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  1. Recently completed video games

    I've been hearing a bit of Tales from the Borderlands buzz on the net, and then I come here. Is it worth it if you haven't really ever played a Borderlands game?
  2. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    If I'm playing with a controller, laser is up there for me. I like how exactly I can carve out blocks/enemies and still leave some for bouncing. Still haven't beaten my 72 combo. Anyone else gotten up there? [/brag]
  3. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    I've gotten into comboing and it's totally changed the way I've viewed playing the early levels. It's SO HECTIC and fun. I made it as far as 3-1 on PC. I think I may actually beat this game?! I never made it beyond 3-1 in Spelunky. Edit: just got a 71 combo! This is the best.
  4. New Forums! Post feedback, notes, etc here

    For the mobile site, the 'Next' button for the next page is only keeping or bringing me back to the first page of a thread. I'm on chrome on iOS, and testing on mobile safari it doesn't seem to happen. Anyone else run into this?
  5. Downwell! Gun Boots! Treasure Collecting! Falling!

    Hey! That's where I first heard of this game, heh.I didn't know this was on PC and bought it immediately on iOS. Mildly annoyed for two seconds before realizing six bucks to an independent developer for a game this good is still a great deal. Also, I had 2 dollars in steam credit from selling Undertale cards so it was almost free! #video #games I've only made it as far as 2-1.
  6. Finally gave into the barrage of hype. Made it through the first area. The writing has already made me smile a half dozen times. Going for a mix of fighting and talking. Really like the bullet hell patterns for defending, even though the sensitivity feel just a little bit off from time to time.
  7. I looked on the website and couldnt figure it out. Do you think couch co op is an option or possibility? Looks like a whimsical fun time to play with the wife, but then you couldn't split up without awkward lego-style split screen.
  8. So the creator of The Stanley Parable has a new game out

    I'm so glad this is short. It claims 1.5 hours in the Steam description. One commenter on the Giant bomb review said that that much money for that amount of time wasn't worth it to him. Barring that she just doesn't like narrative games, ~5 bucks per hour isn't worth it to you? With every AAA and frankly some indie games being longer than they deserve to be, I'm excited more and more these days for short memorable experiences. I hope this will be one of them. Gonna play soon, maybe after supper!
  9. Super Mario Maker

    My "Options" level uses this concept. No coins on the top level, coin count indicates rooms vested underground. I like the optional challenge.
  10. Super Mario Maker

    My latest stage is Ice Sculpture Park 9296-0000-006C-66EB The timing for enemies on auto rails is quite finicky in this game. I find myself wanting to give players plenty of mushrooms. One hit kills are less interesting to me.
  11. Super Mario Maker

    You are the coolest.
  12. Super Mario Maker

  13. Super Mario Maker

    There's something important you bring with you
  14. Super Mario Maker

    New level! I took the critique and eliminated auto-scrolling. Tell me if it seems too easy. Nice short level, and I love the SMB1 airship theme \m/ Seat Clenchin' Airship 55D3-0000-003B-487C
  15. Super Mario Maker

    Another from me. I had to go back and make this a bit easier with power-ups before uploading, for my skill level anyway. I started with the basic layout then got a bit too crazy. Hope you enjoy it! Layer Cake Castle 830E-0000-0034-F9C7
  16. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    We should really have a SMM thread. i would make it but I'm on my phone at a cider festival. we can share codes fort levels!
  17. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I'm going to go to a cider festival tonight and come home and play this till I pass out. Excited!
  18. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Strange that Chaos Theory is in the lowest tier but the original is Beat-the-average. I thought it was generally and Gaynorly regarded as the best?
  19. Backlog Busters

    This may only be tangentially related, but after years of chronically starting games and not finishing them, I poured 10 hours into Mario & Luigi:Superstar Saga and only had a slight flirtation with starting a new game of Beyond Good & Evil. After that I'm going to focus more on playing the 2015 games I've purchased.
  20. Non-video games

    I played Monikers here at Cafe Mox, a local gaming bar/cafe. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed how the rounds built on each other. I backed the stand alone expansion, but unfortunately the original is out of print until October or so.
  21. Intoxicated:

    Nope. Well, maybe some folks. I like IPAs, but am growing weary of their prevalence here in Seattle. I appreciate milder styles and wish there was more diversity.
  22. I have less posts, but I would be open to the free MGS
  23. Recently completed video games

    I finished Metroid Fusion on the 3ds Ambassador download. It's a shame I didn't beat this four hour game when I first bought it back in 2002. It's my first completed non-Prime Metroid game. Now to conquer something less directed! Probably Super or Zero Mission
  24. Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation

    The Greatest Show On Earth by Dawkins is good. Not about religion or philosophy at all, just sweet sweet science.
  25. PAX 2015

    I live in Seattle but missed passes this year. Trying to stay busy anyway. Saturday night I'll get some McElroy time with live MBMBaM/Sawbones. Sunday afternoon is the (free) Seattle Indies Expo