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  1. I am torn. I am a big fan of Half-Life and the Idle Thumbs crew so this is good news. I feel Alyx is in good hands. However, I was looking forward to their next game. I really miss Idle Thumbs though.
  2. It is so funny. I just started watching Stranger Things (a month late, I know) and since I'm from Indiana I was looking for thoughts of other Hoosiers. I ended up on imdb's message board for the show and the top comment at the moment I looked was someone saying: I just. I don't even. what? especially in Indiana.
  3. Other podcasts

    if i recall itunes podcast directory rankings are based on new subscribers.
  4. Walking Dead: Michonne

    Interesting that you would play the game without having read the comic or watched the tv show. Did you play the earlier games? I haven't played Michonne yet since I usually wait until the entire season is out before playing the Walking Dead games. However, the trailer didn't seem too appealing to me with all the quicktime events which I hate and the flashback which seemed cliched to me.
  5. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    Reading the RPS article made me think: What would Firewatch be without Delilah? How would the game work if it was more sandbox-style where you wandered around without the external directions of Delilah? Technically, I think it would be hard to pull off as it would be hard to make sure the player saw things like the fireworks going off in the distance but if that could be handled I wonder if the rest of the game would have the same impact? Personally, I was too suspicious of a twist regarding Delilah's role to allow myself to have any trust in her. Therefore, when she was crushed finding out about the kid, I didn't really feel for her. So I wonder how I would have felt if I was just piecing this all together on my own?
  6. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    I didn't see this posted elsewhere in the thread: Firewatch in 3rd person perspective is weird http://www.gamesradar.com/firewatch-third-person/
  7. System Shock: The Third

    I tried to play through it like 3 times over the years but over Christmas I just said "I'm going to play this" and after a couple hours it took. I think for me the problem was that it is really hard at first and I got tired of dying over and over. Once you get used to it then you figure out how not to die as much. Honestly, I'm not so sure how good that is. He last few games have been underwhelming.
  8. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    This is a must-listen/watch if you liked the game. I found out that my choice to ignore the cottonwood and use my ax to go straight for the fence was something that was a huge pain for them to put in. I also missed on on all the animals and a decent amount of other stuff that I can try to find on my next play through.
  9. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    True but it think it would be more plausible that someone could try to scare people in the woods by pretending to be a bigfoot than try to convince them they were part of an experiment. (don't get me wrong, I like the game a lot but I think this is a big flaw)
  10. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    You know, the more I think about it, I think I would have liked the game more if it had Ned pretend to be a bigfoot or ghost or something rather than creating some Lost-style plot.
  11. Firewatch Spoiler Thread | Henry Two Hats

    I like to think that the fire started when a grenade rolled down a hill.
  12. I'm stuck at work for a few more hours and can't wait to go finish the game (I assume I'm more than half way through but I don't know for sure). Reading the Tom Chick review, I can see where it might end up disappointing but I simply can't understand his comments about "generic trees, rocks, and bushes" or "All the walking does nothing to create any sense of wonder or even scenery." I just can't imagine he played the same game I'm playing.
  13. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Honest question: are there any pro-gamergate ecelebs that aren't terrible people?
  14. Regarding keybinding, I agree that r=run is a bit odd but one thing that really impressed me was you can use the number keys to put in the combo on the locks on the stashes (or you can also use the mouse wheel). that's a sign of a good PC game and not a dumb port.
  15. I'm trying to remember if I have ever pre-ordered a game. I certainly haven't pre-ordered a physical game. I might have pre-ordered a game on Steam once or twice but not for a long time. I am really considering preordering Firewatch.
  16. Other podcasts

    I've recently started listening to Tomefoolery which is a book club podcast where the host has the guests read terrible and weird books and talk about them. By terrible and weird I mean books like "Women of the Klan," "Dating for Under a Dollar," "My Parents Open Carry," and "A Christian Response to Dungeons and Dragons." It is pretty fun because, like most normal people, the guests are usually pretty stunned that books like this exist. The episodes usually start with the guests talking about what they read growing up and then they get into the book of the episode.
  17. Feminism

    To resurrect a thread.... I find the same thing. At the college I'm teaching at I often have one or two current or former military members in my class and they have always been great. Similarly, I have had tons of student athletes in my classes and only had one or two that didn't try. High school jocks who couldn't make it to college sports though? different story (and of course not all of them)
  18. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    According to https://support.twitter.com/articles/119135?lang=en# If I were cynical I would think that what a sensationalistic "journalist" really cared about was the analytics to see how well his tweets did and not some sort of "censorship."
  19. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    regarding trolling: another thing is that what is supposed to be "trolling" and what is supposed to be legitimate criticism changes constantly depending on whether or not the person gets called out on being wrong. If someone says something wrong and gets called out on it then the person can claim "I knew that. I was just trolling" which is quite similar to what people would do when I was a kid and say "I knew that. I was just testing you to see if you did." However, back when I was a kid and someone said "I was just testing you" it was usually not believed. Now it seems as if being right is one thing but even if you aren't you can use "I was just trolling" as a way to claim victory because you got a reaction out of someone. regarding that Kimmel clip: It is interesting to me that the clip seems to be using what I would have thought as stereotypical dudebro language which is not really what I think of when I think of MRA extremism. While there is certainly some overlap I don't really think of them in unision.
  20. Movie/TV recommendations

    I wrote on facebook that Hateful Eight should have been called Reservoir Django. Tarantino has always been derivative - that was one of part of what made him Tarantino - but now he's just recycling his own characters and plots. And it has the worst of Tarantino's tendencies. Every time he approached making some interesting statement he would undercut it and there are just weird things that someone should have stepped in and said, "Why are you doing that?" I would love to have Tarantino really push himself out of his comfort zone and do something very different for him but I doubt he will. How weirdly awesome would it be to hear that Tarantino was doing a romcom (without criminals) or a scifi movie?
  21. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    The people on reddit's MRA board love to throw out stats about how men are more likely to go to jail, commit suicide, and be homeless. All of those are serious problems but in reality what they mostly talk about is false accusations of rape (which include when women choose not to prosecute which they see is a sure sign they were lying) and child support.
  22. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Just as well as most of us thought it would. Look at the groups on the site: http://imgur.com/t7w96Xu (PG-13 images) https://leagueforgamers.com/group
  23. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I think we can see that incoherence of ideology in their conflicting views that it is ridiculous to think that video games could contribute to sexism or racism while simultaneously having the theory that the Gates Foundation is using gamification to brainwash children.
  24. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I think "mental affliction" is stating it too strongly. I would just say that they are immune to changing their ideas. Their worldview is unshakable regardless of facts. The guy that is one of the authors of the study has a blog post where he notes that when Obama's "long form" birth certificate was released birthers decreased in numbers but since then their numbers went back up. http://www.brendan-nyhan.com/blog/2012/07/new-surveys-show-the-persistence-of-misperceptions-.html Relating tjis to gamergate, I can't tell you how many times I've tried to dispel the myth that Digra is funded by Darpa. Even when I explain why that myth is wrong, some people will just change their story to something like "Well, people involved in digra get funded by darpa!" as if that is the same thing.