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  1. Ludum Dare 34

    Hi people! Did anyone else join in on the Ludum Dare game jam this weekend? This was the first time I participated, and I had a blast. I would love to see othe submissions made by this community. Here's mine:
  2. Hi! I decided to make a game for this sweet jam! Earlier this week I was working on dynamic 2D lights for Unity2D, and then I heard about this jam. I looked at episode names to see if there if there was something I could use my new lights with and I found Burnin' Down the Wolfman! Now I'm making a game about tracking down a wolfman to burn him down. I've finished the lighting system which you can check out here: The tools I'm using are unity and photoshop. I'm excited to finish a game and see what everybody else makes!
  3. Amateur Game Making Night

    Hey people! Not sure if this is the kind of thing you want posted here, but there is a game jam called The Flappy Jam right now. You make a simple but difficult game that can be based on Flappy Bird, but doesn't have to be. It's a cool jam with a basic concept that I think would be fun for beginner and expert game developers alike. I hope people are interested. Here is the game I made for it: I used unity and it was easy and tons of fun to make.