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  1. Feminism

    The "traditional" idea of being an adult is nonsence. It is also eurocentric. Were "adults" the same all over the world? I don't think so. Let's go back in time to Europe-pre-printing press. What as an "adult" life like then? if you were a female adult you were probably doing whatever your husband made you do, had gone through childbirth multiple times and had a child or two die. If you were a man you were probably working all day in a field or something but even then the notions of work and play weren't as seperate as they are now. Fordism and Taylorism hadn't been invented yet so there was no idea of maximizing productivity. Then there was the fact that most people were illiterate. If anything the notion of "adult" is a temporary one."Childhood" as a concept is only a few centuries old. (If you don't have a concept of childhood how can you have the opposing notion of adulthood?) Hell, the notion of a teenager didn't even exist until around the post-WWII era.
  2. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I left a comment on the video of the guy who read the transcripts and asked him if he literally thinks there is an evil feminist cabal in Digra the orchestrated the publishing of 10 articles about gamergate on the same day (which is what he tried to tie this conference panel into and he said " I don't know about directly, but I can't believe there is no connection. " https://plus.google.com/112537849065631091220/posts/4tLpKycqARw So at least this guy thinks there is litterally an evil feminist cabal in Digra and that they have some connection to the anti-gamergate articles. I think in the pastebin rambling there is supposed to be some connection with that silversomthing or other publicity group that has some connection with Quin. and that someone from that group/company was at digra is evidence that digra is the heart of darkness or hellmouth or something. But hey, they aren't making accusations. They are just asking questions....
  3. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    The latest is this rambling list of vague accusations of collusion: http://pastebin.com/PmdSbPHN I've learned a couple things through reading people talk about this and interacting with people. The pastbin like the video I posted earlier Digra is some evil feminist cabal. Well, I've been to Digra twice and I've met three of the people who were at the panel discussion so i've tried to explain just how paranoid and wrong the stuff in that pastebin is regarding digra and the people I'm familiar with. TThey don't want to hear from someone who actually knows something about the specific thing in question. Shocking, I know! They just read what they want and go off on wild accusations. and they seem to have no problem totally talking out their ass about things they don't know anything about -- while at the same time accusing people of talking about things they don't know about (For example, according to one person a degree in Communications is about learning how to control media. I guess I got swindled on my phd education because I didn't learn anything like that...) Secondly, reading this twitter conversation with the people who put together that pastebin, it seems they have taken up the Glenn Beck school of making while accusations while saying "I'm just asking questions!" https://storify.com/newsmary/sensible-conversations-about-games-journalism
  4. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    Honestly, I am too busy to listen to it. I know Mia and TL so I am really interested in what he finds so scandalous about their work.
  5. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    My reading was that paragraph was just part of it. The rest of it seems me that they were trying to say that making a wider variety of games doesn't mean that they will stop making the games that they are already making. I read the whole post as a very mild statement but the people over on reddit seem to be ready to carry the Escapist around on their shoulders in celebration: http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2fuk8k/publishers_note_the_state_of_gaming/ If this is all it takes to make them happy then maybe there is hope yet. Although now it looks like they have discovered the great cabal of gaming academics: I'm just disappointed I wasn't included...
  6. Feminism

    A Game Journalist and a Game Developer on the same podcast?!?!?!? CLEARLY BIASSEDDDEEDED!!!!!! Seriously, thanks for the link. I'm always looking for another good gaming podcast to listen to.
  7. Feminism

    That is such crap. This guy is attention starved like crazy. He was in the twit.tv irc chatroom yesterday before they recorded This Week in Tech saying "Hey, if you want I can be on the show to talk about my side." I didn't know his username so I searched for it and found out he was the dude behind thefappening. Not only that, but the dude had started two different reddit ama's about it http://www.reddit.com/user/johnsmcjohn/submitted/ and had been interviewed multiple times.
  8. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    there's a twitch stream going on now under the name lordkat and they are throwing out tons of accusations about sites directly taking money for stories. Funny how they need solid evidence that someone like Saarkesian filed a police report before they beleive her and yet some guy talking on twitch is PROOF THAT GAMING JOURNALISM IS CORRUPT!!!!!
  9. Feminism

    It isn't necessarilly a fallacy but it is just incomplete logic. Men get harrassed but who is doing the harrassment? Is it women or other men? Women get harrassed but who is doing the harrassment? Is it men or other women? I think in both cases it would probably be more likely to be men who are the harrassers.
  10. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    #gameghazi I am really tempted ot try to talk to some of these people and get them to see why they are going about things wrong but I know it won't do me any good... I think this screenshot says a lot about the maturity of the people involved in this whole thing:
  11. Feminism

    And of course I've already seen someone post a photoshop of the polygon story about Sarkeesian leaving her home over threats into something like "Sarkeesian gets more press by playing the victim card again." What utter filth some people are.
  12. Feminism

    It is crazy how this keeps snowballing. I go away and tons of stuff happens. Someone needs to make an infographic or scorecard so i can keep track of which jerk is saying what.
  13. Feminism

    This may be shocking but when i looked at their 54 or so backers, they seemed to be all white men. Shocking! I was also shocked to find that one of the creators also doesn't believe in global warming...
  14. Feminism

    So who wants to start an Anti-Anti-Anita Sarkeesian patreon?
  15. Idle Thumbs 169: On Blade

    Tried out Velvet Sundown and it seems interesting but both time si've played most of the people have gone afk so it got boring without anyone to interact with.
  16. So I listened a couple times and i still don't know what Danielle Riendeau actually said that sounded like "Osama's dog." And keeping with his 90s aesthetic I think that Donkey Kong should go on to be known as Radical Kong or Dewd Kong.
  17. interesting to hear the emails about LAN experiences. My dissertation was an ethnography of LAN parties. They are still going strong at IU. the Gaming@IU club has been holding events once a semester for over a decade. more can be seen at iugaming.com
  18. I found a site selling anti-screen cheating things: http://www.screencheatingshield.com/ They are selling them for $10 which doesn't sound too bad but then you scroll down and it turns out they aren't even selling you the cardboard. Instead they are selling you some clips or something to use with your own cardboard to make one....