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  1. Fuck the Banana: The Game

    Well heres a picture to warm up things a bit: "Good evening. I am a banana."
  2. Fuck the Banana: The Game

    There...we already have rule 1.
  3. Fuck the Banana: The Game

    Possibly In fact this game might as well grow to include the entire universe
  4. Fuck the Banana: The Game

    I'm not a troll or anything, this is an honest idea that occured to me right now and yes it's a bit sudden
  5. Fuck the Banana: The Game

    Let's play this game! Rules: I dont know, make up your own rules as the game goes along.
  6. The Illuminatus! Trilogy

    I liked the Illuminatus! Trilogy a lot. The plot style is great if you like it...different threads of stories intermixed. And boy do I love the conspiracy ideas. The humour is great...never read anything funnier. Beats modern bullcrap fantasy novels. The meta-theories are not to be taken seriously of-course.