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  1. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    Really, holy crap, how did I miss that?
  2. Feminism

    Well that was the best thing I'm going to see on the Internet today. The "bullets" were awesome!
  3. Half-Life 3

    The first rule of HL3 is that you do not talk about HL3.
  4. Games giveaway

    Haven't played it yet! I'm neck deep in an Xcom campaign. I did gift it to a regular Thumb, and I am not kidding, who was playing Far Cry 2 when I accepted his friend request. Because that's what Thumbs do.
  5. Life

    And thus was Oedipal Thumbs born...
  6. Starbound

    Ermahgawd! How had I missed the existence of this. The PixelJunk series has been one of the real highlights of the last few years for me. I've played through Monsters multiple times now. Eden is the only one that didn't do a lot for me. It was pretty, and neat, but didn't manage to capture my attention.
  7. Steam Trading Card

    I kept a spreadsheet of my card sales for several months until I got lazy about keeping track of it. When I quit updating it, I had sold $129.15 worth of cards. I'm probably around $200 worth of card sales at this point. Both my wife and I have Steam accounts, and I was selling the cards off both. Some of that I spent on buying the cheapest games with cards, just because they had cards, until I realized that the drop rate on Boosters is low enough that it wasn't really profitable. Still, most of those cards are from games that I wanted anyways (or Humble Bundles I was going to buy anyways), so selling the cards has ended up letting me buy a ton of games that I otherwise wouldn't have.
  8. Starbound

    That long term balance has been one of my concerns about getting deep into the game, or feeling that you need to rebuild your base on a semi-regular basis for ease of access. I put a ridiculous ton of work into my original house in Terraria and loved it. I'd hate to feel that I have to abandon a base for no other reason than it is inconvenient. Are you thinking of Edge of Space? Seems to match that description. And Starbound's lead dev was the main artist on Terraria. The main programmer of Terraria is working on T2.
  9. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I'm giving away my second copy out of guilt, even though I would normally use it to trade for something else that I wanted. I don't feel right profiting from store glitch. If I didn't already own every other Klei game, I would just buy one of those.
  10. Games giveaway

    Nice, that was quick! Idle Thumbs Rapid Response Team for the win!
  11. Games giveaway

    7 PMs in 10 minutes from this leecher.
  12. I'm going to have to download and try this, I would never have guessed it would get such glowing recommendations from so many thumbs.
  13. Mass Effect 3

    The store was the worst part of MP. You didn't really need to pay to win, just get good enough to run Gold level missions most of the time. I usually spent $6 each time they released a new content pack. Not because I felt that I needed to, but because each of the content packs was awesome and I would have paid double that had they charged for them. I eventually got good enough that I routinely ran 2 and 3 people squads on Gold. It was actually a lot of fun that way. It was about a 50/50 chance for my wife and I to extract on Gold with just the two of us, whereas we almost never failed with 4 people. So it added a nice challenge. And we'd do themed role playing matches like having two Quarians, or a Krogan and Salarian who had been marooned together and had to depend on one another to live.
  14. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I got the 2-pack at the price, just thought it was an awesome deal, and then looked again a few minutes later and it had jumped up in price. I actually feel a little bad, I really like the developer of Don't Starve and didn't mean to take advantage of a glitch.
  15. Games giveaway

    I've got a Steam giftable copy of Don't Starve if any of the regulars want it (completely agree with the new rules). Edit: So I'm getting hit with PMs as well from leechers. This will blow if they kill this thread.
  16. Steam Trading Card

    I actually did a little bit of speculative buying and selling right when cards first came out, but it didn't take very long before I realized that my time was just not worth it.
  17. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I just got past the base assault in a NI playthrough with the new content, wishing I had started on Classic now. But I went Normal first as I wanted a chance to experiment and learn without being punished too bad. I'm loving all the new stuff, particularly the new scripted missions, but the endgame of a Normal playthrough is going to be a cakewalk. Mimetic Skin is nuts, as are Mechs who can punch anything to death and sprint halfway across a map.
  18. Steam Trading Card

    That stuff was going on almost immediately. People had servers up running automated buying programs, and even less hardcore guys were sharing Greasemonkey scripts to do it in a browser window. If you look at card history graphs, every once in awhile you'll see a $0.10 card that sold a single unit for $10.00. I often wonder if that's some automated buying program that glitched out.
  19. Next Car Game

    Don't know about games, but this is how real Demo Derbies work. Your car will last a lot longer if you're ramming people with your trunk rather than your engine. Most drivers will only ram with their front if they are desperate.
  20. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

    It's on sale on the Flash Sale for $5.09 starting right now, going to buy it after all the recommendations it's got.
  21. I've got a friend who is nuts about bitcoins and other crypto currencies. The more he tells me, the more I become convinced it's all just an elaborate form of gambling.
  22. Life

    My daughter had one of those moments to restore your faith in humanity today. She works at a UPS Store, and a little girl came in this afternoon to give her a friendship bracelet to thank her for helping her and her mom ship gifts to the rest of their family.
  23. Mass Effect 3

    On the 360. I thought about moving over to the PC at one point, but the way you progress is by earning credits playing matches, which you then spend on booster packs that unlock and upgrade guns/equipment/characters. You have to start over if you start playing on a new platform, and I couldn't imagine starting over after having almost everything unlocked on the 360. When you're starting out, it sucks if you want to unlock one specific gun/character, but it's not bad if you just accept that everything can be fun and enjoy what you are unlocking.
  24. Unepic

    I think I'll just buy one copy today and see what I think of it. Will buy a second one if I really dig it, or maybe just hope that they add in local co-op down the road. Just went reading through some of the developer comments on it. They just added actual controller support, which was one of the limiting factors to having local co-op. Without having official controller support built in, they couldn't figure out a way for two people to share one keyboard due to the number of buttons used. So maybe local will get patched in now.