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  1. I've been looking forward to this arriving on a platform I can use it on ever since the Embed With... which covered it (

    Hey! That's where I first heard of this game, heh.

    I didn't know this was on PC and bought it immediately on iOS. Mildly annoyed for two seconds before realizing six bucks to an independent developer for a game this good is still a great deal.

    Also, I had 2 dollars in steam credit from selling Undertale cards so it was almost free! #video #games

    I've only made it as far as 2-1.

  2. I'm so glad this is short. It claims 1.5 hours in the Steam description. One commenter on the Giant bomb review said that that much money for that amount of time wasn't worth it to him. Barring that she just doesn't like narrative games, ~5 bucks per hour isn't worth it to you?


    With every AAA and frankly some indie games being longer than they deserve to be, I'm excited more and more these days for short memorable experiences. I hope this will be one of them.


    Gonna play soon, maybe after supper!

  3. It wouldn't be as cleanly communicated to the player (maybe put a signpost block to explain the concept at the beginning of the level), but you could achieve this from a design perspective by only placing three coins in the level and having those act as your green stars.

    My "Options" level uses this concept. No coins on the top level, coin count indicates rooms vested underground. I like the optional challenge.

  4. My latest stage is

    Ice Sculpture Park


    The timing for enemies on auto rails is quite finicky in this game.

    I find myself wanting to give players plenty of mushrooms. One hit kills are less interesting to me.

  5. Spent a lovely evening playing quite a few of the creations here! Some really neat ideas on display. There were a few that I thought were too hard and I gave up on =P

    I couldn't figure out how to get to the bit with Bowser Jr, graddy!

    There's something important you bring with you

  6. Another from me. I had to go back and make this a bit easier with power-ups before uploading, for my skill level anyway. I started with the basic layout then got a bit too crazy. Hope you enjoy it!

    Layer Cake Castle


  7. This game is out and everything I hoped it would be. It'll be good to have a centralized place to post courses! :)

    Here is my first dumb one

    Cave Bouncin'


    I think it bears repeating how pleasurable this game is to actually use. The sound effects and UI make this far more than a clinical tool and much more inviting to play.

  8. This may only be tangentially related, but after years of chronically starting games and not finishing them, I poured 10 hours into Mario & Luigi:Superstar Saga and only had a slight flirtation with starting a new game of Beyond Good & Evil.

    After that I'm going to focus more on playing the 2015 games I've purchased.

  9. I played Monikers here at Cafe Mox, a local gaming bar/cafe. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed how the rounds built on each other.

    I backed the stand alone expansion, but unfortunately the original is out of print until October or so.

  10. I finished Metroid Fusion on the 3ds Ambassador download. It's a shame I didn't beat this four hour game when I first bought it back in 2002. It's my first completed non-Prime Metroid game.

    Now to conquer something less directed! Probably Super or Zero Mission