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  1. Wow that letter about intent suuucked kudos for even being able to read it with a straight face. That'd just hit the trash can for me
  2. Legion is extremely fascinating to watch unfold. Completely unsure how it will all pan out but I'm excited to see. I've liked how they've skirted around David's father although I feel like the Logo treatment gives that away somewhat
  3. It isn't necessarily at the scale/detail you all talked about in the Pod, but Parkitect (a rival Theme Park Video Game that leans more towards classic RCT) has some degree of Logistics to the management of the park. Each shop in the park has a back door and needs to be supplied with their ingredients and merchandise, hauled by a worker. It's a much smaller team and is still in alpha (albeit playable) but it's neat to have multiple games of this type out there trying things out! There's a good look at some of their stuff on the devlog A previous update also talks about larger scale garbage and delivery facilities
  4. Just wanted to chime in on the subject of Gravure Models. Here's the thing: some of them are as young as preteens posing for horny men and the entire thing is about playing up innocence. IMO its creepy as fuck and Atlus/Nintendo/whoever were right to remove it.
  5. Idle Thumbs 274: A Good One

    Jonescommaicecream sure sounds like a cooooooool person. The game itself suggested 'Jamestown' when naming the Cool Zone colony (RIP) but I did come up with the idea for 'Video Jamestown'
  6. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games) This strikes me a thumbs-related thing since they tend to get a kick out of weird patch notes for games, a twitter feed devoted to the subject. Love it <3
  7. Ryan Davis' wife is going on their planned honeymoon and is selling t-shirts so that she can bring along a friend for support. This is super sad but if you wanna help out
  8. It helps that Austin is both an academic who studies games but also someone who has made his own games in the past (such as ). Procedural generation factors heavily into his particular studies in grad school if I recall (the changing relations between play and labor). I was way into Giant Bomb for a long time and in the Dan era I kinda fell off for a bit, only really watching stuff with Vinny in it (so just quicklooks with Alex for a while). I instead started watching Streamfriends (on twitch and archives) of which Austin was an early founding member (Check out their Long Live the Queen Playlist, which features Austin and Idle Thumbs very own Danielle Riendeau ) so when he got hired on at GB it kinda got me more excited for GB than I've been in a long time. Its good to have another writer there, especially one who is even more progressive than Patrick was.
  9. Social Justice

    This article on how Dollhouse is a parody of Joss Whedon's own problematic feminism is my everything this week. The TLDR of it is that the character of Topher (who runs the tech in the titular Dollhouse) is a representation of Joss himself, doing damage and fueling the systems of oppression while also believing he's genuinely helping, stuck in a loop of self-sabotaging 'feminism' of sorts. As someone who watched every episode of that show (yes I know) it was a pretty compelling read that I agree with totally. It even seems self-aware of this notion.
  10. I can't find the link to the Nick Breckon Soundboard I want to play with this and my alf soundboard in unison thanks in advance. RE Guitar Hero 5th button, I actually was never able to do that reliably, my pinkies are really weak and hard to use.
  11. Idle Thumbs 203: Goat Impossible

    Ad talk: Speaking of 56 hour Audible Audiobooks, I got the complete works of Sherlock Holmes, also for one credit. Turns out I accidentally stayed subscribed after the last time I did a free trial (via thumbs I think) for six months, whoops. This here link that you are looking at its highlighted in link colors and everything is the Traffic Engineer who made the city called Victoria and its really impressive and also informative.
  12. Feminism

    Fangamer's shippingdepartment is way on point, so much goodness packed in with my new shirt
  13. Cyberpunk Cop Killah (aka The Last Night)

    So I checked out this Tim guys twitter and he follows holocaust denier and gamergate figurehead KingOfPol. I can safely say I won't be perusing any of his work no matter how cool it looks.
  14. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Oh my god their first review is literally Corruption of Champions. I could not ask for a better result.
  15. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Oddly it doesn't actually focus on the title character all that much, instead following a transgender Police Lieutenant investigating disappearing trans sexworkers. I only got part way into issue 2 so far but I appreciate that it even tries having a strong trans hero