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  1. If anyone's interested, the voice actors are: Rich Sommer as Henry Cissy Jones as Delilah (Source: Mitch Dyer on Twitter) Terrific performances by both, in the 17 minutes they're showing. I can't wait to see more.
  2. That reminds me of trying to figure out the plot / world / anything of Dark Souls, which I'll admit I'm pretty fond of. I think hiding world-building through subtext and inference can be quite satisfying to the reader/player, when properly contextualised. BioShock is an explicitly narrative text (by which I mean, one of its main goals is story-telling), so an over-reliance on "Narrative as Clockwork" detracts from the "main" story. Dark Souls, on the other hand, is about who-the-fuck-knows-what, so any snippets of fiction that you can piece together don't have to fit into a complex plot. That's my two-cents. From xkcd what if #30: That actually sounds a lot like my experience with Luftrausers.
  3. I believe I tracked down the AFP article referenced in this episode (at around 00:24:00): https://sg.news.yahoo.com/firewatch-announced-walking-dead-vets-152227882.html The article was written by a journalist from AFP/RELAXNEWS, "the first newswire dedicated to leisure and lifestyle." It's weird to see the detached, journalistic style applied to video games so well. If only more enthusiast press was this well written.
  4. @ollymoss @camposanto Sweet! That lighting makes me feel all warm and also scared for some reason. Can we expect to see high res wallpapers? — Luiz Felipe Bezerra (@lfelipebezerra) March 13, 2014 @lfelipebezerra @camposanto Yeah, they'll be on the blog tomorrow. — Olly Moss (@ollymoss) March 13, 2014 If you can't wait that long, the assets on the website make for a pretty darn big image:
  5. Oh yeah. That explains how fans were able to send you giant paintings. #snoopfail
  6. I too am surprised/impressed that no-one has outed their game. It's amazing how much snooping you can do based on one accidentally uttered URL. A name gets you a trademark, a trademarks gets you an address, and that address is coincidentally located next to... BIOSHOCK SEQUEL CONFIRMED