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  1. nidhogg - Steam release 1/13/14

    The animation and settings on that are more compelling than I would have guessed.
  2. Recently completed video games

    XCOM: Enemy Within: Finished my first playthrough of the new content on Normal/Ironman. It's one of the most impressive expansions I've ever seen. Everything feels like it fits naturally, freshens up the game and makes another playthrough or two totally worth it. Mecs and gene mods make some pretty awesome changes in how you approach each encounter. There are multiple new "scripted" story missions, all of which are a ton of fun. And the map variety is much, much, much better. I wasn't dreading shooting down UFOs the way that I had in previous vanilla games. My only complaints would be that the expansion doesn't address two of the flaws of the original. The satellite rush needed for success at the beginning still feels poorly thought out. And the endgame on Normal was laughably easy with the new super-soldiers. I was just going through the motions to finish it to unlock the other Second Wave options, as I had never finished a game on PC (originally played it on 360). Next up, looking forward to turning on a ton of Second Wave options (particularly Training Roulette that randomizes all classes skills) to see what that's like. Hoping for a Sniper with Bulletstorm and DoubleTap
  3. Spelunky!

    Those are hilarious. My fav: File this under: "Advanced techniques that it is unlikely I will ever have the opportunity to use"
  4. 2014 Predictions!

    Google begins contracting with cities to replace their police and fire departments with robots.
  5. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Weird, just checked and the DLC isn't on sale now (there's still time left on the community vote price for it). I wonder if the DLC being discounted was another store glitch.
  6. Intoxicated:

    Mmmm....Strongbow. I think I'm sleepy now, time for bed.
  7. Steam Trading Card

    I left Deadly Premonition running this afternoon to get the trading cards for it, and saw that I got the card for Swery65. The text for it is, "I never expected this to be loved by so many you all!" I may actually have to craft the badge for DP, not sure I can bring myself to sell the cards.
  8. Spelunky!

    In Spelunky, you dream about going to hell. Nope, but is there any harm in just deleting your save file and starting over? Or at least backing it up and seeing if it's corrupted? If you've managed to get good enough to unlock multiple characters and shortcuts, it's not like you won't be good enough to do it again.
  9. A Song Of Ice And Fire

    I haven't read anything other than ASOIAF, but I know that a lot of his earlier works either won, or were at least nominated for, awards in their genres. I've been meaning to read Dying of the Light for years, but haven't got around to it. I have a shelf of unread books that always seems to grow rather than shrink. DotL is about the end of a world, a planet that is going to die and there's nothing anyone there can do to stop it. It sounds about as upbeat as you would expect.
  10. BioShock Infinite

  11. Recently completed video games

    Gunpoint was fantastic and deserved to make more top 10 lists at the end of the year. It also might have been the funniest game of the year. I agree it left me wanting more, but that's kind of a good thing in games sometimes. Too many games overstay their welcome.
  12. Spacebase!

    Thanks for the additional thoughts shammack. I think I'll just wait for another update or two before digging into it. It's not like I don't have a bunch of other stuff to play thanks to the sale.
  13. You Have One of Three Wishes

    Sleep would be my kneejerk reaction, because that sounds awesome. But honestly then I would probably just spend more time goofing off on the Internet, which isn't going to do much to enrich my life. So I'll go with not having to eat instead.
  14. The threat of Big Dog

    Does Tom Selleck's mustache hide the secret to time travel?
  15. The threat of Big Dog

    Anyone remember that Tom Selleck 80s sci-fi movie with the assassin spider-bots?
  16. Spacebase!

    The 50 percent off Flash sale finally got me to bite on Spacebase. As much as I love DF, I was hesitant to early back a third game when the first two I've bought into are still in development. So is it worth digging into now, or is it better off to wait a bit longer for more features to be added and bugs to be fixed? Reading through this thread, the endless sadness loop and people suiciding in space both sound super frustrating.
  17. Don't Starve

    It definitely has the potential to create some crushing monotony. That midway point is also when you end up doing a lot of busy work to solidify your position in the world. Getting farms going, moving grass/saplings into a farmable area, hitting winter and just surviving because of the difficulty in exploring. It's not terribly exciting, and feels like it may never end. Which is how I feel about winter anyways. I'm just coming out of that portion though, and once you're through it, there's lots of cool stuff left to do. I'd be tempted in a future playthrough to disable winter or just have short winters. I get the point of it, but I've been through it now and don't feel like I need to experience it every time.
  18. Spelunky!

    And I'd have got away with it too, if it weren't for you darned kids and your precision platforming abilities!
  19. Don't Starve

    I'm kind of surprised that more people around her haven't played and talked about this. I'm really digging it so far, it has that emergent element that a lot of thumbs fans enjoy. It is an engine for creating madcap screaming sprints when you accidentally pop an enemy that you weren't expecting. Seems to happen to me every two or three hours so far. The best so far was tonight when I created a three-way pitched battle in the middle of the night between a giant spider, her army, a pigman village and ravening pack of hell hounds. I ended up just making a campfire and watching, then picking through the remains the next morning for all the goodies. The marathon run to make it happen was exhilarating though.
  20. Spelunky!

    Purple girl makes me think of Velma, which just makes me react to everything in the game in Shaggy's voice in my head for some reason. Like, "Oh geez gang, there's a spooky ghost coming!" Or when I spot a damsel, "Oh, a Scooby schnack!" While entertaining, it's also distracting, so I don't play her. I prefer the Viking, because then it makes the game feel like a lost sequel to The Lost Vikings, aka the best game Blizzard ever made.
  21. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    Agreed, thanks for clarifying those points.
  22. Things in games that terrify you irrationally

    I finally had to quit Don't Starve tonight from anxiety. The longer and longer one run went on, instead of feeling like it was getting easier, I kept getting more stressed, sure that there was going to be some monster I was completely unprepared for that would wipe out several hours of playing. I can't really think of another game that just kept having the dread build like that for me. On the completely irrational side, I concur with the bird sentiment. You can never overkill birds. One raven on a ledge...sure I have a rocket launcher.
  23. Recently completed video games

    I've owned it for months now, and haven't started it as I don't want to HAVE to wait to play the rest of it. Don't Starve: I was stung to death by wasps 10 minutes into my first game. Does that count as finishing it? What I saw was certainly intriguing though.
  24. Moderation in all things is the key to a satisfied life. But some people just can't resist the allure of the hoodie.