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  1. Her Story

    I used the after credits cheats and saw all the videos. I hadn't missed anything big! This game and thread was very fun to read through. Listening to the thumbs and VG hot dogs talk about it tomorrow, stoked.
  2. Her Story

    Ack, yea I figured that out, except I never I was mainly wondering if I'd missed anything after my most recent discovered event.
  3. Her Story

    The wife and I have played this for over 2 hours now and have come to the point of long stretches of not finding anything new. There are more videos to find (we are ~80% through) but am unsure there is anything else "important" left. I want to listen to all these discussion podcasts about the game! I'm going to spoiler what I've figured out and someone tell me if I have anything big left? Playing this game is the #2 gaming experience this year, bonus that I got to experience it with my wife. Playing it solo wouldn't be the same.
  4. Other podcasts

    I don't know why, but Forest Ambassador didn't click for me. Part of it is a high high degree of discussion of media/games I've never heard of. Usually when the ratio is a bit better I can hang, like when the Thumbs or VGHotdog talks through an unknown game. I'm not #altgames enough
  5. Rocket League

    I'm still playing this a fair amount and would love to get some Thumb games going. Whatever I'm playing, I'd probably be open to quitting in favor of a Rocket League game. Edit: I'm in Seattle, so pacific time, yea. My profile
  6. PAX Prime 2014

    Man...if I wasn't working all day I would definitely buy that Friday pass. Thanks for offering
  7. PAX Prime 2014

    Bumping to ask about events happening around PAX again, except Dewar posting about the Giant Bomb stuff (thanks Dewar)
  8. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    goodness gracious me re: Mario Maker
  9. That would be nice - but the pessimist in me thinks drivers for the ye olde X360 will not be a high priority at all.I'm hopeful re the steam controller, but worry that it will be near impossible to break the current 4 face/4 trigger/2 stick hegemony after all these years.
  10. After upgrading to windows 10, my X360 controllers stopped working. I reinstalled some drivers, etc and now they will connect so I can use them. However I've lost the "home button" functionality with the center button. Before it would boot up Big Picture and call up the menu in game. Super handy. Any thoughts on how to get back to where I was before?
  11. PAX Prime 2014

    I didn't get passes this year I do plan on going to the SIX Indies expo again, no pass required. Any other fun activities that weekend that don't require a badge?
  12. Designer Notes 10: Nina Freeman

    So the talk about poetry and how it relates to games was absolutely fascinating, even if you know nothing about poetry (like me)
  13. Got it! I briefly thought about holding off until more kinks are worked out but that button called to me. My games (Spelunky and Rocket League tested) ran really slow. For whatever reason, this fix worked Now my Xbox 360 controllers won't connect. My googling isn't turning up answers so easily for this one. Anyone run into this?
  14. Rocket League

    I had my teammate for a ranked 2v2 leave 1' in for a ranked match at 0-0. I proceed to win 7-3. FELT SO GOOD.
  15. Intoxicated:

    I can drink when I am out, but if I am at home watching TV shows or whatever I just fall asleep. Makes me feel free old.
  16. I am so very bad at this game. I've scraped my way to area 2 with only Hack and double jump, and now I feel hopelessly outclassed and I'm down to 78 days I almost feel like I need to go back to area 1 for a few days in order to have some $$$ runs again.
  17. Lisa: The Painful RPG

    Beat the hair! I used three firebombs to do it though :/ they were really tough. One hit KOs on everyone but Brad. I have the Chicken guy now. Do you think I'm under leveled at 10-12 or do you think I'll hit similar combat walls like this throughout the game? Wondering how much resolve I'll need to beat the whole thing...
  18. Media by women

    My wife and I are making June 2015 women's media month. I want to try to consume books, longform articles, games, movies, TV made by women. For the more collaborative media, I'm settling for lead writer/designer/director being female. I've got a few ideas already, but would love more! Help me flesh this out? Games Tengami - Jennifer Schneidereit (developer, cofounder) Lots of stuff - Nina Freeman Books Some Luck - Jane Smiley Articles Movies Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn (writer) TV Orange is the New Black - Jenji Kohan John Adams - Michelle Ashford Music
  19. Lisa: The Painful RPG

    I think I should backtrack to the bar at the beginning and recruit another member with fire attacks. I only have the main guy and Nern. My third, the annoying guy you meet early who talks too much, was kidnapped while I was napping.
  20. Lisa: The Painful RPG

    This game makes me sad. The scenarios are so interesting and the music is truly fantastic. It burrowed into my brain and many evenings having a song stuck in my head would lead me to boot it up. I'm stuck though. I'll stay vague. I killed the blob with a firebomb and have the bicycle, but the nice hair people kill me in one hit basically. I really don't want to stop now, can someone give me some advice?
  21. Rocket League

    I bought this! 1-1 so far with random. Getting a goal is the best feeling. Add me! I'm graddy on steam. My profile pic is an old school Wii standing upright, classic.
  22. Lisa: The Painful RPG

    I purchased the soundtrack steam edition based on this thread and the strength of said soundtrack. First 15 minutes were promising! I'm hopeful that I can finish this. I'm not much for long games anymore, much less RPGs.
  23. Games giveaway

    A testament to how fantastic the Nindie bundle turned out to be, here is the only game I already owned. Let me know if you want it. It's got a nice chill aesthetic and Mega Man style gameplay, only not as hard or frustrating. Gunman Clive 3DS
  24. This is fantastic. Looking forward to watching along with you guys.
  25. Media by women

    All of you are fantastic and I have a ton of great looking stuff to sift through. Thank you. You even gave me podcast recommendations EDIT: For music, Lucius - Wildewoman is one of my favorite albums from the past five years.