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  1. The Wind Waker HD Selfie:
  2. Hey Badfinger, there's this movie "The Sixth Sense" that people are always raving about. I haven't seen it - what happens at the end?
  3. I'd argue that Empire Strikes Back would land now on the basis that The Sixth Sense landed in a cultural phenomenon type way. Granted that was a while ago and a pretty different tone, but the technical mastery, and face-melting thing applies.. unbreakable even comes close just in terms of super well made.. (I haven't seen that in a while.. so I could be completely wrong.) Tangentially related - but I just watched the Alien quadrilogy + Prometheus.. and the thing that blew me away was that as we moved forward through time the characters became more and more exaggerated. Alien was a group of completely normal people in a f**ked up situation (which I think made it more scary even though the actual alien (man in the suit) was really pretty ridiculous looking?), and gradually the cast became caricatures. By the time we reach Prometheus the characters are 2d ideas, but in Alien Tom Skerrit felt like YOU. He was just a guy doing his job that wanted to get back home. I don't know how that applies except in that we seem to have drifted further away from reality in our fairy tales. Speaking of Indiana Jones 4 - to me the thing that made it different from the first three was the level of gloss. It just felt shinier than the original. Which is odd because I'm sure to people at the time Raiders of the Lost Arc felt like a shinier Robin Hood. Maybe Harrison Ford was a less realistic Errol Flynn.. and now maybe Chris Pratt (in Guardians of the Galaxy) is a less realistic Harrison Ford. ..Maybe we're just getting old? Incidentally Lawrence of Arabia is my favorite movie of all time (Gone with the wind being a close second) - the mention of which is probably what got me excited enough to comment. I bet if Paul Thomas Anderson made a movie with an "I am your father" moment - faces would be melted across the board. //end rambleing Happy New Year!
  4. Bioshock Finite: Irrational Games shuts down

    Can't really say anything to that as I just disagree. I don't think it's a shitty argument. I go into a movie and listen to what the film makers had to say. I agree or I don't. I like it or I don't. It takes a ridiculous amount of work to make anything and my tastes don't determine the quality of the product of that work. I literally have no idea what the f**k you're talking about. I've articulated my opinions the best I can, if you don't get it, you don't get it. Oh well. I don't know what your point is and don't care enough to prove you wrong. I literally went through this exact same thing 3 weeks ago. And I won't lie - Half of me thinks "What an incompetant twat" every day.. half of me thinks "Well she's had this life in these circumstance so.. of course she doesn't know what to do with me." This is sort of my point - name me every decision you've made in the last seven years. We do the best we can. Shit happens. Meh. Anyway - I'm totally not going to get sucked into replying to every post.. That's all I've got. Life's a bitch for the laid off employs and for the dude that has to fire them. We do the best we can. I'm not above either of them. I don't think anyone else should be either. It's f**kin' HARD to be alive. The end.
  5. Bioshock Finite: Irrational Games shuts down

    Useful? err.. useful to what end? I'm not particularly good at tearing down public figures. I appologize. That last post was a snarky way to voice my opinion, I was aware of that as I was writing and that was semi-confrontational for confrontation's sake and I probably should have censored my self as soon as I realized that. The point I meant to make was this: You are all arm-chair critics. It's difficult to be human in any circumstance let alone as a public figure responsible for the livelihoods of a large number of people and none of you will ever know what it's like to be in that position. You are dehumanizing him because you can and that's kind of shitty. If that doesn't make sense to you, than I'm certainly not capable of explaining it.. and well - oh well. As you were. As for the racism thing - I don't know what you're talking about. I thought that addressing racism (in infinite) as an american pasttime in an industry full of 'kill the towl-head' was nothing short of game-changing. As time goes by, I feel more and more like I was probably wrong. At any rate - I'm sure your argument makes sense to you, as I saw it earlier in the thread, so.. sure. Keep on keeping on. meh.
  6. Bioshock Finite: Irrational Games shuts down

    Two lines from that gamasutra article: "I really loved bioshock" and "Infinite is awful". If I had to live Ken Levine's life for the span of time between those two lines with all of the pressure, responsibility, and day to day bullshit of just being human that that entails.. and then come on to this or any other forum or gaming news site that's talking about everything that they suspect he did wrong and just what a generally shitty person he was when I didn't want that pressure and responsibility anymore.. why, I think I'd feel really horrible. I'd probably walk away from games all together. Maybe become a receptionist somewhere or something. He probably doesn't, so that's good. But me, that shit would drive me crazy. But you guys.. you guys have got it all figured out. You guys probably would have produced a game under budget, under time, that would have been the "empire strikes back" to irrational's bioshock. Props. Mad props for your wisdom and the successes it's brought and will continue to bring you. You are certainly all better men and women than I. It's kind of inspiring.
  7. I've got to say.. DayZ sounds fucking phenomenal. I'm sold.
  8. Intoxicated:

    Hi there. New Castle, New Years Eve.. Assassins Creed III, post game beating missions/objectives. Maybe some duck tales. meep. May be updating this post throughout the evening. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, ALL! [edit 1] Bought a wii U about a month ago.. feel like I should have maybe bought a 3ds.. still some RPG goodness coming in the next year.. yay! [edit 2] mmmm, pancakes. [edit 3] hmm.. alcohol acts fast.. entertainment becomes not quite as interesting just as fast.. goonies playing in the background... hmm [edit 4] Obnoxious neighbors totally ruined my evening.. Some stella Artois coming.. maybe time to switch to duck tales.. only problem is that I'm at the end and I don't fancy playing the same five minutes over and over until I beat it.. hmm [edit 5] tend to eat too much when drunk. Just spilled entire bag of Microwave popcorn on floor. #inebriation_diet_plan Happy New Year! (again) [edit 5-b] every forum should have an 'intoxicated' thread. [edit 6] Connor appears to be as drunk as I am. Norah Jones bussin' the nu-jazz (st. germain des pres cafe vol. 5) on the stereo. Hope I make it to midnight. o.O [edit 7] pornography and 'High Fidelity'.. I should be doing something else with my life. o.O [edit 8] Get your patchouli stank out of my store! (possibly the greatest movie ever.. I've got to read the book one of these days..) [edit 9] Okay, end of post. Intoxication going away.. Finishing High Fidelity, then When Harry Met Sally (apparently best new years movie), then sleep. He y0, good evening peeps. Have a good 2014! 7:08 pm. o.o
  9. Recently completed video games

    Assassins Creed III So much greatness marred by some really odd design choices. The installments of this series could really benefit from another year of dev time. I've played 1, 2, Brotherhood, and now 3. Brotherhood remains my favorite - mostly because of the time period, I think. PROS - The wandering around historical settings aspect is so great that for me it's worth the price of admission. These games LOOK so good. Moments of wandering around the woods as a younger connor and feeling like Daniel Day-Lewis in Last of the Mohicans, or Robert Redford in Jerimiah Johnson.. CONS - Squandered Desmond story line potential. I remember playing the first one and getting excited for a crazy ambitious series of games moving up through history and culminating in a final game with some sci-fi setting. Instead the desmond bits just kind of neandered then fizzled. I have to agree with the recent thumbs episode - the series probably would have been better for not having it in the first place. Overall.. maybe kinda sorta probably get Black Flag.. probably next game purchase after Mario 3d world. meep.
  10. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    This entirely. I hadn't thought about the game pad AT ALL when I bought mine a couple weeks ago. But I'm surprised at how much I'm using it. If nintendo wants to up their sales: FADE IN: Screen capture of Mario 3D world.. PAN BACK to move out of screen of wii U tablet.. SLOWLY keep PANNING BACK as we move over someone's shoulder.. CONTINUE PANNING BACK and we see player is sitting on toilet with pants around ankles. CUT TO: "Nintendo" logo. Then "Wii-U. You can play it on the John." FIN. Nintendo's sales issues over / console war ended.
  11. TI - 86 emulator: http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tilem/ Meep.
  12. Plug your shit

    My post count is super low, so I hope this isn't percieved as spamy. I just happened to see the thread and thought I'd plug a music project I was working on a year ago or so.. I composed soundtrack music to one of Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels.. I completed the first book, and started on the second but I got busy.. I hope to get back to it when I get a minute.. I'm currently attending college and don't have a lot of time.. but maybe someone might dig it - so here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op5Ebn5i73Q&list=PLjtkdkiBvI-1YDSjMoTpr7xwcr4l4iAgF meep. (it embedded, but there is a playlist of roughly 70ish minutes on the youtube page.. roughly ten minutes per issue)
  13. The most niche podcast you have listened too

    I listen to the Titanium Physicists podcast: http://titaniumphysicists.brachiolopemedia.com/ ..because after spending ten years failing at being a musician / composer I'm going to school to be a physicist.. that's pretty niche, right?
  14. Licenses That Demand A Game

    Crime and Punishment as a survival horror / stealth game..