarking this to listen to tomorrow at work. How bad can it be...
  10. A New Idle Thumbs Network Podcast - Terminal7

    Subscribed, I'll listen to it this week. I've never played Netrunner, but have been curious about it.
  11. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    I think I'm about to quit on King's Bounty: WotN. It's more KB, which is awesome, but it's sooo much more. It feels packed full of filler, like having to got through the same areas and clear them out multiple times. The sheer scale of it is clubbing my enthusiasm to death.
  12. Spelunky!

    That's amazing! After my glorious unlocking of the temple shortcut, I have made no progress. The Temple is just wrecking me. Have only seen Olmec once, and that didn't last long.
  13. Building a home theater...

    This thread has been awesome to readthrough. I've gone through almost the exact same research process (including staying up until 4 in the morning reading reviews). I still haven't settled on a projector yet. I started off dead set on getting the W1070 for the same reasons you did, then I talked myself into upping my budget to $1500-$1800, but now I'm paralized by indecision, since everything below $3K has some tradeoff or another. I did go the reverse route and put in a nice 5.1 system a few years ago powered by a Marantz SR7005. I love this thing: I've felt that the absolute best money someone can spend on their gaming/movie setup is a good set of speakers and a good receiver. I was blown away by how rich and detailed a lot of game sounds are that I was completely missing out on before. After I set up this system, my go-to thing to show it off was the opening of Metal Gear Solid 4. Kojima had his own Foley studio built for sound design on MGS4, and it shows once you've got it running in 5.1. The detail and direction of it is fantastic. I've spent a ton of time on the AVS forums reading about all the different options. There is a dedicated thread to building your own DIY screen, with lots of pictures and diagrams on how to build a good frame, material to wrap the frame, etc. There are also good suggestions for painting the screen to achieve the best blacks or color depending on your environment.
  14. I'm about to buy my first projector, doing research and saving up some money now. Damn near all of them come with 3D, so even though I haven't had a lot of interest in a 3D display, if it comes with it, I'll certainly try it out. What kind of projector do you have?
  15. Licenses That Demand A Game

    Any fans of the Dresden Files in here? I think that would make a pretty killer game if made well. A battlemage with crime noir elements lets you mixup some gameplay elements. Plus there could be some interesting limitations due to the way that magic regulated in that universe (killing a human with magic is a crime almost universally punished with a swift execution). It's got an interesting and varied cast of villains as well.
  16. Dead Rising 3

    DR3 is about the only game on the XB1 that I am really interested in right now. Everything else (like Titanfall) is at least coming to PC as well. I was hoping that the era of 3rd party exclusives would mostly die out with the coming generation, but it's not looking that way.
  17. Crap, that makes me really want to replace my dead PS3. SotC in 3D sounds like an epic experience.
  18. Spelunky!

    Thanks! Tonight my wife was messing around while I was finishing up some work, when I heard her screaming "Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!" from the living room. It floors me how many good experiences this game delivers. We've had more memorable and fun moments with it than pretty much any AAA title this year.
  19. Spelunky!

    So I had my most epic Lord moment thanks to Spelunky two nights ago. Both my wife and I are obsessed with it. We do some co-op, then both work on unlocking stuff in SP, alternating between playing. Finally, after who knows how many attempts, my wife finished unlocking the shortcut to the Ice levels two nights ago. It took dozens of attempts by both of us before she was able to deliver the third item. We had assumed the same would be true for unlocking the Temple. Getting the ropes and bombs delivered for the Temple unlock was easy enough, but we assumed it would take several dozen more attempts to deliver the third item for it. Then I turned around and actually pulled it off on the very first attempt! I don't think a game has made me that sweaty palmed since back in the NES days of trying to get through a platformer with just 3 lives.
  20. Candy Box 2

    Just saw that Candy Box 2 will be released in 2 weeks! I should not be this excited about a ascii art browser game. And yet I am.
  21. Candy Box 2

    Given how much I enjoyed CB1, I don't think I would mind.
  22. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi thumbs, been listening since the Kickstarter reboot, finally registered today to post.