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  1. I used all my club Nintendo points on 3ds games. Mario's picross, Super Mario Land 2, and the Dillon sequel. Never played the first Dillon, people say the follow up improves the formula.

    Love that hammer Mario stars in Picross :)

  2. I'm currently playing through Mario vs Donkey Kong from the ambassador program, and it's just a wonderful little portable game.

    I had a tense moment where I wondered if my save game would carry over after my system transfer.

  3. My local indie game store could only give me 60-80 for my XL, so I'm braving the Evil Empire of GameStop.

    They were sold out of preorders, so I'm getting one sent in the mail. I do the transfer at home and then I can come back in for the 100 dollar credit. Though I'm going to send out am exploratory craigslist post to try and sell for a bit more.


    Any Seattle thumbs in the market for an excellent condition XL?

    PS: I would not upsell a thumb. Straight 100.

  4. As a fellow Seatle thumb, who used to occasionally work in Gig Harbor over the bridge, I have to run-on say that looks terrifying.

    As a side-effect of studying Engineering, the only think I can ever think about when I read 'Tacoma' is the Tacoma Narrows bridge disaster. Which really isn't a good thing, seeing as I recently moved to Seattle and now live about 35 miles from there.


  5. Interesting that the game was initially going to take place in the actual Tacoma, Washington. I work there sometimes!


    I trust Steve and co. to have an interesting spin on the at first glance normal sci fi setting. Excited for the game. 2016 seems far away.

  6. My middle aged female friend REALLY enjoyed this game, as someone who "doesn't like video games." She wouldn't stop talking about how cool it was.

    Its made me consider more the idea of collaborative local video game experiences. Can anyone think of other games similar to this?

  7. We had a more diverse showing at our recent Manhattan Club (we have custom cocktail glasses, be jealous) and I made a negroni for our gracious host. She repeatedly said "This tastes like cough syrup." Oh well.


    My mistake initially was thinking you can add as much or even close to the amount of campari compared to other ingredients like vermouth or the base liquor. A little goes a long way when making up a cocktail.

  8. Chris, in my tired mind that morning, the less weird thing was to say hi from behind you compared to your seeing my Idle Thumbs shirt as I walked on the bus. Anyway.

    I've always felt a bit strange meeting people who I've heard a lot (podcasts, video) but who obviously don't knoe me. The only reason I felt OK asking Tim Schafer to autograph my Grim Fandango poster was that someone else already asked right before.

    It was really fun to see your dynamics live on stage. It was fantastic seeing and not just hearing everyone getting exasperated at Jake.