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  1. It's also available... online. For free. http://adarkroom.doublespeakgames.com/ I don't know if they've added anything new in the app versions, i think unlikely. P.S. Finished it (the website version) years ago. There are many other web-games like this, in particular: Kittens.
  2. Due to some specific stuff with my podcast-listening habits, I listened to the Nick's story 4 times now, and it's still entertaining! Just for fun, counted how many times Chris said "oh my god" during the climax (it was 8 times plus one "oh, for christ's sake", and one of the eight was "oh my god, Nick")
  3. Surprised nobody talked about Choice Chamber in regards to the game having a built-in interaction between the streamer and the chat. Well, basically, this is a game that is pretty much just all about that. This works by having the game add a bot into the Twitch chat for the stream that the player speifies in the game settings. The bot listens to what people write there and sends the data back into the game. The game itself is a platformer, where the player goes from left to right through the series of challenging rooms. Once they encounter a treasure chest the chat votes for what they would get from the chest. The very first vote is about the type of weapon the player would get (hammer / sword / bow, iirc). There's also voting to upgrade thier jump (double jump or pogo jump, etc). And when the player encounters very difficult situations, there's some sort of command that the viewers can spam to have an oversized fist appear in the game and smash through the monsters. I think it's also playable in single player, but there's not much point. Also this game was part of the Sigil ARG, like the Firewatch, so I thought you would know about it.
  4. I loved the marfing borfo generator! http://i.imgur.com/OdqxtPV.png
  5. Didn't schnapple.com/thumbs used to have generated audio for the intros? What happened to that?
  6. I meant text chat for the most part. It was text chat in Nick's story.
  7. The Nick's story about teaming up with a random other player really weirded me out. I mean, it took me time to get used to the fact that Chris hates+fears people talking to him in the multiplayer games, but Nick too?! How could it happen that you wouldn't ever talk to someone in-game in 20 years?! I talk to other players in multiplayer games in any multiplayer game I play. That's the point of the multiplayer. You're playing with people. There are real people sitting somewhere behind their monitors and you're playing together. How can this thought be so uncommon that you would be startled about it? Are Nick (and Chris) so used to single player games that they play multiplayer games with same mentality and acknowledging that other people are real and not just game objects is an outlandish experience? I wonder if Jake is more used to talking to other people in chat from TF2.
  8. I thought this happened a while ago, but I'm not able to find any information.
  9. 7 minutes into the episode, I'm already a bit angry at Jake about saying that "a [pro-player] community never formed [around TF2]". That's just not true. There is a pro-player community and there are tournaments. The tournament mode was released very long ago. There are ingame awards for tournaments — the medals cosmetic items — since the very early days. And Valve adds new ones all the time. And they do the blog posts about the tournaments on the TF2 blog too. So it's not like they don't give a shit as you've guys put it. For more information about competetive scene of TF2 see here. It's just that Valve've never made anything about it prominent in-game. And never made big Valve-hosted events like The International, etc. All the tournaments are 3rd party with very little promotion and visibility. Counter Strike folk are also annoyed that they didn't get their TI so far, by the way. But there are more large scale tournaments (even though being 3rd party too) for CS than for TF2. And with far larger prizes. So yeah, CS competetive scene is much much more visible.
  10. Pro tip: after finishing listening to the episode, rewind to the beginning and listen to the intro carefully. IdlestThumbs app actually generates "and" part, it just doesn't always get it right.
  11. Spaff asked if Fallout Bible mentions a vault like the one Chris did in Fallout Shelter. The actual answer is yes. Fallout Bible described Vault 69, which was populated by 999 women and 1 man. There was also a counterpart Vault 68 with 999 men and 1 woman. Vault 69 was also mentioned in official Fallout webcomic made by Penny Arcade and there was a Vault 69 concept poster. (i've sent this over in questions@ too)
  12. I feel like QWOP-like bullet hell would basically be Super Hexagon.
  13. But I don't think that's universally true. I've seen heard a lot of times soccer commenters just rambling about wether there was an offside or not, without caring to explain what an offside is. They may go into some specifics of the situation, but not tell what it is in general. They may talk about how offside rules changed over time, but still not tell, what they are. Same with a lot of other rules and things. If you'll watch a game for the first time without any understanding of what's going on, the "why don't they just pick up the ball with their hands / why don't they just give every player a ball to play" level, it will be the same as what people say about the Dota2 casters. And in my humble opinion, Dota casters do a great job already to make things understandable. They go into details about who's doing what for what reason at the quiet times. And if you'll go to the noob stream, there's just that all the time.
  14. Jake: I often listen to dota matches instead of watching, i would open the stream in a separate browser tab and go around doing some other work, while listening to commentaters. Is this enough for the "listen to the match on a radio"-like? Although, to be fair, sometimes, when the commentators get excited and the voices go up, i shift+tab to the stream to watch the epic fight. Also, you should have watched the noob stream more this year. It was better than last, although they had more... technical... difficulties
  15. Well, the thing is: it's more complex than that. The Lina fires off her ultimate spell with 60 second cooldown that does a big instant magic damage. Saying "she goes in for the kill" wouldn't be correct, because it would imply that she does something she can do any time. Gyro pops his BKB = Gyro turns on an item that gives spell immunity, it is agains Lina's ultimate, yes, but also against many other spells of other heroes around, the purpose of it is not just to block the one damaging ultimate (which itself doesn't do enough to kill, btw), but to block a lot of other things. ALSO: if Lina has built an Aghanim's scepter item, her Laguna Blade does pure damage, that is goes through spell immunity. So, BKB is not a block against it in all cases too... Yes, there's too much going on to really simplify everything. Also, i wanted to post the link that Moosferatu posted too. It happenned on June 12th, so it seems something has been going on for long now, and not just to Nick. Also this: https://www.reddit.com/r/GTAV/comments/39op3i/why_do_all_hacker_clones_have_green_hair/
  16. around 19m30s Chris says that last year was 10-year anniversary of HL2 and asks if people celebrated that and Jake answers "Probably not" That is incorrect, Jake. There was a message spread and on november 16, 2014 everyone (who heard the message and was interested) launched HL2 and played on that day. The intention was to bring as many people as possible playing the game at the same time, so that it would appear enormously high on the steam active players per game chart. This steam group was dedicated to that, if I'm not mistaken. Unfortunately, in the end only about 10'000 people played or something and it wasn't very noticable. [and now i'll continue listening to the episode] P.S. Spaff sometimes sounded like Nick Breckon to me, but i hear enough difference to distinguish them.
  17. Hmm, interesting story, Mr. Jacob!
  18. Near about two thirds in Chris mentions a game with a german name and tries to spell it. I wasn't able to catch that and i cannot find it in the Things Discussed list...
  19. Hmm. In previous episode's thread i wrote a comment about steam/valve economy and in this one you said about a person who wanted to talk about it, but said that... Nevermind, unless i have an amnesia, that was another person. So... I wonder if i should try to gather my thoughts and write them to questions@, or do you have the topic covered. Or i'm just misunderstanding everything. Sorry if this comment doesn't make any sense.
  20. Idle Thumbs 128: Dear Mom

  21. The threat of Big Dog

    The biggest is Big Dog Alpha (Alpha Dog?), it was totally shown in videos before. Jake, i am disappoint (i was under impression it was something never seen before)
  22. Was this video ever posted? Still waiting for those robot pics ._. Also: that robot baby GIF?
  23. I crave those robot images mentioned in the end.