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  1. Crusader Kings II: The Triumph of Ragnar

    King Sean I Vanaman will surely be the greatest Petty King Ireland has ever seen. The saga of Ragnar though definitely propelled that guy to being the titular character of the series. You can't beat the sheer volume of intrigue and drama that is Ragnar's poor beset life. At least his wife never got murdered..... His only friend and his only enemy, King Murchaud, finally dead though. Long live King Sean Vanaman.
  2. Dota Today 6: The Hoove Oeuvre, with Greg Kasavin

    Oh man that crowd reaction video is priceless
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey everyone, My name is Jiggz and I work for a games company. I play a ton of video games and basically spend all day at work watching video game streams. Just so happens that some of your guys wanted to play Crusader Kings II and I had never seen anyone stream CKII. I hopped into the channel and started throwing out some advice and in the end I think the stream went really well (maybe I think that because a lot of my advice was followed - lol). I play DotA 2 and CKII and a lot of Natural Selection 2, but I play almost every major title that comes out at one point or another because video gaming is my only hobby. I only found out about Idle Thumbs last night but then I went and listened to a few back episodes of Dota Today and now I am hooked. It's almost time for bed out here though so I am going to call this one for tonight - just wanted to say hello before the stream tomorrow morning (I guess it is tonight for most everyone) gets started - have a great one everybody glad to have found out about IT last night.