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  1. Destiny

    Congrats man! About 650 hours played an no Gally, mostly wanted to comment on the PvP meta talk. Thorn definitely needs a nerf but so do The Last Word and "Final Round snipers" - both of which I really enjoy right now.
  2. Destiny

    I think Fallout 4 is also likely to be £40. To be more direct, £40 is about $65, so realize the collector's version is over $120
  3. In hindsight I guess I should have said this really deflates my xboner. Legitimately was just expressing some sadness about not getting to play this game when it launches, this is literally the first "console exclusive" game I have cared about at all this generation
  4. I have started playing through this with one of my kids. It's prettier but the first six hours or so seem largely the same. That said I hadn't played in awhile and this game is still pretty great in my book. I have rolled a magic user for the first time and it's different for sure. Mostly I miss my overhand chop weapons in narrow hallways and struggle to balance how often to use spells on low and mid tier enemies vice weapons.
  5. I am very very tempted to buy this again but I have like 300 hours or something in this game already...
  6. I want to play the PreSequel but the screen tearing in this game is just too damn high
  7. Neverwinter

    I know there aren't many fellow xboners on here but I am jazzed for this to come out on the console next week (preload available now).
  8. Nobody expects the Dragon Age Inquisition

    I think I am going to try to limp across the finish line on Normal with 80ish hours invested and most missions complete. I avoided spoilers as much as possible and didn't optimize - and enjoyed it quite a bit, albeit with the hot/cold experience I mentioned earlier in this thread.
  9. Destiny

    Griddle you can also buy mats with Vanguard / Crucible credits if you really dislike farming and aren't getting them enough as bounty rewards (5x patrol missions in the Cosmodrome bounty give 10 spinmetal for example). I tend to buy them with the credits my alts accrue.
  10. Nobody expects the Dragon Age Inquisition

    +1 for the combat getting better when you get deeper in, but it's pretty far in (like halfway). Anyone else super hot and cold with this game? I have sessions where I feel like "wow this is the best game ever!" ...And other sessions that feel like I just did five loads of laundry and cleaned out the garage.
  11. Idle Thumbs Asks: What Is the Best Video Game of All Time?

    A couple times per decade I have encountered games that awed me and made me fall in love with this medium again. I would argue for any of these: - Super Mario Bros - Resident Evil 4 - Halo: CE - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Fallout 3 - Just Cause - Two Worlds II I feel like everyone has a version of this list, right?
  12. Destiny

    I am loving this game way more than expected, still playing almost every day. I am locked at 29 because RNG, which is my only complaint (no guaranteed path to max level).
  13. Destiny

    I also dinged 28 over the weekend and just solo'd the 28 Daily an LFGed the Nightfall successfully. My reward was a Legendary Scout Rifle - so incredibly jazzed! Now to complete the Raid... (Made it to Atheon once with my other char)
  14. I think the type of weapon you use is involved in that as well but I got the impression they probably actually can't fix it. Personally I never noticed it though.