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  1. Luftrausers

    Yup, I've been doing a bit of RAUSING! (All caps all the time) Some good tips here, although I'm pretty hopeless with the cannon. And also I just really love the feel of the regular engine; when you stop accelerating and fall past bullets and enemies and blast 'em from below, (ahem!) it is the best. This is a good video game! I am quite terrible at it but I did eventually manage to take down the blimp which felt pretty rad. My high score is pitiful and I should be ashamed. Man, that soundtrack. Holy shit. Yesss Have you checked out Vlambeer's ongoing project, Nuclear Throne? According to Steam I've clocked in a good 20 hours so far, which seems a little intense but it's probably correct. A satisfying and toothsome arcade-action-rougelikelike. Like. Cute character- and sound design (The character voices are fun) and more awesome music. And Vlambeer continues to prove they are adept in the field of 'gamefeel' (MORE SCREENSHAKE)
  2. Tremendous! You done did some good pixelcrafting, and I quite like how there's a couple'a different discreet challenges that you grok intuitively just by observation followed by action. I suppose that is basic good design but you don't always see it (instead of, you know, some big ol' words telling you HEY HEY DO THIS THING AT THIS TIME) Densely packed with cool stuff for something so quick! Also very funny. Good work!
  3. Discworld

    Mad nerd props to you, son! I got the three first books with Kirby's artwork (xmas present from my (rad) sister!), and I mean, it's great, but I also find it oddly unsetteling in a way I suppose a lot of good, old, chunky fantasy art is. I've been reading the books randomly as I come across them, but haven't gotten to any of the ones people mentioned as favourites, I should probably get on that. I did enjoy the two first books ("Color of Magic", "Light Fantastic") a bunch, but "Equal Rites" was just okay. Great pun, though. "The Truth" I read recently, might be my fav so far, mostly because of how funny it was. Also saw "Going Postal" not long ago, which was just lovely, and I'd recommend Discworld fans give that a watch!
  4. Haha, gosh, I also wanted to make a (weird) thing after listening to the episode, but man alive, there is no possible timeline where anyone has made anything better than that video! Anyway, this is the year of the Luigigoatmans (based on a offhand comment that I hope someone other than me remembers oh god was that even real help) (link) Satuigi? Lugyr. Hmm. I didn't think about it whilst drawing, but it is actually disqueting in a Sonic fanfic kind of way