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  1. Episode 371: 3MA After Dark

    Loved the episode. Because you are all very knowledgeable, sometimes 3MA can come off a bit formal. This new format showed off a side that was a bit sillier that I enjoyed. The ending portion where Rob is saying they "might have been done for a while" discussing the fan meet was where it got weird and funny for me. Sticking it to the man was good. Who is the man? Who is the man. PS also loved the TV talk at the end. Thanks for adding to my unending watch list Rob! Between this and Idle Weekend, you're killing me! (Gossip Girl notwithstanding)
  2. Recently completed video games

    What you've said about this game accommodating scattered gamers like us is so encouraging, really looking forward to getting the GOTY version down the road some time. I wish more RPGs and games and general behaved this way.
  3. Recently completed video games

    I have finished Links Awakening DX, including color dungeon! Like I mentioned earlier, as a kid I shamelessly used Nintendo Power and tag teamed with a friend on dungeons. Doing it all myself was really lovely. I enjoy The density of the world and the arcadey combat. I did go online for a few hints, but only after screwing around quite a bit. Almost every time I was satisfied that the solution was fairly obscure. Thankfully this only happened 3-4 times.
  4. Solitaire: The Lonely Hearts Club

    Aka one of my fav mobile games in years. Excited about the follow up
  5. Recently completed video games

    That's too bad, I'm currently blazing through LA for the first time by myself. As a kid, I tag teamed dungeons with my bestie and we shamelessly used Nintendo Power. I'm loving the immediacy of the 2D movement and combat. Most of the 3D Zeldas are plodding by comparison.
  6. San Francisco Thumb Recs

    Hi all! I'm in SF until Sunday! This is my first time here! Any gamey or otherwise fun stuff I should hit up? We are staying in Outer Sunset. I will be mostly biking and public transitting. Uber is an option too. Thanks! I am so tired! People should not wake up at 3:15 AM. :(
  7. San Francisco Thumb Recs

    Thanks for the heads up, we will stay well away This city is fun. I have been very pleased with how cold it is on the west side of the city. There's my banal observation.
  8. Recently completed video games

    Thenexus, did you use a controller?
  9. Ground Kontrol is at the top of the list. We will be biking around the city Friday-sunday. Suggestions?
  10. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    Holy cow, that's so cool. You should write in about that
  11. Episode 359: Chess in 2016

    Can you or someone else recommend an iOS app for learning, training, competing? I'm one of those discussed on the pod that learned the basics as a kid but haven't played in ~20 years.EDIT: I see lichess has an app. Downloading now.
  12. Nintendo 3DS

    HOORAY! I add my love for this wacky series. Weird Nintendo is best Nintendo.
  13. Ah I have the same card. Haven't decided whether or not to upgrade. Hitman runs well, but I don't have other AAA games to test. Are some of your games running poorly to prompy the upgrade?
  14. Infinifactory: Like Spacechem in 3D

    I just dipped my toe back into this, but felt compelled to start over to re-familiarize. Still tons of fun
  15. I currently run an HDMI cord from my tower to TV to get picture and sound. Is there a dumb obvious way to get sound from a sound bar if I buy one? Saving up currently for the wirecutters pick
  16. DOOM

    Stopped that quick look seven minutes in. I'm going to miss the zeitgeist(busy with Offworld and Hitman now) but Man I'm in for some DOOM later this year.
  17. I'm trying to win consistently at the third difficulty level skirmish before I go online. I made this decision after getting demolished in my first online match. I lost all momentum from the beginning pretty much
  18. Off world is filling my strategy hole (plus, need to do the multiplayer RTS when the community is strongest) right now but I will pick up this excellent sounding single player game later this year. Austin Walker more than sold me.
  19. Tberton I hope I just friended you. There are a lot of Karzac on steam. I picked the one with 55 hours in offworld. I just made it through the tutorial and am starting the first practice game but can already tell this game is rad. I'm going to take the time and actually learn this strategy game. I've been so slanted toward controller games on my PC lately. Good to get familiar with the most and keyboard again.
  20. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I'm loving this. I'm still working on the second tutorial level. Seeing the different options expand is so fun. Facebook showed me an ad post in my feed and I was very disheartened by the comments. Everyone was slugging the game merely on the basis of its episodic nature and I saw very little argument. Super anecdotal, but that with the stream reviews makes me bummed a bit. When I have a few more hours logged than three I'm going to put a positive review up.
  21. Devil Daggers - Cutting to the Quick

    That fixed it! Thank you!
  22. Also purchased HITMAN based on this cast. Holy cow did you sell it well. In retrospect, it seems that the more straightforward previous level will be a good setup for the crazy hugeness of the current level.
  23. Devil Daggers - Cutting to the Quick

    Oof. I just got this and am immediately disheartened. I have two issues that I've googled and tried to fix and now I turn to my favorite internet community? 1) my mouse cursor on the menu registers as being a couple inches below where I see it on the screen. Example is putting my cursor on "play" highlights "quit" and will exit if I click. 2) Once I'm playing a tiny movement of the mouse results in a large amount of erratic mouse movement, making it impossible to play. I can live with the first, but the second makes it unplayable. Googling suggested turning off v sync, which I did in the control panel and had no effect. Anyone run into this? EDIT: Okay, weird. I just played the game on my primary monitor (my TV) instead of my computer monitor (my "second screen" according to Win10) and that fixed the problem. But this is a M+KB game! This means it has to be a display issue right?