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  1. 43:32 ~ 44:00 Steve [about Nick Breckon Stardew Valley and resemblance to clinical depression] "Listen to that genuine laughter... yeah, it's like he means it!" Ahem, I couldn't stop laughing for at least five minutes 8). I miss Steve, but my gawd at least we get doses like this. And sorry Nick, it's just hilariously apt comparison. Oh yeah and the rest of the episode was just great too! Ahaha, nice to hear developers sometime appreciate the obsessive patchnote/roadmap readers who go to bat when communities go mad over planned updates. Oh, and the battle armadillo hacks of PC games in years gone by ahahahahaha. Good stuff, good stuff.
  2. Have some more praise for the importance of framing on subject matter in games, especially violence. This sort of thing is why I stopped playing a lot of more popular triple-a stuff as I got older. It'd be nice to see more discussion of this as in the episode; comparing two games of similar actions but the framing making such a difference. And of course, people can have their ultra violence, it's just not for every one. *boots up DooM
  3. Episode 348: Civilization at 25

    Whoa! Incredible episode. I listened to it twice back-to-back and still plan on going back to it occasionally. Much thanks to all involved!
  4. Dishonored - or - GIFs By Breckon

    Started the PC version after having played the console version since release. Huh, maybe it's my history with Thief 1&2 but this feels more natural with a mouse. Keeping in mind that I enjoy WASD and gamepad equally in FPS. Hooray for Dishonored New Years any way =) I think it's unfortunate that putting a whale out of it's misery in a mission is just a means to get a quest item. I'd rather it had been just an optional act of mercy, or better yet some way to free the poor thing. Probably mentioned countless times before when the levels were released but that'll stick with me. Lovely game beyond that gripe.
  5. Just wanted to quickly add my appreciation of Ms. Riendeau's appearances on this show and the prior ones. Charming as 'Remo (everyone's gotta have a favorite, right?) and brings a lot to the show, thanks.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hoy. Been listening to the podcast since around 2010 and thought I'd make an account and see what this place is about. Just another user that happens to wax nostalgic whenever the guys go on about Tie Fighter. COOCAW!